Videos - December 2019

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2019-12-01 Broncos activate rookie QB Drew Lock off injured reserve
2019-12-01 'NFL GameDay Morning': Picking the best leftovers in the AFC playoff race
2019-12-01 Next Gen Stats: Breaking down Stephon Gilmore vs. DeAndre Hopkins
2019-12-01 Game Theory: Cynthia Frelund's score and fantasy projections for Week 13
2019-12-01 'NFL GameDay Morning': Bold predictions for Week 13
2019-12-01 Kurt Warner breaks down what is wrong with Carson Wentz's mechanics right now
2019-12-01 Ian Rapoport: Why Philip Rivers' starting status could be up in the air if Chargers lose
2019-12-01 NFL 100: Meet the family who got to play a Turkey Bowl game with Brett Favre at Lambeau Field
2019-12-01 Ian Rapoport breaks down Week 13 actives and inactives
2019-12-01 All-Time Team: Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis trade stories about the legend of Lawrence Taylor
2019-12-01 Niners DE Nick Bosa warms up in rain with no sleeves
2019-12-01 Niners defenders break down how they're going to stop Lamar Jackson
2019-12-01 'NFL GameDay Morning': Is it time to panic about Tom Brady and Patriots' offense?
2019-12-01 Colts wearing all-white uniforms at home vs. Titans
2019-12-01 Eagles fans erupt as Birds get INT on first play of game
2019-12-01 Deebo Samuel's fantastic adjustment beats Marcus Peters for fourth-down TD
2019-12-01 Christian McCaffrey unleashes INSANE juke moves during 12-yard catch and run
2019-12-01 Carson Wentz finds Miles Sanders wide open on the wheel route for TD
2019-12-01 Curtis Samuel high-points Kyle Allen's pass in back of the end zone for TD
2019-12-01 Aaron Rodgers dials up deep ball on opening drive to Allen Lazard for 43 yards
2019-12-01 Jack Doyle sneaks through Titans' secondary for 21-yard TD
2019-12-01 Eric Reid comes flying down the middle for HUGE sack
2019-12-01 Aaron Rodgers finds Davante Adams to cap off opening drive TD
2019-12-01 Jarvis Landry lays out for sensational toe-drag snag on the sideline
2019-12-01 Niners force Lamar-led Ravens' offense to punt for first time in 21 series
2019-12-01 Kyle Allen floats third-down TD to wide open D.J. Moore
2019-12-01 Devin White reads Nick Foles' eyes for first INT of career
2019-12-01 Adam Humphries navigates through trio of defenders for slick third-down TD
2019-12-01 T.J. Watt envelops Baker Mayfield for big red-zone sack
2019-12-01 Air Andrews! Ravens TE high-points Lamar Jackson's throw for 20-yard TD
2019-12-01 Derrius Guice explodes for epic 60-yard sprint
2019-12-01 Sterling Shepard slides in the snow for first TD grab since Week 3
2019-12-01 Dalton throws STRIKE in traffic to find Tyler Boyd for the TD
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Devin White shows off 4.5 speed on EPIC first career TD
2019-12-01 Launch-codes Lazard! Aaron Rodgers uncorks 37-yard TD strike
2019-12-01 Lamar Jackson follows Boyle's lead block for 11-yard gain
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: DeVante Parker Mosses DB for absolutely ABSURD fourth-down TD
2019-12-01 Lamar Jackson unleashes FILTHY juke on K'Waun Williams
2019-12-01 Titans block Colts' 53-yard field goal attempt
2019-12-01 Lamar Jackson turns read option into untouched third-down TD
2019-12-01 Bucs' D continue to terrorize Foles with third turnover on the day
2019-12-01 Kareem Hunt crosses up Steelers on 'Texas' route for powerful TD
2019-12-01 Alshon Jeffery uses big frame to corral 16-yard floater from Wentz
2019-12-01 Raheem Mostert slips away from multiple Ravens on 40-yard TD run
2019-12-01 Jurrell Casey hammers Jacoby Brissett in for big loss on sack
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker or Randy Moss? WR Mosses CB again for 42-yard grab
2019-12-01 Daniel Jones runs through Preston Smith for strong fourth-down pickup
2019-12-01 Joe Mixon looks like Le'Veon Bell on patient TD run
2019-12-01 PICK! Fabian Moreau jumps route and almost takes INT to the house
2019-12-01 James Washington wrestles 'Duck' Hodges' TD bomb between two defenders
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Fins score on WILD shovel-pass TD from punter to kicker
2019-12-01 Saquon Barkley goes airborne for 13-yard run
2019-12-01 James Washington makes incredible 31-yard toe-drag catch
2019-12-01 Ravens block Robbie Gould's would-be game-tying field goal try before halftime
2019-12-01 Wentz extends the play to hit J.J. Arcega-Whiteside for his first NFL TD
2019-12-01 Nyheim Hines muscles through goal-line pileup for TD
2019-12-01 The Colts' fourth down fake goes horribly wrong
2019-12-01 Derrick Henry rumbles down sideline for 34 yards
2019-12-01 'Duck' drops it in the bucket! QB uncorks downfield DIME to James Washington
2019-12-01 Derrick Henry refuses to go down on physical 13-yard TD
2019-12-01 Benny Snell somehow slips through goal-line pileup for TD
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker cannot be stopped! WR Mosses CB for his second TD
2019-12-01 Dwayne Haskins fits 11-yard pass to Terry McLaurin in tight window for first down
2019-12-01 Adrian Peterson turns back the clock with sick juke during 22-yard run
2019-12-01 Nick Chubb goes airborne for Browns' fourth-down pickup
2019-12-01 Gerald McCoy plants Dwayne Haskins for clutch third-down sack
2019-12-01 Aaron Rodgers completes desperation fadeaway for fourth-down conversion
2019-12-01 Dallas Goedert turns Wentz's laser throw into a 24-yard catch and run
2019-12-01 Aaron Rodgers catches Giants with 12 men on field, finds Davante Adams for TD
2019-12-01 Fred Warner dives for fantastic fourth-down pass breakup
2019-12-01 Dede TD! Jags open up Westbrook with rub route for Minshew scoring throw
2019-12-01 Mayfield slings rocket over middle to Demetrius Harris for 23 yards
2019-12-01 Aaron Rodgers shrugs off defender to find Marcedes Lewis for TD
2019-12-01 Minshew makes magic happen on two-point throw to Westbrook
2019-12-01 Diontae Johnson watches ball sail into Terrance Mitchell's hands on INT
2019-12-01 Beachum's hold in the endzone forces the safety and two points for the Bengals
2019-12-01 How does he keep doing it? DeVante Parker makes another INSANE catch
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Titans' blocked FG turns into go-ahead 63-yard TD
2019-12-01 Undrafted rookie RB Patrick Laird gives Fins lead with first-career TD
2019-12-01 Nate Orchard powers past blocker for sack
2019-12-01 Fitzpatrick finds Laird out of the backfield for successful two-point conversion
2019-12-01 Matthew Ioannidis records the Redskins' FIFTH sack of the day
2019-12-01 Logan Ryan brings in the Jacoby Brissett pass for INT
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Ryan Tannehill uncorks 40-YARD TD strike to diving WR
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Derrius Guice uses ferocious stiff-arm on beastly 37-yard run
2019-12-01 Derrius Guice barrels over the goal line for late TD
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker boxes out Eagles CB for key fourth-down pickup
2019-12-01 Lamar Jackson's most jaw-dropping plays vs. 49ers | Week 13
2019-12-01 Packers vs. Giants highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Adrian Peterson trots into the end zone for untouched TD
2019-12-01 Justin Tucker DRILLS 49-yard game-winning FG as time expires
2019-12-01 Fins go up two scores as Jason Sanders boots 51-yard FG
2019-12-01 Bengals celebrate first win of 2019 after Andy Dalton's kneel down
2019-12-01 Joe Haden burns former team with diving INT
2019-12-01 Robert Woods turns screen pass into 25-yard burst
2019-12-01 Christian McCaffrey converts on fourth down with leaping 15-yard catch
2019-12-01 Jets vs. Bengals highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Oh my Goff! Rams QB drops sideline dime to Higbee
2019-12-01 Browns vs. Steelers highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Titans vs. Colts highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Honey Badger baits Derek Carr into sideline INT
2019-12-01 Will Parks sprints down Rivers for sack
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Redskins seal win over Panthers on chaotic strip-sack
2019-12-01 Tyler Higbee throws nasty stiff arm, tight ropes down sideline for 26 yards
2019-12-01 Best moments in the snow from Packers-Giants | Week 13
2019-12-01 Eagles vs. Dolphins highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Chiefs' play call opens up Darrell Williams for opening-drive TD
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Courtland Sutton lays out for epic grab on Drew Lock's first NFL TD
2019-12-01 Redskins vs. Panthers highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 Jon Gruden is STUNNED after Chiefs force fumble on kickoff
2019-12-01 DreMont Jones jumps Rivers screen pass for field-flipping INT
2019-12-01 Aaron Donald drags down Kyler Murray with one hand on sack
2019-12-01 Josh Jacobs surpasses 1,000 yards on powerful run
2019-12-01 Tyler Higbee drags across the field for 25-yard catch and run on third down
2019-12-01 Cards' D drops Goff with relentless edge pressure
2019-12-01 Ravens celebrate Justin Tucker's walk-off FG on field
2019-12-01 Bud Dupree pops ball from Baker Mayfield on key sack
2019-12-01 49ers vs. Ravens highlights | Week 13
2019-12-01 McCaffrey becomes the 5th RB in NFL history with 75+ receptions in at least 3 seasons
2019-12-01 'The Condor' Maxx Crosby takes down 'Cheetah' in backfield for a loss
2019-12-01 Darren Waller MOSSES Charvarius Ward for 24 yards
2019-12-01 Robert Woods makes slick sliding catch for 18 yards
2019-12-01 Todd Gurley grinds through goal-line pileup for strong TD
2019-12-01 Cory Littleton ends Kyler Murray's lengthy scramble with huge sack
2019-12-01 Goff throws a tight-window beauty to Josh Reynolds for 20 yards
2019-12-01 Broncos win scrum for the football after Bolts muff the punt
2019-12-01 Travis Kelce skies to catch Patrick Mahomes' off-platform throw
2019-12-01 Mahomes shows off his wheels for his first TD run of 2019
2019-12-01 Robert Woods FULLY EXTENDS for a nice 18-yard diving catch
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Juan GONE! Thornhill's first NFL TD is 45-yard pick-six
2019-12-01 Josh Jacobs bounces outside for 35-yard burst
2019-12-01 Mike Williams miraculously gets WIDE open for 52-yard catch and run
2019-12-01 Justin Tucker channels RB Mark Ingram in postgame press conference
2019-12-01 Frank Clark bear-hugs Josh Jacobs for 7-yard loss
2019-12-01 Kyler Murray connects with Fitzgerald up the seam for 13-yard gain
2019-12-01 Daniel Carlson's missed field goal goes completely haywire
2019-12-01 Sebastian Joseph-Day gets to Kyler for Rams' second sack on rookie
2019-12-01 Philip Rivers floats it up to Austin Ekeler who plows in for 30-yard TD
2019-12-01 Brandon McManus heated on sideline after Broncos decide not to kick field goal
2019-12-01 Jared Goff blocks Patrick Peterson to spark Robert Woods' 48-yard gain
2019-12-01 Brandin Cooks' sick sideline juke turns into 28-yard gain
2019-12-01 Cooper Kupp beats Patrick Peterson for toe-tapping third-down TD
2019-12-01 Coach's Call of the Day | Week 13
2019-12-01 Can't-Miss Play: Taylor Rapp's first NFL INT is 31-yard pick-six
2019-12-01 Steve Wyche reveals name of Dolphins' fake field goal play
2019-12-01 Chargers' double-pass attempt with Philip Rivers, Tyrod goes awry
2019-12-01 Brockers bears down on Murray for fourth-down sack near midfield
2019-12-01 Travis Kelce finds space in Raiders' secondary for 47-yard catch and run
2019-12-01 Shady caps Chiefs' drive with walk-in TD around the edge
2019-12-01 Cards' D stuffs Gurley inside red zone on fourth down
2019-12-01 Chiefs win challenge for defensive PI to negate Trayvon Mullen's INT
2019-12-01 Alex Ingold hammers through Chiefs' D for fourth-down pickup
2019-12-01 Kyler Murray evades multiple Rams defenders on speedy zone-read TD
2019-12-01 Can't Miss Play: Keenan Allen FLIPS into the end zone on 36-yard TD
2019-12-01 Denzel Perryman baits Drew Lock into key INT
2019-12-01 Chiefs run 'Spider 2 Y Banana' against Jon Gruden's Raiders on third down
2019-12-02 Survival of the fittest! Darwin Thompson hurdles defender on strong run
2019-12-02 Darwin Thompson muscles through Raiders' D for first NFL TD
2019-12-02 Darren Waller pirouettes for sensational fingertip grab
2019-12-02 Fantasy Showdown | Week 13
2019-12-02 Can't-Miss Play: Mike Williams' wild one-handed catch keeps Bolts alive
2019-12-02 Rams vs. Cardinals highlights | Week 13
2019-12-02 Raiders vs. Chiefs highlights | Week 13
2019-12-02 Top Five Prime Plays | Week 13
2019-12-02 Brandon McManus splits the uprights on 53-yard game-winning FG
2019-12-02 What We Learned: Browns vs. Steelers | Week 13
2019-12-02 Chargers vs. Broncos highlights | Week 13
2019-12-02 Every TD from Every Game | Week 13
2019-12-02 Jon Gruden reacts to Raiders INT being overruled due to pass interference review
2019-12-02 Look at NFC playoff picture after Sunday of Week 13
2019-12-02 Julian Edelman hangs on for tough third-down grab over the middle
2019-12-02 Lamar Jackson: 49ers-Ravens game was a 'dog fight'
2019-12-02 Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo discuss key fourth-down miss vs. Ravens
2019-12-02 Kai Forbath's first FG with Patriots splits the uprights
2019-12-02 Kyle Van Noy corrals Deshaun Watson for early third-down sack
2019-12-02 Bradley Roby reads Tom Brady's throw for impressive INT
2019-12-02 Duke Johnson toasts Kyle Van Noy on option route for TD
2019-12-02 Seven-time Pro Bowler Marshal Yanda is 'having a blast' with this Baltimore Ravens team
2019-12-02 Freddie Kitchens discusses 'Pittsburgh started it' T-shirt
2019-12-02 Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill tells Deion Sanders how he's found success as a starting QB
2019-12-02 Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Joe Haden reveals the formula to a Steelers playoff run
2019-12-02 Tom Brady shows off athleticism on longest rush of 2019
2019-12-02 Mike Tomlin jokes about Devlin Hodges' game vs. Browns: 'He didn't kill us'
2019-12-02 Brian Flores reveals what he told team after win over Eagles
2019-12-02 Carson Wentz reacts to first three-game losing streak since 2016
2019-12-02 Next Gen Stats: Devlin Hodges' completion probabilities vs. Browns
2019-12-02 Jake Martin and Texans' D ambush Brady for third-down sack
2019-12-02 Deion Sanders discusses Chiefs' win over Raiders in Week 13
2019-12-02 Deion Sanders evaluates Ravens' win over 49ers
2019-12-02 Jakobi Meyers shows off his toe-tapping skills for 16-yard gain
2019-12-02 Bradley Roby zooms into backfield to sack Tom Brady
2019-12-02 James White flies down sideline for 32 yards
2019-12-02 Mohamed Sanu can't haul in fourth-down pass under pressure
2019-12-02 Deshaun Watson with a 35-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Stills vs. New England Patriots
2019-12-02 Garafolo: Jackson's MVP campaign continues in win against the 49ers | Week 13
2019-12-02 Ben Watson makes Bradley Roby miss to convert third-and-17
2019-12-02 Brady finds wide open Edelman for 44-yard catch and run
2019-12-02 White gets open space for 12-yard touchdown catch
2019-12-02 Around The NFL: Week 13 Recap
2019-12-02 DeAndre Hopkins beats Stephon Gilmore inside for big gain
2019-12-02 Can't-Miss Play: Handoff, handoff, pass! Watson catches Nuk's TD toss
2019-12-02 DeAndre Hopkins beats Stephon Gilmore on slant for key third-down pickup
2019-12-02 Jake Martin shows blazing speed off the edge for huge sack
2019-12-02 Tom Brady avoids pressure, zips touchdown pass between two defenders
2019-12-02 Brady lobs late TD to Edelman to cap Pats' 89-yard drive
2019-12-02 Patriots vs. Texans highlights | Week 13
2019-12-02 Deshaun Watson's best plays in prime time | Week 13
2019-12-02 Track all 34.9 points from DeVante Parker in Week 13
2019-12-02 Deion Sanders says Patriots must make WR upgrades after lackluster performance
2019-12-02 Who will emerge from the NFC East? Deion Sanders makes his pick
2019-12-02 Tom Brady and Bill Belichick discuss 'SNF' loss vs.  Texans
2019-12-02 Prime's prediction for Vikings-Seahawks on 'MNF'
2019-12-02 BEST of Postgame Sound | Week 13
2019-12-02 What We Learned: Patriots vs. Texans | Week 13
2019-12-02 Ian Rapoport explores the Jaguars' 'complex' quarterback situation
2019-12-02 Ian Rapoport: J.J. Watt could return for Texans' postseason push
2019-12-02 Kyle Brandt: How Texans' wild reverse-option touchdown play was schemed
2019-12-02 Patrick Mahomes previews matchup with Patriots in Week 14
2019-12-02  Drew Lock reacts to winning his first NFL start
2019-12-02 Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone explains quarterback switch from Nick Foles to rookie QB Gardner Minshew vs. the Ta
2019-12-02 Jon Gruden pinpoints what went wrong for Raiders vs. Chiefs
2019-12-02 Peter Schrager: Chiefs could be 'sleeping giant' in AFC playoff picture
2019-12-02 NFL Network's Nate Burleson: Why 2019 may be Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin's best coaching performance
2019-12-02 Kyle Brandt: Derrick Henry has been putting up 'MVP-type numbers'
2019-12-02 Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders explains the origin of 'Mountaineer Shot' play he caught for a TD
2019-12-02 Can the Rams make noise in the NFC playoff race?
2019-12-02 Peter Schrager breaks down Dolphins' historic special teams touchdown
2019-12-02 Zac Taylor is all smiles after first win as NFL head coach
2019-12-02 DeAndre Hopkins: Texans have been saving trick-play touchdown for 'a while'
2019-12-02 'Good Morning Football' previews Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks in Week 13
2019-12-02 Adam Gase explains what went wrong for Jets vs. Bengals
2019-12-02 Sunday's top Fantasy QBs | Week 13
2019-12-02 Updated look at NFL playoff picture on Monday of Week 13
2019-12-02 Sean McVay praises Jared Goff's performance vs. the Cardinals
2019-12-02 Nate Burleson: Ryan Tannehill has been everything the Titans hoped Marcus Mariota would be
2019-12-02 7 things that made Week 13 awesome
2019-12-02 Aditi Kinkhabwala: Browns team culture is a 'mess' right now
2019-12-02 NFL Throwback Original: Jared Allen does a deep dive on his unforgettable career
2019-12-02 Tom Brady defends Pats wide receivers following loss to Texans
2019-12-02 James Conner meets with Steelers fan battling cancer 
2019-12-02 Ian Rapoport explains the Jaguars' decision to start Gardner Minshew over Nick Foles
2019-12-02 Siciliano breaks down wildest possible playoff scenarios
2019-12-02 Jim Trotter: One stat working against the San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl chances
2019-12-02 Rapoport offers injury update for Baker Mayfield
2019-12-02 How serious are the New England Patriots' offensive struggles?
2019-12-02 Palmer: Chiefs are Super Bowl contenders if defense stays dominant
2019-12-02 Trotter: Packers lacking a signature win on their 2019 resume
2019-12-02 Garafolo: Giants coach Pat Shurmur must turn things around quickly to keep his job in N.Y.
2019-12-02 Giardi: How the Texans used the Ravens' blueprint to beat the Patriots' defense
2019-12-02 What does win over the Jets mean for Dalton's future with the Bengals?
2019-12-02 Mike Garafolo: Derrius Guice showed how special he is in Week 13
2019-12-02 Jeremiah recaps hits and misses from 2015 NFL Draft
2019-12-02 Griffin brothers make colorful entrance at CenturyLink Field for 'MNF'
2019-12-03 FedEx Air and Ground Nominees | Week 13
2019-12-03 Carr: How Steelers set Hodges up for success in Week 13
2019-12-03 C.J. goes HAM for 36-yard rumble after catch
2019-12-03 Stefon Diggs roams the globe on 27-yard end-around
2019-12-03 Dalvin Cook cruises through Seahawks' D untouched for 2-yard TD
2019-12-03 Josh Gordon flashes across middle for strong first-down pickup
2019-12-03 Carson caps Seahawks' methodical 14-play drive with untouched TD run
2019-12-03 Quandre Diggs brings the BOOM on tackle of Irv Smith Jr.
2019-12-03 Chris Carson shrugs off Watts on powerful run up the middle
2019-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Volleyball or football? Vikes score on twice-batted pick-six
2019-12-03 Wilson lobs touch DIME to Hollister for third-down pickup off play action
2019-12-03 Rashaad Penny dances through defenders on pitch play for TD
2019-12-03 Chris Carson carves up Vikes on 25-yard run into the red zone
2019-12-03 Rasheem 'Action' Green punches ball from Dalvin Cook for key Seahawks turnover
2019-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Give him Moore! Russell Wilson hits WR for epic 60-yard TD
2019-12-03 Tre Flowers WOWS Booger McFarland with fantastic INT vs. Stefon Diggs
2019-12-03 Rashaad Penny uses 4.4 speed for blazing-fast 13-yard TD
2019-12-03 Can't-Miss Play: Treading well! Laquon Treadwell all alone for 58-yard TD grab
2019-12-03 'Hawks catch Vikes sleeping with gutsy fourth-down fake punt
2019-12-03 Zimmer's challenge nets HUGE turnover for Vikings
2019-12-03 Cousins SOMEHOW hits Rudolph under major pressure for 17 yards
2019-12-03 Rudolph the red-zone mismatch! TE reins in outstanding one-handed TD
2019-12-03 Vikings drop Wilson for huge 13-yard loss after QB holds ball for 8 seconds
2019-12-03 Akeem King's sticky coverage forces clutch turnover on downs for Seahawks
2019-12-03 Jason Myers drills 36-yard FG to extend Seahawks' lead to seven
2019-12-03 Vikings fumble kick return to seal 'MNF' win for Seahawks
2019-12-03 Vikings vs. Seahawks highlights | Week 13
2019-12-03 Updated NFC playoff picture after Week 13 finale
2019-12-03 Best throws from Russell Wilson on 'MNF' | Week 13
2019-12-03 Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recaps 'MNF' win vs. Vikings
2019-12-03 Top 15 Plays | Week 13
2019-12-03 Zimmer: We have to continue to get better
2019-12-03 Best plays from Seahawks RBs vs. Vikings | Week 13
2019-12-03 Cousins: Vikings 'missed' an opportunity vs. 'Hawks
2019-12-03 Russell Wilson reacts to 'MNF' win over Vikings
2019-12-03 Fantasy League One Tuesday 12/3 (Ep. 151)
2019-12-03 Fastest ball carriers from Week 13
2019-12-03 NFL Network's Mike Garafolo explains Carolina Panthers' decision to fire head coach Ron Rivera
2019-12-03 Analyzing Seahawks' strong O-line performance in win over Vikings | Baldy's Breakdowns
2019-12-03 NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon: Carolina Panthers players won't be thrilled by Ron Rivera's firing
2019-12-03 Deion Sanders: NFC West will send Niners to playoffs
2019-12-03 Top Play Tuesday | Longest Dime Passes
2019-12-03 Every Team's Best Play | Week 13
2019-12-03 Pro Football Focus' 90 Club: Highest-graded players | Week 13
2019-12-03 Next Gen Stats: Surprising Yards After Catch | Week 13
2019-12-03 Fantasy Waiver Wire | Week 14
2019-12-03 Top Connections | Week 13
2019-12-03 Deion Sanders can't believe DeAngelo Hall is picking Eagles to win NFC East
2019-12-03 Gregg Rosenthal's MVP watch after Week 13
2019-12-04 Judy Battista on Ron Rivera's coaching prospects in 2020: 'He will have options'
2019-12-04 Ravens vs. Bills preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Panthers owner David Tepper explains Ron Rivera firing
2019-12-04 Colts vs. Buccaneers preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Mike Garafolo: Panthers GM Marty Hurney gets 'vote of confidence' from owner David Tepper 'somewhat'
2019-12-04 Dak Prescott addresses Cowboys' playoff potential in final four games
2019-12-04 Matt Nagy on Bears change: We got to point where 'enough was enough'
2019-12-04 Cowboys vs. Bears preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Mike Garafolo: Ron Rivera could be candidate for Giants job if Pat Shurmur is fired
2019-12-04 NFL playoff picture breakdown entering Week 14
2019-12-04 Michael Robinson sees even more changes happening in Carolina
2019-12-04 Dolphins vs. Jets preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Chiefs vs. Patriots preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Deion Sanders reacts to being named NFL 100 All-Time Team finalist
2019-12-04 Giants vs. Eagles preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Steelers vs. Cardinals preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Seahawks vs. Rams preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 DDFP: Would Tom Brady want to win elsewhere in 2020?
2019-12-04 49ers vs. Saints preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Bengals vs. Browns preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Panthers vs. Falcons preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Chargers vs. Jaguars preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Redskins vs. Packers preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Lions vs. Vikings preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Titans vs. Raiders preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Broncos vs. Texans preview | Week 14
2019-12-04 Josh Allen doesn't think Ravens' matchup should be a big deal
2019-12-04 Glover Quin shares thoughts on Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia
2019-12-04 Week 13 Power Rankings Reaction Show with Matt "Money" Smith, Dan Hanzus and Cynthia Frelund
2019-12-04 Ian Rapoport: What Panthers are looking for in Ron Rivera's replacement
2019-12-04 11 reasons to watch Week 14 in NFL
2019-12-04 NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport: We could see a 'return of the (Marlon) Mack' for Indianapolis Colts in Week 14
2019-12-04 Game Theory: How Saints could overcome 49ers' strong pass rush
2019-12-04 Game Theory: Patrick Mahomes' X-factor vs. the Patriots in Week 14
2019-12-04 Warner: Why 49ers have the edge over Saints in Week 14
2019-12-04 James Palmer: One thing the Broncos must do to stop the Texans' offense
2019-12-04 Trendzone Week 13 Recap with Andrew Hawkins
2019-12-04 Perry Fewell addresses the media for first time as Panthers interim head coach
2019-12-04 Kimberly Jones: One Josh Allen stat that John Harbaugh considers to be 'remarkable'
2019-12-04 Luke Kuechly and Greg Olsen react to Ron Rivera's firing
2019-12-04 NFL Network's James Palmer: Former NFL quarterbacks Archie, Peyton Manning called Denver Broncos rookie QB Drew Lock after first
2019-12-04 Ruiz: Lamar Jackson, Devin Singletary will renew childhood rivalry in Week 14
2019-12-04 Game Theory: Projected 2020 NFL Draft order ahead of Week 14
2019-12-04 Peter Schrager: 'I wouldn't be shocked' if Panthers keep QB Cam Newton
2019-12-04 Ron Rivera addresses the media for first time since his Panthers firing
2019-12-04 Ian Rapoport: MVP award is something Russell Wilson 'very clearly wants'
2019-12-04 Mic’d Up: Mahomes shares secret behind first TD run of '19 | Week 13
2019-12-04 NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: Patrick Mahomes upcoming schedule
2019-12-04 Michael Fabiano's fantasy starts and sits for Week 14
2019-12-04 Kurt Warner: Two reasons for Patrick Mahomes' recent statistical slump
2019-12-04 Ian Rapoport: Eli Manning expected to start after Daniel Jones' ankle injury
2019-12-04 Game Theory: Week 14 win probabilities, score projections
2019-12-04 Cynthia Frelund projects top scorers for Cowboys-Bears on 'TNF'
2019-12-04 Game Theory: Every team's chance to make playoffs as of Week 14
2019-12-04 Miracle at the Meadowlands, Part II | Eagles vs. Giants, 2010 Week 15
2019-12-04 Sweetness, Captain Comeback put on a show | Bears vs. Cowboys, 1979 Week 3
2019-12-04 Cynthia Frelund's 10 most favorable Flex matchups | Week 14
2019-12-05 FedEx Air and Ground Winners | Week 13
2019-12-05 Mic'd Up: Steelers react to rematch against Browns | Week 13
2019-12-05 Kurt Warner's Top 5 quarterbacks of Week 13
2019-12-05 Mic'd Up: Deshaun Watson and the Texans take down the Patriots | Week 13
2019-12-05 Mic'd Up: Ravens lose it when Justin Tucker makes game-winning FG | Week 13
2019-12-05 Mic'd Up: Bills won't forget the doubters who had them losing to Cowboys | Week 13
2019-12-05 Mic'd Up: Titans get HYPED after awarding Mike Vrabel with game ball | Week 13
2019-12-05 Cris Collinsworth: Russell Wilson deserves MVP over Lamar Jackson
2019-12-05 Cynthia Frelund's Week 14 NFL Pick Em predictions
2019-12-05 Nate Burleson: Eli Manning will be 'undefeated' in the last month of season
2019-12-05 NFL Playbook: NFC East title comes down to this one game
2019-12-05 Ian Rapoport forecasts Jameis Winston's long-term prospects in Tampa Bay
2019-12-05 Bud Dupree reveals secret to improved Steelers defense
2019-12-05 Comedian Frank Caliendo impersonates Jon Gruden, Sean McVay and other key NFL figures
2019-12-05 Peter Schrager: Brian Daboll has been Bills' overlooked star in 2019
2019-12-05 Nate Burleson: The Rams offense has finally 'found their rhythm'
2019-12-05 'GMFB' makes bold Thursday Night Football predictions for Cowboys-Bears
2019-12-05 Peter Schrager: Rams' 2019 season will be defined Week 14 vs. Seahawks
2019-12-05 Eli Manning on start vs. Eagles: I'm always 'eager' to play
2019-12-05 Mike Giardi: Patriots likely to start their third-string center vs. Chiefs
2019-12-05 Who says Kittle can't block? | Baldy's Breakdowns
2019-12-05 Randy Moss: Dalvin Cook is 'adamant' he will play vs. the Lions
2019-12-05 Ian Rapoport reacts to comedian Frank Caliendo's impersonation of him
2019-12-05 Oakland Raiders players host toy collection drive
2019-12-05 MJ Acosta: Raiders taking caution with Josh Jacobs' injury
2019-12-05 Mike Garafolo: Eagles have backs 'firmly' against the wall heading into Sunday
2019-12-05 Marcas Grant's Thursday Night Football fantasy forecast
2019-12-05 Cowboys radio host Mike Fisher dishes on state of Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones
2019-12-05 NFL 100 Rewind: '85 Bears
2019-12-05 Bears radio analyst Tom Thayer: Mitchell Trubisky will be QB1 in 2020
2019-12-05 Stacey Dales: Cowboys are fixated on stopping Khalil Mack
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2019-12-05 Michael Irvin: This Cowboys team has 'everything they need'
2019-12-05 Around The NFL: Week 14 Preview
2019-12-05 'TNF' stat projections for Cowboys-Bears | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-05 Steve Smith Sr., Joe Thomas share their custom cleats
2019-12-05 The Who shares what is was like to play halftime of Super Bowl XLIV
2019-12-06 Bills vs. Ravens Week 14 matchups to watch | Next Gen Stats
2019-12-06 Dak Prescott does signature dance before 'TNF' vs. Bears
2019-12-06 Prescott scans field to find Jarwin for early third-and-long pickup
2019-12-06 Zeke launches himself across goal line to cap off nine-minute drive
2019-12-06 Mitchell Trubisky zips 19-yard pass to J. P. Holtz
2019-12-06 Can't-Miss Play: 'Boys CB looks like WR on toe-dragging INT
2019-12-06 Mitchell Trubisky is fired up after 5-yard TD pass to Allen Robinson
2019-12-06 Holtz your breath! TE J.P. Holtz zooms for 30 yards
2019-12-06 Fantasy League One Thursday 12/05 (Ep. 152)
2019-12-06 David Montgomery refuses to go down on way to 20-yard run
2019-12-06 Ezekiel Elliott surpasses 1,000 yards on 31-yard explosion
2019-12-06 How did he catch that? Robinson has no room to spare on second TD
2019-12-06 Zip Trubisky! QB fits pass into airtight window for 21 yards
2019-12-06 Maher's 42-yard FG try curves completely around the goal post no good
2019-12-06 Michael Bennett muscles through Bears' OL for sack
2019-12-06 Riley Ridley loses his shoe on first catch in the NFL
2019-12-06 Patterson's FILTHY juke leaves LB in dust on 33-yard catch and run
2019-12-06 Anthony Miller spins into end zone for first touchdown of 2019
2019-12-06 Can't-Miss Play: Khalil Mack makes shoestring sack on Dak
2019-12-06 Dallas D delivers forced fumble by ripping ball from Montgomery
2019-12-06 Gallup gets 'Boys into red zone on back-to-back elite catches
2019-12-06 Zeke churns through goal-line pileup, extends for fourth-down TD
2019-12-06 Can't-Miss Play: Trubisky leaves defenders in the dust on electric TD run
2019-12-06 Robinson pulls in fadeaway pass from Trubisky for 22 yards
2019-12-06 Amari Cooper passes 1,000-yard mark for fourth time in his career
2019-12-06 Dak couldn't have thrown it better! QB drops perfect TD to Cooper
2019-12-06 Dak drives downfield strike to Cobb between defenders for 35 yards
2019-12-06 Tarik Cohen celebrates win with backflip as Mitchell Trubisky kneels down
2019-12-06 Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on rushing TD: 'Had to make them pay a little bit'
2019-12-06 How the NFC playoff picture looks after 'TNF' Week 14
2019-12-06 Cowboys vs. Bears highlights | Week 14
2019-12-06 Mitchell Trubisky's best plays on 'TNF' | Week 14
2019-12-06 Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reacts to losing third straight game
2019-12-06 Jerry Jones reacts to loss: 'We did all the things you can do to cause you to lose'
2019-12-06 Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott: 'We believe in our coach and his message'
2019-12-06 Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen previews matchup vs. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens
2019-12-06 Predicting the final four games for Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles
2019-12-06 What We Learned: Cowboys vs. Bears | Week 14
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2019-12-06 Jane Slater: Dallas Cowboys have 'real interest' in Urban Meyer
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2019-12-06 Charley Casserly's keys to a Kansas City Chiefs win vs. New England Patriots
2019-12-06 Charley Casserly's keys to a New England Patriots win vs. Chiefs
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2019-12-06 Inspire Change | Jaylon Smith
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2019-12-06 NFL and EverFI Partner to Inspire Change
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2019-12-07 Former DBs and specialists pick which players should have made All-Time Team
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2019-12-08 Michael Irvin identifies the toughest corner that he faced in his career
2019-12-08 All-Time Team: Deion Sanders and Bill Belichick have amazing stories about Ed Reed
2019-12-08 Cynthia Frelund's game predictions and fantasy projections for Week 14
2019-12-08 Kurt Warner's film breakdown: Lamar Jackson vs. Josh Allen
2019-12-08 Sean McDermott details what it will take to stop the Ravens
2019-12-08 Ian Rapoport: Actives and inactives for Sunday's Week 14 games
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2019-12-08 Kurt Warner shows off his My Cause My Cleats spikes
2019-12-08 Houston Texans wearing alternate red uniforms for Week 14 vs. Broncos
2019-12-08 Jerome Bettis chats with Lamar Jackson before Ravens-Bills
2019-12-08 Packers swarm Haskins on first drive for sack
2019-12-08 Danielle Hunter takes down David Blough to reach 50 career sacks
2019-12-08 Dalton dissects defenders on 21-yard dart to Boyd
2019-12-08 Mixon looks like mack truck on strong 26-yard tackle-breaking run
2019-12-08 Brees serves up beautiful touch pass to Cook for early 38-yard TD
2019-12-08 Lamar Jackson dances through Bills' D for speedy 16-yard gain
2019-12-08 Darius Leonard jumps Winston's pass with stretching INT snag
2019-12-08 Brissett climbs by Bucs' pass rush for 46-YARD TD strike to Marcus Johnson
2019-12-08 Aaron Jones slices through defenders to cap Packers' drive with TD
2019-12-08 Fitzpatrick throws a dart to sliding Hurns for 17 yards
2019-12-08 Noah Fant slips tackle, takes off for 48 yards
2019-12-08 Brees hypes up Jared Cook on sidelines after TD
2019-12-08 Jimmy G dissects airtight coverage on 31-yard dart to Emmanuel Sanders
2019-12-08 Adrian Amos surges into backfield to sack Haskins on blitz
2019-12-08 Drew Lock remains calm under pressure with 29-yard pass to Andrew Beck in stride
2019-12-08 Odell Beckham Jr. gets air on 18-yard catch
2019-12-08 Colts' D gets back-to-back turnovers with fumble recovery
2019-12-08 Kendrick Bourne beats Marshon Lattimore for tightly contested TD grab
2019-12-08 Lamar Jackson uses double move to reach 1K rushing yards in 2019
2019-12-08 Deebo Samuel gains 25 yards on catch-and-run
2019-12-08 Nick Vigil wrestles ball from David Njoku for outstanding fumble recovery
2019-12-08 Drew Lock rips laser TD dime over the middle to Noah Fant
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Denzel Ward uses 4.3 speed for first career pick-six
2019-12-08 Chase McLaughlin's first Colts FG is good from 50 yards
2019-12-08 Stefon Diggs goes up high to make fingertip grab
2019-12-08 Deonte Harris zooms through 49ers for 51-yard kick return
2019-12-08 Jared Cook goes airborne for second TD of the day
2019-12-08 Niners stuff Saints' fly-sweep to Taysom Hill to deny two-point try
2019-12-08 Josh Allen reveals his My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-08 Bisi Johnson goes way up for TD grab from Kirk Cousins
2019-12-08 Darnold climbs pocket to drive 26-yard TD strike to Robby Anderson
2019-12-08 Damario Davis drops Jimmy G for big loss on third-down sack
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Teammate gives Kareem Jackson early present on WILD TD vs. former team
2019-12-08 Breshad Perriman's impressive one-handed catch goes for 31 yards
2019-12-08 Deonte Harris breaks through defenders on 25-yard punt return
2019-12-08 Rodgers uncorks 12-yard TD to Tonyan in back of the end zone
2019-12-08 Browns, Bengals players share their My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-08 Nate Hairston picks off Fitzpatrick's laser in wild fashion
2019-12-08 Bills bottle up Lamar Jackson for losses on consecutive plays
2019-12-08 David Blough hits Marvin Jones with sideline pass
2019-12-08 Niners bite on Saints' play action to open up Josh Hill for TD
2019-12-08 Ward recovers for Ravens after Judon hammers ball free from Josh Allen
2019-12-08 Jessie Bates picks off twice-tipped throw for wild INT
2019-12-08 Danielle Hunter closes in on Blough for second sack of game
2019-12-08 Winston makes last second arm extension for QB sneak TD
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Emmanuel Sanders smokes Saints' secondary for 75-YARD TD
2019-12-08 Mike Evans sustains injury on 61-yard deep TD
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Lamar Jackson flicks ball by defenders on wacky improv TD
2019-12-08 Aaron Jones bursts 42 yards for his longest run of 2019 so far
2019-12-08 Matt Ryan tosses pinpoint pass to Ridley for 18 yards
2019-12-08 Vernon Butler throws down Matt Ryan for massive sack
2019-12-08 Drew Lock dials launch codes on 37-yard pass to Tim Patrick
2019-12-08 Stefon Diggs hauls in sideline dart from Cousins
2019-12-08 Joe Mixon punches it in for goal-line TD
2019-12-08 Devontae Booker breaks free for 25 yards on angle route from backfield
2019-12-08 Murray turns short throw into HUGE tackle-breaking sideline tightrope
2019-12-08 DeVante Parker heads to locker room after outstanding back-shoulder grab
2019-12-08 Drew Lock tosses his second TD with easy throw to Heuerman
2019-12-08 Chris Godwin makes nearly IMPOSSIBLE one-handed catch in traffic
2019-12-08 A.P. finds a lane to pick up first down
2019-12-08 Devin Singletary weave through Ravens' D for 14-yard gain
2019-12-08 Vikings stuff Lions on third-and-1
2019-12-08 Drew Brees goes airborne for TD on QB sneak
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Matty Ice unleashes incredible 38-yard deep ball to Julio Jones
2019-12-08 Panthers, Falcons players show off custom My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-08 Derrius Guice picks up speed on 23-yard run off right side
2019-12-08 Carlos Hyde rumbles for a 13-yard pickup
2019-12-08 Darnold launches DEEP down the sideline to Anderson for 39 yards
2019-12-08 Watson finds Keke Coutee for 22-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Calvin Ridley shimmies at goal line before scoring TD
2019-12-08 Kaimi Fairbairn boots a 54-yard FG to put Texans on the board
2019-12-08 Baker Mayfield dives for the pylon on impressive TD scramble
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Emmanuel Sanders uncorks epic TD PASS to Raheem Mostert
2019-12-08 Mack powers through for TD in his return back to Colts' lineup
2019-12-08 Haskins finds WIDE OPEN Kelvin Harmon to bring Redskins into the red zone.
2019-12-08 Alexander Mattison clears Lions defenders with high hurdle
2019-12-08 Tremaine Edmunds picks off fellow 2018 draft first-round pick Lamar Jackson
2019-12-08 Adrian Peterson follows blockers into end zone for spinning TD
2019-12-08 Ian Thomas' bobble turns Kyle Allen's perfect throw into Falcons INT
2019-12-08 Lions deny Vikings near goal line on third-and-1
2019-12-08 Denver's nifty play design leads to Fant's 28-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Ravens breakout Heisman formation against Bills' D
2019-12-08 Nick Bosa brings down Taysom Hill on third-down
2019-12-08 Demaryius Thomas' insane grab is good for TD after replay review
2019-12-08 Fitzpatrick fits a LASER between three Jets defenders for 16 yards
2019-12-08 NFL GameDay View: Andrew Hawkins, Cynthia Frelund and Gregg Rosenthal Finalize Week 14 Picks
2019-12-08 Matt Breida filters through Saints' D for big 28-yard gain
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Darius Leonard baits Jameis Winston into 80-YARD pick-six
2019-12-08 Broncos deflect Watson's fourth-down pass for huge turnover on downs
2019-12-08 Kenny Golladay goes up and over Waynes for sideline grab
2019-12-08 Fitzpatrick shows off the WHEELS on 20-yard scramble
2019-12-08 D.J. Moore hauls in picturesque over-the-shoulder grab for 39 yards
2019-12-08 Panthers' rub routes open up Ian Thomas for TD
2019-12-08 Ryan Anderson pickpockets Aaron Rodgers for key Redskins turnover
2019-12-08 Raheem Mostert slices through Saints' D for tying TD before half
2019-12-08 Matt Judon and Michael Pierce combine for Ravens 4th sack of first half
2019-12-08 Royce Freeman takes Drew Lock's throw in for untouched TD before half
2019-12-08 Steven Haushka nails 47-yard field goal
2019-12-08 Hat-trick sack for Hunter! Vikes DE gets third QB takedown of day
2019-12-08 Stefon Diggs beats Darius Slay for outstanding 44-yard grab
2019-12-08 Ravens unveil sneaky fake kneel-down trick play to end first half
2019-12-08 Winston checks down to Brate for key TD before halftime
2019-12-08 Dalvin Cook gets to corner for 13th rushing TD of season
2019-12-08 Winston withstands barrage of defenders for third-down strike to Watson
2019-12-08 Adrian Amos jumps Dwayne Haskins' throw for sideline INT
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Brissett goes WAY downtown for 50-yard deep ball
2019-12-08 Isaiah Ford shakes free from Jets tackle attempt for 25 yards
2019-12-08 Falcons induct Roddy White into ring of honor at halftime
2019-12-08 Dolphins' attempt to mimic Rams' trick play doesn't work
2019-12-08 Ian Thomas breaks loose for 19-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Hayden Hurst bursts for 61-yard catch-and-run TD
2019-12-08 Tip drill! Craig Robertson grabs INT after pass deflects off Emmanuel Sanders
2019-12-08 Vic Beasley forces fumble on powerful strip-sack
2019-12-08 Robby Anderson's hurdle attempt doesn't go as planned
2019-12-08 Steven Parker makes incredible read on big INT off of Darnold
2019-12-08 Noah Fant slips Bradley Roby's tackle try for 23-yard pickup
2019-12-08 Nick Chubb sheds multiple defenders on 57-yard rumble
2019-12-08 Devonta Freeman bursts for first rushing TD since 2017
2019-12-08 Isaiah McKenzie turns on jets for 24-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Phillip Lindsay darts into the end zone for goal-line TD
2019-12-08 Kareem Hunt goes untouched around the edge for TD
2019-12-08 Josh Allen hits John Brown over the middle for 18-yard gain
2019-12-08 Stephen Hauschka hits 48-yard field goal
2019-12-08 Alvin Kamara's fumble sets up 49ers with great field position
2019-12-08 Curious George! Kittle extends to the pylon for incredible TD
2019-12-08 DeAndre Hopkins is left wide open for 43-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-08 Ryan Griffin steps in for Winston after apparent injury
2019-12-08 Darnold finds Montgomery across the middle for 17-yard gain
2019-12-08 What's this? Tre'Davious White quickly reads Ravens' play sheet found on field
2019-12-08 Dolphins stonewall Jets' fourth-down try in red zone
2019-12-08 Latavius Murray bursts up the middle for 16 yards
2019-12-08 DaeSean Hamilton carves up Houston's secondary for 27-yard gain
2019-12-08 Taysom Hill delivers successful fourth-down conversion
2019-12-08 Lock, stock and barrel! Broncos QB takes flea flicker himself, scrambles for first down
2019-12-08 Zach Pascal tears through Bucs' D for 37-yard catch
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Matt Ryan uncorks longest TD pass of his career
2019-12-08 Tashaun Gipson swipes Drew Lock's pass for sideline INT
2019-12-08 Brissett stays cool under pressure for TD toss to Pascal
2019-12-08 Mark Ingram accelerates upfield for 15-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Younghoe Koo catches his own kickoff after fumble
2019-12-08 Brissett avoids sack to find Pascal for two-point conversion
2019-12-08 DeShaun Watson takes off for speedy 16-yard scramble
2019-12-08 Center Garrett Bradbury makes first career reception
2019-12-08 Mario Edwards wraps up on Jimmy G for big sack
2019-12-08 Harrison Smith elevates to snag Blough's errant throw for INT
2019-12-08 Winston floats it up to O.J. Howard for 33-yard gain
2019-12-08 Taysom Hill's fourth-and-18 heave falls incomplete
2019-12-08 Justin Watson makes quick adjustment for 17-yard TD
2019-12-08 Guice and Kerrigan both ruled out for remainder of game
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Houston, we have liftoff! Watson launches in for TD
2019-12-08 Damontae Kazee covers major ground on sprinting INT
2019-12-08 Willie Snead snags Lamar Jackson's fadeaway dart for TD
2019-12-08 Winston finds O.J. Howard down the sideline for 27 yards
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Dawson Knox makes one-handed grab in airtight window
2019-12-08 Aaron to Aaron! Rodgers threads the needle on downfield dime to Jones
2019-12-08 Danny Amendola converts third down with catch over middle
2019-12-08 Devin Singletary cuts through Ravens' D for explosive 38-yard run
2019-12-08 Bourne again! Kendrick scores second TD of game on Jimmy G's dime
2019-12-08 Browns stuff Bengals' fourth-and-goal QB draw
2019-12-08 Jacob Martin wins off the edge for blazing fast third-down sack
2019-12-08 Treadwell trucks through Lions' secondary for strong 36-yard gain
2019-12-08 Josey Jewell drops Watson for huge sack on third-and-long
2019-12-08 Takk attack! McKinley envelops Allen for third-and-goal sack
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Watson's fourth-down wizardry results in insane conversion
2019-12-08 Bills' rub routes open up Cole Beasley for key TD
2019-12-08 Drew Brees' perfect pass hits Michael Thomas in stride for huge 49-yard gain
2019-12-08 Devin White forces key fumble for Bucs
2019-12-08 Tip drill! Malik Hooker comes down with tipped INT
2019-12-08 Josh Allen fires dart to Beasley in the flat for two-point conversion
2019-12-08 Broncos play 'Hot Potato' for Kareem Jackson's second INT against former team
2019-12-08 Michael Thomas gets open with great route for 21-yard TD
2019-12-08 Ronald Jones goes way upstairs on huge hurdle
2019-12-08 David Blough threads needle to Jesse James for 23-yard completion
2019-12-08 Kenny Golladay outmaneuvers Tre Waynes for contested TD grab
2019-12-08 Fitzpatrick finds Patrick Laird on the double move to set up game-winning FG
2019-12-08 Deebo Samuel drives down sideline for 31 yards
2019-12-08 Jarvis Landry unleashes sick spin move on 34-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo dives for critical first-down conversion
2019-12-08 Brian Hill shows amazing control on TD extension
2019-12-08 Jason Sanders sets Dolphins record with seventh field goal
2019-12-08 Vyncint Smith takes off down sideline for 37 yards
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Touchdown Terry! McLaurin snags sensational one-handed TD
2019-12-08 Andrew Sendejo seals Vikings win with INT off David Blough
2019-12-08 Tyler Eifert makes phenomenal one-handed catch near sideline
2019-12-08 Winston connects with Perriman for go-ahead TD late in fourth
2019-12-08 Tre'Quan Smith spins from would-be tackle for go-ahead TD late
2019-12-08 Robbie Gould drives through game-winning FG as time expires
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: George Kittle channels Beast Mode on 39-yard rumble
2019-12-08 Marcus Peters knocks pass away from John Brown to deny Bills on fourth down
2019-12-08 Humphrey's defensive PI penalty gives Bills life on fourth-down incompletion
2019-12-08 Bucs' D delivers clutch stop on Colts' fourth-down try
2019-12-08 L.J. Fort plants Josh Allen for HUGE sack
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Flea-flicker TD! Brady uncorks 37-yard bomb to Edelman
2019-12-08 Austin Ekeler explodes for 27-yard run
2019-12-08 Keenan Allen catch and run goes for 45 yards
2019-12-08 Mike Mayock consoles Josh Jacobs pregame after RB is inactive
2019-12-08 Melvin Gordon punches in his fifth TD of season
2019-12-08 Texans' onside kick succeeds after Broncos' mishap
2019-12-08 Kyle Allen takes it himself for goal-line TD
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Tannehill TAKEDOWN! QB hammers 291-pound DT after turnover
2019-12-08 Walk-off winner! Gase celebrates win vs. former team after Ficken's last-second FG
2019-12-08 DeAndre Washington spins off defender for strong TD run
2019-12-08 Will Parks ices Denver's road win with late INT
2019-12-08 Deshaun Watson turns the corner for late TD scramble
2019-12-08 Joey Bosa goes straight through LT on way to Minshew sack
2019-12-08 Every Ravens sack against the Bills | Week 14
2019-12-08 Fins get flagged for late defensive PI after replay review
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Diontae Johnson becomes highlight reel on 85-yard kick-return TD
2019-12-08 Aaron Jones' biggest runs from 134-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Derek Watt burrows in for TD
2019-12-08 Derrick Henry takes toss for six with 12-yard TD trot
2019-12-08 Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen shake hands after Week 14 matchup
2019-12-08 Ravens vs. Bills highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Khari Blasingame corrals Tannehill's sideline jump ball for 24-yard gain
2019-12-08 Bud Dupree levels Kyler Murray on sack
2019-12-08 Tanoh Kpassagnon packs Nick Foles' FG attempt
2019-12-08 Dolphins vs. Jets highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Terrell Suggs recovers Benny Snell's popcorn fumble
2019-12-08 Lions vs. Vikings highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 49ers vs. Saints highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Carr steps up to deliver 18-yard third-down strike to Tyrell Williams
2019-12-08 Every catch from Noah Fant's 113-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Ryan Tannehill goes downtown to A.J. Brown for 91-YARD TD
2019-12-08 Drew Brees' best throws against the 49ers' defense | Week 14
2019-12-08 Emmanuel Sanders' most athletic plays vs. Saints | Week 14
2019-12-08 Panthers vs. Falcons highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Drew Lock's best throws from three-TD game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Deatrich Wise drops Patrick Mahomes for massive loss on sack
2019-12-08 Bengals vs. Browns highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Mahomes rips third-and-long strike to Tyreek Hill over the middle
2019-12-08 Colts vs. Buccaneers highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Austin Ekeler looks like a bowling ball on 35-yard rumble
2019-12-08 Philip Rivers finds WIDE OPEN Hunter Henry for 30-yard TD
2019-12-08 Mecole Hardman hauls in Mahomes' fadeaway floater for 48-yard TD
2019-12-08 New WR alert! Rico Gafford's first career catch is 49-yard TD from Carr
2019-12-08 Jimmy Garoppolo's best throws from 349-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Broncos vs. Texans highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Deon Cain pirouettes for stellar 22-yard grab
2019-12-08 Tannehill finds A.J. Brown on play action for 22-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Bashaud Breeland jumps route to intercept Tom Brady
2019-12-08 Vince Williams ends Cardinals' red zone drive with sack
2019-12-08 Every one of Michael Thomas' 11 catches vs. 49ers | Week 14
2019-12-08 Redskins vs. Packers highlights | Week 14
2019-12-08 Joe Mixon's best plays from 186-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Kelce lines up at QB, Mahomes at RB for WILD TD run by TE
2019-12-08 Every catch from Robby Anderson's 116-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Keenan Allen records his 500th career reception
2019-12-08 Corey Davis works across field for 24-yard catch and run
2019-12-08 Matt Ryan's best throws from 2-TD game | Week 14
2019-12-08 A.J. Brown pinballs off three defenders on STRONG TD catch and run
2019-12-08 Mike Badgley nails 40-yard field goal
2019-12-08 Donte Jackson criticizes Panthers' coaching staff after loss to Falcons
2019-12-08 Every catch from DeAndre Hopkins' 120-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Kyler Murray carves up Steelers' D on TD dart to Charles Clay
2019-12-08 Every Danielle Hunter sack vs. the Lions | Week 14
2019-12-08 Every Raheem Mostert touch from 109-yard, 2 TD game | Week 14
2019-12-08 Brady's fourth-down throw to Edelman sails out of bounds incomplete
2019-12-08 J.C. Jackson picks off Mahomes' third-down throw
2019-12-08 Lamar gets 'MVP' chant as he signs autographs in Buffalo tunnel
2019-12-08 Devin Singletary's best runs against the Ravens | Week 14
2019-12-08 'Duck' Hodges dodges pass rush for quick 22-yard scramble
2019-12-08 Aaron Rodgers visits kid from Make-A-Wish on sideline
2019-12-08 Sean Payton: 'I don't want to answer one officiating question today'
2019-12-08 Carr avoids pressure with third-down completion to Darren Waller for 11 yards
2019-12-08 Jayon Brown jumps into Troy Polamalu mode on TFL near goal line
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Austin Ekeler can't be caught on 84-yard TD
2019-12-08 Lamar Jackson's best plays against the Bills | Week 14
2019-12-08 Best throws from James Winston's 456-yard day | Week 14
2019-12-08 Darwin Thompson slips through arm tackles for 19-yard gain
2019-12-08 Drew Lock explains how 'Buzz Lightyear' celebration was conceived
2019-12-08 Titans bite on Raiders' play fake to open up Moreau for TD
2019-12-08 Travis Kelce churns through Chung for tough first down
2019-12-08 Bill Belichick is heated after defensive holding penalty on Shilique Calhoun
2019-12-08 Calais Campbell wraps up Rivers for sack
2019-12-08 Richard Sherman channels meme in postgame press conference
2019-12-08 Pharoh Cooper returns MASSIVE punt back for 26 yards
2019-12-08 Chiefs' missing equipment arrives in Foxborough just hours before kickoff after delivery snafu
2019-12-08 Fake punt alert! Lefty Logan Cooke moves the chains with fourth-down dart
2019-12-08 Road to the Playoffs | Week 14
2019-12-08 Ryan Tannehill threads needle on 39-yard laser to Anthony Firkser
2019-12-08 Coach's Call of the Day | Week 14
2019-12-08 Gardner Minshew throws 22-yard dime to DJ Chark Jr
2019-12-08 Minshew dodges would-be sack for off-platform TD toss to O'Leary
2019-12-08 Cardinals' gutsy fake punt call works perfectly
2019-12-08 Frank Clark flies off the edge for key sack before halftime
2019-12-08 Joe Haden reads Kyler Murray's throw for sensational diving INT
2019-12-08 Keenan Allen beats A.J. Bouye for contested first-down catch
2019-12-08 Philip Rivers slings 19-yard strike to Mike Williams
2019-12-08 Wheels on the Carr go round and round! QB scrambles 15 yards for first down
2019-12-08 Can't-Miss Play: Mike Williams reels in otherworldly 44-YARD TD grab
2019-12-08 Shady collides with former Bills teammate Gilmore on 13-yard run
2019-12-08 Jeffery Simmons gets to Derek Carr for key sack on third down
2019-12-08 Diontae Johnson reverses field for shifty 14-yard pickup
2019-12-08 Diontae Johnson beats fellow rookie Byron Murphy for contested TD grab
2019-12-08 Derwin James chops down Fournette short on fourth-down tackle
2019-12-08 Murray uncorks 31-yard strike to Kirk while ducking under pressure
2019-12-08 Tyrod Taylor lobs first his TD pass of '19 to Virgil Green
2019-12-08 Ryan Tannehill pinpoints MyCole Pruitt for 42-yard completion
2019-12-08 Khalil Blasingame bursts for 23 yards down sideline on play action
2019-12-08 Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter reacts to three-sack game with Deion Sanders
2019-12-08 Derrick Henry uses Superman dive over the goal line for TD
2019-12-08 T.J. Watt jumps Murray's pass for crucial INT
2019-12-08 Patriots' critical punt block sets offense up with great field position
2019-12-08 Brandon Bolden takes fly sweep off the edge for speedy TD
2019-12-08 What We Learned: Ravens vs. Bills | Week 14
2019-12-08 Chiefs' D stonewalls James White to deny Pats' two-point try
2019-12-08 Derrick Henry glides through Raiders' D for 24-yard pickup
2019-12-08 What We Learned: 49ers vs. Saints | Week 14
2019-12-08 Steelers' punter gets crushed and fumbles on failed fake-punt
2019-12-08 Kyler Murray sneaks TD throw by Terrell Edmunds to David Johnson
2019-12-08 Jonnu Smith corrals spectacular contested 17-yard TD grab
2019-12-09 Belichick's challenge pays off with huge turnover for Patriots
2019-12-09 Patrick Mahomes rallies Chiefs sideline for hype speech after Kelce's fumble
2019-12-09 Tye Smith's 'Peanut Punch' turns into 46-yard defensive TD for Jayon Brown
2019-12-09 N'Keal Harry turns into freight train on Herculean catch and run
2019-12-09 Austin Ekeler's best plays from 213-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Chargers vs. Jaguars highlights | Week 14
2019-12-09 Steelers' third INT on the day puts game away
2019-12-09 Philip Rivers' best throws from 314-yard day | Week 14
2019-12-09 Darius Leonard's best defensive plays vs. Bucs | Week 14
2019-12-09 James White hits the juke button on 17-yard gain
2019-12-09 Best Rookie Performance | Week 14
2019-12-09 Chiefs' pass rush flushes Brady into third-down incompletion
2019-12-09 Tap into the End Zone | Week 14
2019-12-09 Trick-play alert! James White lobs throw to Jakobi Meyers for 35 yards
2019-12-09 Diontae Johnson's biggest plays from 2-TD game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Every turnover created by the Steelers' defense | Week 14
2019-12-09 Derrick Henry's best plays from two-TD game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Fantasy Showdown | Week 14
2019-12-09 Every A.J. Brown catch from two-TD game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Top Five Prime Plays | Week 14
2019-12-09 DeAndre Washington takes Derek Carr's dumpoff 24 yards near pylon
2019-12-09 Chiefs pressure Brady into fourth-down incompletion intended for Edelman
2019-12-09 Ryan Tannehill's biggest throws from 391-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Fantasy Showdown | Week 14
2019-12-09 Tony Romo is HYPED after Tom Brady's 17-yard scramble
2019-12-09 Chiefs vs. Patriots highlights | Week 14
2019-12-09 Tom Brady on N'Keal Harry's non-TD call: 'It doesn't happen very often'
2019-12-09 Titans vs. Raiders highlights | Week 14
2019-12-09 Bill Belichick: Close loss to Chiefs 'will serve us well going forward'
2019-12-09 George Kittle describes epic catch and run that set up game-winning field goal
2019-12-09 Steelers vs. Cardinals highlights | Week 14
2019-12-09 Kyle Shanahan on 49ers-Saints: 'That was as cool of a game as I've been a part of'
2019-12-09 Updated look at NFC playoff picture ahead of 'SNF' in Week 14
2019-12-09 'Hawks leave Tyler Higbee wide open for big third-down grab
2019-12-09 Malcolm Brown hammers in TD to cap Rams' impressive opening drive
2019-12-09 Chris Carson surpasses 1K rushing yards for second consecutive season
2019-12-09 Robert Woods continues hot start with TD grab in the corner
2019-12-09 Updated look at AFC playoff picture after Sunday of Week 14
2019-12-09 Baker Mayfield calls out Browns' training staff, walks comments back on Twitter
2019-12-09 Deion Sanders: 49ers-Saints Week 14 game was a 'prelude to the NFC championship'
2019-12-09 Deion Sanders: Patriots still favorites to win AFC after loss to Chiefs
2019-12-09 Malik Turner can't haul in fourth-down throw with Jalen Ramsey in coverage
2019-12-09 Tyler Higbee runs by Bobby Wagner for 22-yard grab
2019-12-09 Jared Goff hits Cooper Kupp for third-down TD late in first half
2019-12-09 Dante Fowler chases down Russell Wilson for sack to close first half
2019-12-09 Deshaun Watson, Bill O'Brien react to stunning loss to Broncos
2019-12-09 Robert Woods takes screen pass 16 yards to open second half
2019-12-09 Can't-Miss Play: Quandre Diggs rockets to 55-yard pick-six
2019-12-09 Gurley rumbles for 23 yards on big third-and-1
2019-12-09 Quandre, oh Quandre! Diggs gets second INT in as many drives
2019-12-09 Pete Carroll is hyped after Green blocks Rams' field-goal try
2019-12-09 Aaron Donald closes in on Wilson for third-down sack
2019-12-09 Tyler Higbee runs free for 32-yard catch and run
2019-12-09 Todd Gurley delivers devastating stiff-arm on powerful TD run
2019-12-09 D.K. Metcalf hauls in eye-popping sideline catch against Jalen Ramsey
2019-12-09 Around The NFL: Week 14 Recap
2019-12-09 Dante Fowler evades linemen to sack Russell Wilson on third down
2019-12-09 Josh Gordon keeps Seahawks alive with catch on fourth-and-18
2019-12-09 Troy Hill leaps over Lockett for end-zone interception
2019-12-09 Samson Ebukam doesn't give up on sack, gets to Wilson on first down
2019-12-09 Robert Woods' best plays in prime time | Week 14
2019-12-09 Seahawks vs. Rams highlights | Week 14
2019-12-09 Jared Goff's most on-point throws from 293-yard game | Week 14
2019-12-09 Wyche: How George Kittle proved his toughness with gutsy move
2019-12-09 Who are the real Houston Texans? Deion Sanders evaluates the team
2019-12-09 McVay reacts to beating Seattle on 'SNF'
2019-12-09 Pete Carroll after loss to Rams: 'This is a rough night for the Seahawks'
2019-12-09 Deion Sanders: There's a 'zero' percent chance Cam Newton is a Panther in 2020
2019-12-09 Best postgame sound from Week 14
2019-12-09 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Terron Armstead
2019-12-09 Patrick Mahomes to undergo more tests on throwing hand
2019-12-09 Ian Rapoport: Odell Beckham Jr. to undergo surgery after season
2019-12-09 'Good Morning Football' previews Giants-Eagles on 'MNF'
2019-12-09 Peter Schrager: How the Rams 'got their groove back'
2019-12-09 Nate Burleson: 'No doubt' Titans are better than Texans
2019-12-09 Kyle Brandt: One team that could knock off Ravens in AFC
2019-12-09 Ian Rapoport explains officials' reasoning behind non-call on N'Keal Harry play
2019-12-09 Ian Rapoport details Tom Brady's elbow injury
2019-12-09 Kay Adams: Chiefs defense finally quelled my concerns vs. Patriots
2019-12-09 Mark Ingram outlines Ravens' goals after clinching playoff berth
2019-12-09 Tom Pelissero on Derrius Guice's latest knee injury
2019-12-09 Steve Wyche: Four things Jimmy Garoppolo proved vs. Saints in Week 14
2019-12-09 Kim Jones: Expect Cole Beasley, John Brown to be 'more involved' for Bills vs. Steelers
2019-12-09 Brian Baldinger reveals his My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-09 Peter Schrager's top takeaways from Panthers-Falcons in Week 14
2019-12-09 Kyle Brandt: Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a conundrum on their hands with Jameis Winston
2019-12-09 Nate Burleson's top takeaways from Chargers-Jaguars in Week 14
2019-12-09 7 Awesome Things From Week 14 of the NFL Season
2019-12-09 Nate Burleson's top takeaways from Bengals-Browns in Week 14
2019-12-09 Mike Garafolo reveals key to a Giants victory vs. Eagles
2019-12-09 Tom Pelissero: Richard Sherman's status in doubt for Week 15 'and potentially beyond'
2019-12-09 Tom Pelissero explains reasoning behind Adam Vinatieri's season-ending knee surgery
2019-12-09 Breaking down the showdown between the 49ers and Saints | Baldy's Breakdowns
2019-12-09 Daniel Jeremiah: 'The future is bright' for Drew Lock
2019-12-09 Ian Rapoport, Tom Pelissero explain NFL's investigation into Patriots' videotaping situation
2019-12-09 Mike McCarthy reflects on his time with the Packers, his NFL future
2019-12-09 11 reasons to watch Week 15 of the season
2019-12-09 Kurt Warner presents his My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-09 Rich Eisen reveals his My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-09 Eli Manning arrives ahead of Week 14 'MNF' start
2019-12-09 Next Gen Stats: What to expect if the Saints get a rematch vs. the 49ers 
2019-12-09 Michael Fabiano's fast 5 waiver targets for Week 15 | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-09 True View: New angles of top plays from Broncos vs. Texans | Week 14
2019-12-09 True View: New angles of top plays | Week 14
2019-12-09 True View: New angles of the Falcons' best plays | Week 14
2019-12-10 True View: New angles of top plays from Bengals vs. Browns | Week 14
2019-12-10 True View: New angles of top plays from Chiefs vs. Patriots | Week 14
2019-12-10 Mike McCarthy reflects on his time with the Packers, NFL future
2019-12-10 David Carr predicts how the NFC playoff picture will turn out
2019-12-10 Eli Manning runs onto field before Week 14 'MNF'
2019-12-10 Markus Golden drops Carson Wentz for massive loss on third-down sack
2019-12-10 Fantasy football waiver wire targets for Week 15
2019-12-10 Giants force fumble on Carson Wentz's fourth-down QB sneak
2019-12-10 Eli Manning completes first pass since Week 2 to Saquon
2019-12-10 Giants pin Eagles at their own 3-yard line with outstanding punt
2019-12-10 Giants unveil their My Cause My Cleats
2019-12-10 N.Y. runs 'Statue of Liberty' end-around for quick pickup
2019-12-10 Slayton turns slipped tackle into Eli's first TD pass since Week 2
2019-12-10 Ertz finds room in Giants' secondary for 30-yard grab
2019-12-10 Wentz's whirlwind in the pocket ends in 24-yard strike to Ertz
2019-12-10 Oshane Ximines clamps down on Carson Wentz to halt promising drive
2019-12-10 Eli's over-the-shoulder DIME to Slayton goes for 42 yards
2019-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: Eli's second TD toss to Slayton is 55-YARD LAUNCH
2019-12-10 Giants drop Wentz for big loss after snap sails over his head
2019-12-10 Wentz rips swing pass out to Scott to put Eagles in Giants' territory
2019-12-10 Great Scott! 5-foot-6 Eagles RB caps productive drive with strong TD
2019-12-10 Boston Scott puts Janoris Jenkins on skates with filthy juke
2019-12-10 Giants' flea-flicker does not go as planned
2019-12-10 Wentz muscles for fourth-down pickup from own 29-yard line
2019-12-10 Arcega-Whiteside looks like an outfielder on 22-yard circus catch
2019-12-10 Ertz snags clutch fingertip TD grab on dart from Wentz
2019-12-10 Eli Manning congratulates Eagles after overtime thriller
2019-12-10 Walk-off TD! Zach Ertz's second score wins it in OT for Eagles
2019-12-10 Every play from Eagles' game-winning drive vs. Giants | Week 14
2019-12-10 Giants vs. Eagles highlights | Week 14
2019-12-10 Best plays from Eli Manning's start vs. Eagles | Week 14
2019-12-10 Shurmur explains what went wrong in 'Monday Night Football' loss
2019-12-10 Top 15 plays | Week 14
2019-12-10 Boston Scott's best plays from 128-yard night | Week 14
2019-12-10 Eli Manning reacts to loss in his first start since Week 2
2019-12-10 Pederson reacts to first win since bye week
2019-12-10 Every Team's Best Play | Week 14
2019-12-10 What We Learned: Giants vs. Eagles | Week 14
2019-12-10 Scotland's Jamie Gillan needs your Pro Bowl Vote
2019-12-10 :15 NFL 360 Promo
2019-12-10 Nate Burleson: Why Titans are favorites to win AFC South
2019-12-10 Steven Jackson explains why it was important to retire with Rams
2019-12-10 Dallas Cowboys make annual visit to local children's hospitals
2019-12-10 Peter Schrager: Eagles needed win over Giants to make a 'surge' towards playoffs
2019-12-10 Kyle Brandt's Week 15 power rankings
2019-12-10 Brandon Graham: I would be 'scared' to walk outside if we lost to Giants
2019-12-10 Pro Football Focus' 90 Club: Highest-graded players | Week 14
2019-12-10 Nate Burleson breaks down top toe-drag swag catches of Week 14
2019-12-10 'Good Morning Football' crowns Week 14 angry runs winner
2019-12-10 Lawrence Taylor joins 'GMFB' to talk about All-Time Team selection
2019-12-10 Kay Adams' Week 15 fantasy waiver wire targets
2019-12-10 Nate Burleson: There's a team that will let Eli Manning compete for starting job in 2020
2019-12-10 Mike Garafolo: Lamar Jackson's injury not likely to keep him out vs. Jets
2019-12-10 Adam Gase: Le'Veon Bell didn't violate team rules by going bowling
2019-12-10 2018 Walter Payton Man of the Year winner Chris Long offers advice to young players wanting to give back
2019-12-10 Steve Wyche highlights two overlooked coaches on 49ers staff
2019-12-10 Bill Belichick addresses Bengals video taping situation
2019-12-10 Top 5 connections by air distance yards from Week 14 | Next Gen Stats
2019-12-10 Next Gen Stats: Surprising Yards After Catch | Week 14
2019-12-10 Nate Burleson: Vikings could 'easily' win out, clinch NFC North title
2019-12-10 Top 5 fastest players of Week 14
2019-12-10 John Harbaugh details play vs. Bills where Mark Ingram 'looked like a freight train'
2019-12-10 PFF's Top 5 highest-graded rookies | Week 14
2019-12-10 Top 15 Fantasy Plays | Week 14
2019-12-10 Kimberly Jones: Jamal Adams says he'll be game-time decision vs. Ravens
2019-12-10 Injury updates on Lane Johnson and Alshon Jeffery
2019-12-11 Earl Thomas says refs should protect Lamar Jackson more
2019-12-11 NFL playoff picture breakdown entering Week 15
2019-12-11 The next Peyton Manning? Evaluating Jameis Winston's strikingly similar stats
2019-12-11 NFL Network's DeAngelo Hall: Houston Texans defense is 'absolutely' a problem area right now
2019-12-11 Eli Manning explains why his wife made rare trip to watch him play in Philly
2019-12-11 Fantasy League One: Tuesday 12/10 (Ep. 155)
2019-12-11 Daniel Jeremiah reveals his top concern with Packers
2019-12-11 Which running back will capture 2019 rushing title?
2019-12-11 Falcons vs. 49ers preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Bills vs. Steelers preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Broncos vs. Chiefs preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Rams vs. Cowboys preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Jaguars vs. Raiders preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Texans vs. Titans preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Dolphins vs. Giants preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Patriots vs. Bengals preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Jets vs. Ravens preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Eagles vs. Redskins preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Seahawks vs. Panthers preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Buccaneers vs. Lions preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Vikings vs. Chargers preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Colts vs. Saints preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says New England Patriots' videotaping situation is 'under review'
2019-12-11 Nate Burleson defends New York Jets RB Le'Veon Bell's bowling outing before Dolphins game
2019-12-11 Judy Battista: Discipline likely to be 'minimal' for New England Patriots video taping situation
2019-12-11 Nate Burleson: Cowboys will rally around Jason Garrett to make playoff run
2019-12-11 Peter Schrager breaks down the coolest plays of Week 14
2019-12-11 Jane Slater gives injury updates for Dak Prescott, Leighton Vander Esch
2019-12-11 Bears vs. Packers preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Browns vs. Cardinals preview | Week 15
2019-12-11 Nate Burleson: Ryan Tannehill is scarier to face than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
2019-12-11 Bucky Brooks highlights what's been 'most impressive' about Drew Lock's hot start
2019-12-11 Mike Evans to miss remainder of 2019 season with hamstring injury
2019-12-11 Game Theory: Projected 2020 draft order ahead of Week 15
2019-12-11 Cynthia Frelund's projection for how NFC East will play out
2019-12-11 Mike Zimmer describes Philip Rivers' trash talk
2019-12-11 DDFP: Week 15 Red Challenge Flag Picks and odd team out of the playoffs
2019-12-11 Rams vs. Cowboys: Which team would make more noise in playoffs?
2019-12-11 Omar Ruiz: Los Angeles Rams' increase in two-tight end formations has sparked offensive boost
2019-12-11 Best Week 15 fantasy streamers | NFL Fantasy Live
2019-12-11 George Kittle vs. Lamar Jackson: Who would you rather try to tackle?
2019-12-11 Kay Adams: Why Kyler Murray is poised for success vs. Browns defense
2019-12-11 Week 14 Power Rankings featuring Matt 'Money' Smith, Dan Hanzus and Cynthia Frelund
2019-12-11 Trendzone: Recapping Week 14 with Andrew Hawkins
2019-12-11 Mic'd Up: Travis Kelce is AMPED after his wild TD run | Week 14
2019-12-11 Mic'd Up: John Harbaugh's dad hypes up Ravens after win over Bills | Week 14
2019-12-11 Commissioner Roger Goodell's 2019 Winter League Meeting press conference
2019-12-11 Cynthia Frelund's 10 most favorable Flex matchups | Week 15
2019-12-11 Mic'd Up: Niners storm the field after Gould's game-winning FG | Week 14
2019-12-11 Michael Fabiano's fantasy starts and sits for Week 15
2019-12-11 Game Theory: Every team's chance to make playoffs as of Week 15
2019-12-11 Cynthia Frelund projects top scorers for Jets-Ravens
2019-12-11 Game Theory: Week 15 win probabilities, score projections
2019-12-12 FedEx Air and Ground Winners | Week 14
2019-12-12 Kurt Warner: Why Ryan Tannehill has the edge over Deshaun Watson
2019-12-12 NFL Playbook: How the Bears' defense stifled the  Cowboys' offense in Week 14
2019-12-12 Major playoff implications at stake | Jets vs. Ravens, 2000 Week 17
2019-12-12 Too little, too late | Saints vs. Colts, 2015 Week 7
2019-12-12 Kurt Warner's Top 5 quarterbacks of Week 14
2019-12-12 Best of Mic'd Up | Week 14
2019-12-12 Maurice Jones-Drew forecasts how NFC playoff picture will pan out
2019-12-12 Mic'd Up: Mike Vrabel guides Titans to big win over Raiders | Week 14
2019-12-12 Mic'd Up: Rams' sideline reacts to Todd Gurley's devastating stiff-arm | Week 14
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Ben Jones
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Bobby Wagner
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Maurkice Pouncey
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Richard Sherman
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Nick Sundberg
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Mike Evans
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Pierre Desir
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Ricardo Allen
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: David Johnson
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Lorenzo Alexander
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Brandon Carr
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Dustin Colquitt
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Allen Robinson
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Cam Newton
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Giovani Bernard
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Jarvis Landry
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Devon Kennard
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Justin Simmons
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Travis Frederick
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Blake Martinez
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Calais Campbell
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: D.J. Reader
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Uchenna Nwosu
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Davon Godchaux
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Andrew Whitworth
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Kyle Van Noy
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Kyle Rudolph
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Tahir Whitehead
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Nate Solder
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Jonotthan Harrison
2019-12-12 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Malcom Jenkins
2019-12-12 Peter Schrager calculates playoff probabilities
2019-12-12 Rapper Fat Joe joins 'Good Morning Football' to discuss his new album
2019-12-12 Le'Veon Bell vs. Mark Ingram: Which running back is more likely to have an angry run?
2019-12-12 Kay Adams settles fantasy cases for Week 15: Who should you bench?
2019-12-12 'Duck' Hodges on Pittsburgh weather: Ducks like it cold
2019-12-12 Allen Robinson explains how Sunday's Bears-Packers matchup will differ from Week 1
2019-12-12 Ian Rapoport updates return timetables for Richard Sherman and Dee Ford
2019-12-12 'Good Morning Football' makes bold Week 15 Thursday Night Football predictions
2019-12-12 'GMFB' reacts to the 2019 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominees
2019-12-12 Adam Thielen expected to make his return Week 15 vs. Chargers
2019-12-12 Justin Simmons: Chargers QB Philip Rivers' viral trash-talk video 'didn't surprise me at all'
2019-12-12 Justin Simmons talks Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination
2019-12-12 Mic'd Up: Denzel Ward, Kareem Hunt swap post-touchdown celebration tips | Week 14
2019-12-12 Around The NFL: Week 15 Preview
2019-12-12 Ian Rapoport: Alshon Jeffery has 'very interesting' contract situation in 2020 offseason
2019-12-12 Gregg Rosenthal's Week 15 game picks
2019-12-12 Mic'd Up: Za'Darius Smith roasts quarterback Aaron Rodgers for his sock choices | Week 14
2019-12-12 Todd Heap reflects on his time as member of Balitmore Ravens
2019-12-12 Executive Chef Shameka Akinleye talks Baltimore food
2019-12-12 NFL GameDay View: Andrew Hawkins, Cynthia Frelund and Gregg Rosenthal talk Week 15 picks
2019-12-12 NFL 100 Generations: Jamal Adams and Brian Dawkins
2019-12-13 S2 E4 - The NFL strength coach changing the game
2019-12-13 What if Patriots had traded Tom Brady instead of Jimmy Garoppolo?
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson presses turbo down sideline for 20 yards
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson sets NFL single-season QB rushing record, passing Mike Vick
2019-12-13 Mark Ingram caps Ravens' opening drive with speedy TD off the edge
2019-12-13 Michael Vick congratulates Lamar Jackson for breaking his single-season QB rushing record
2019-12-13 Patrick Ricard gets a piece of Ficken's field goal to force miss
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson weaves through Jets defense with ease for 25 yards
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson slings impressive 5-yard TD pass to Miles Boykin
2019-12-13 Justin Tucker misses rare PAT
2019-12-13 Mark Ingram glides down sideline for 29-yard gain
2019-12-13 Sam Darnold scambles, lasers pass to Crowder for 41-yard gain
2019-12-13 Can't-Miss Play: Crowder corrals wild toe-tap TD in traffic
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson sneaks quick TD throw to Mark Andrews past Jets' D
2019-12-13 Vyncint Smith throws Brandon Carr off on way to 31-yard catch and run
2019-12-13 Fantasy League One: Thursday 12/12 (Ep. 156)
2019-12-13 Ravens take over after Robby Anderson can't haul in Darnold's fourth-down throw
2019-12-13 Chuck Clark picks off Sam Darnold's ill-advised pass
2019-12-13 Tony Gonzalez reacts to being named to All-Time Team
2019-12-13 Tyus Bowser forces fumble on powerful strip-sack
2019-12-13 Can't-Miss Play: Marquise Brown's elite footwork secures epic TD catch
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson refuses to leave field on fourth down, completes 36-yard pass
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson delivers 33-yard TD pass to Seth Roberts
2019-12-13 Next Gen Stats: Lamar Jackson has four runs faster than 19 MPH on 'TNF'
2019-12-13 'MVP' chants rain down on Lamar Jackson after fifth TD pass
2019-12-13 Jets tally special-teams touchdown on huge blocked punt
2019-12-13 Robby Anderson snags 41-yard pass from Sam Darnold with fingertips
2019-12-13 Sam Darnold stands strong in pocket to deliver 18-yard TD
2019-12-13 Robby Anderson high points contested Darnold pass for two-point conversion
2019-12-13 Mark Ingram takes over the mic to interview Lamar Jackson postgame
2019-12-13 Mark Ingram's best plays in prime time | Week 15
2019-12-13 Every game-changing play by Lamar Jackson vs. Jets | Week 15
2019-12-13 Jets vs. Ravens highlights | Week 15
2019-12-13 Every Jamison Crowder catch against the Ravens | Week 15
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram react on NFL Network set to clinching AFC North
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson reacts to breaking Michael Vick's single-season QB rushing record
2019-12-13 What We Learned: Jets vs. Ravens | Week 15
2019-12-13 Shaun O'Hara: How Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson compares to Lebron James
2019-12-13 Who has a chance to shine in Week 15?
2019-12-13 Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph: Man of the Year nomination is a 'tremendous honor'
2019-12-13 Green Bay Packers LB Blake Martinez: Man of the Year nomination 'means the world' to me
2019-12-13 Ian Rapoport details the timeline of Janoris Jenkins' separation from Giants
2019-12-13 Ian Rapoport: Sunday could be an 'emotional goodbye' for Eli Manning, New York Giants fans
2019-12-13 Charley Casserly's keys to a Chicago Bears win over the Packers
2019-12-13 Charley Casserly's keys to a Green Bay Packers win over the Bears
2019-12-13 Charley Casserly evaluates Pittsburgh Steelers QB Devlin Hodges: 'He doesn't make bad mistakes'
2019-12-13 How the AFC playoff picture looks after Week 15 opener
2019-12-13 Tom Pelissero: Kliff Kingsbury called Terrell Suggs' release a 'mutual decision'
2019-12-13 Craziest Finishes: Crucial drop dooms Bills against Steelers in 2010
2019-12-13 Lamar Jackson builds his MVP case in Week 15 | Baldy's Breakdowns
2019-12-14 Inspire Change: Grady Jarrett takes a stand against bullying
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Walter Jones
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Jonathan Ogden
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Larry Allen
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Tony Gonzalez
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Randall McDaniel
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Mel Hein
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Kellen Winslow
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Roosevelt Brown
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Cal Hubbard
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Anthony Munoz
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Bruce Matthews
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Dwight Stephenson
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Mike Webster
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Jim Otto, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw
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2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Forrest Gregg
2019-12-14 NFL All-Time Team: Rob Gronkowski
2019-12-14 Art Shell emotionally explains what it means to make All-Time Team
2019-12-14 Gronk sends special message after making All-Time Team
2019-12-15 Minkah Fitzpatrick talks through the details of the trade that brought him to Pittsburgh
2019-12-15 'NFL GameDay Morning': How can the Chicago Bears upset the Green Bay Packers today?
2019-12-15 Game Theory: Game picks and fantasy projections for Week 15
2019-12-15 Mooch's Minute: Why Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry are perfect complements to each other
2019-12-15 Ian Rapoport: Patriots investigation now boils down to motive
2019-12-15 'NFL GameDay Morning': Bold predictions for Week 15
2019-12-15 'NFL GameDay Morning' crew makes their picks for Bills-Steelers
2019-12-15 Kay Adams, Steve. Smith Sr. and Willie McGinest brave the snow to preview Broncos-Chiefs
2019-12-15 Pete Carroll: Loss to Rams 'will have a positive effect for us' vs. Panthers
2019-12-15 All-Time Team: Bill Belichick has a classic story about Rob Gronkowski's draft visit
2019-12-15 Ian Rapoport talks about coaches on the hot seat in Week 15
2019-12-15 Ian Rapoport: Actives and inactives for Week 15 games
2019-12-15 Aaron Rodgers talks with James Jones about changes to Packers' offense
2019-12-15 Eli Manning talks with Dan Marino before Week 15 vs. Dolphins
2019-12-15 Patrick Mahomes warms up in snow before Week 15 vs. Broncos
2019-12-15 James Palmer: Additional six inches of snow expected at Arrowhead today
2019-12-15 Steve Smith Sr. greets Lamar Jackson before Week 15 vs. Jets
2019-12-15 James Palmer: Drew Lock, Patrick Mahomes met for first time ever before Broncos-Chiefs in Week 15
2019-12-15 Titans wearing rare all-powder-blue uniform vs. Texans in Week 15
2019-12-15 Chiefs have a snowball fight in pre-game warmups
2019-12-15 Chris Carson carves up Panthers' D for 23-yard gain
2019-12-15 Tom Brady has most 20+ TD seasons in NFL history with throw to James White
2019-12-15 Chris Carson trucks through DB for strong 16-yard TD
2019-12-15 Kenny Vaccaro ends Texans' opening drive with end-zone INT
2019-12-15 Ryan Tannehill hits A.J. Brown in stride on perfect 60-YARD bomb
2019-12-15 Joe Mixon steamrolls through Pats defense for 29-yard run
2019-12-15 Dashing through the snow! Mahomes hits Tyreek Hill for 41-yard TD strike
2019-12-15 Cethan Carter's first career NFL catch goes for TD
2019-12-15 K.C. can't convert PAT try after inaccurate snap
2019-12-15 Wilson somehow sneaks downfield launch in to Lockett for 44 yards
2019-12-15 Texans block Ryan Succop's 45-yard field goal attempt
2019-12-15 Kenny Clark breaks through to sack Mitchell Trubisky
2019-12-15 Ryan Fitzpatrick picks up first down with slippery 11-yard scramble
2019-12-15 D.K. Metcalf goes up for strong 19-yard TD grab over Donte Jackson
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Terry McLaurin presses turbo for 75-yard TD sprint
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Davante Adams sprints past Bears' CB for fourth-down TD
2019-12-15 Giants outmuscle Miami up front for fourth-and-1 stop inside red zone
2019-12-15 Shady sends Attaochu flying with FILTHY juke in the snow
2019-12-15 Alex Okafor chases down Drew Lock for big loss on third-down sack
2019-12-15 Chris Godwin bursts into Lions secondary for 51-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Travis Kelce becomes first TE to record four-straight 1,000+ receiving yard seasons
2019-12-15 Kamalei Correa corrals Deshaun Watson for big loss on sack
2019-12-15 Tyler Eifert elevates to bring down 19-yard catch
2019-12-15 Beam me up, Scotty! Miller sprints through secondary for 33-yard TD
2019-12-15 Miles Sanders scurries down sideline for 18-yard dash
2019-12-15 Christian McCaffrey cuts through Seahawks' D for TD
2019-12-15 Clive Walford turns flat route into 15-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Harrison Butker hits snowy 23-yard field goal
2019-12-15 Ryan Tannehill connects with Corey Davis for third-and-long pickup
2019-12-15 Von Miller swallows Mahomes for clutch sack
2019-12-15 Fitzmagic! Fins QB channels Mike Vick with a wild 13-yard scramble
2019-12-15 Eagles outflank Redskins on quick pitch to Miles Sanders for TD
2019-12-15 Ryan Fitzpatrick uncorks absolute LASER TD to DeVante Parker up the seam
2019-12-15 Albert Wilson slips tackler to zoom into Giants secondary for 21-yard gain
2019-12-15 O.J. Howard makes catch in traffic for 25-yard gain
2019-12-15 Aaron Rodgers tries to catch Bears offside with hard count
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Josh Gordon lays out for INSANE grab on 58-YARD BOMB
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Whitney Mercilus grabs miracle INT, returns for 86 yards and near-TD
2019-12-15 Bengals stop Pats on fourth down for turnover on downs
2019-12-15 Tyler Lockett finds space in secondary for first TD since Week 9
2019-12-15 Watson shows outstanding touch on 12-yard TD toss to Kenny Stills
2019-12-15 Shelby Harris does snow angels after BIG sack
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Golden Tate tips to himself, trots in backwards for 51-yard TD
2019-12-15 Patrick Mahomes drops 29-yard DIME to Sammy Watkins
2019-12-15 Rasheem Green clamps down on Kyle Allen for third-down sack
2019-12-15 Dalvin Tomlinson drops Fitzpatrick for five-yard loss on speedy sack
2019-12-15 Haskins lobs third-down TD dime to Sims in back of the end zone
2019-12-15 Patrick Mahomes hits Travis Kelce in stride for 17-yard gain
2019-12-15 Anthony Miller can't stay in bounds on fourth-down play
2019-12-15 Breshad Perriman leaves Lions in the dust for second TD
2019-12-15 Drew Lock fires 12-yard strike to Tim Patrick to move the chains
2019-12-15 Deshaun Watson drops 16-yard TD in the bucket to Kenny Stills
2019-12-15 Miles Sanders breaks Eagles rookie record for most scrimmage yards with 7-yard run
2019-12-15 Trubisky launches 33-yard DIME all the way across the field to Miller
2019-12-15 CMC's catch and run puts him over 2,000 yards from scrimmage on the season
2019-12-15 Saquon or Le'Veon? Barkley's patience sets up 11-yard gain on third down
2019-12-15 Vince Biegel perfectly reads the book of Eli for a Fins INT
2019-12-15 Drew Lock lobs TE throwback to Noah Fant for huge fourth-down pickup
2019-12-15 Sam Hubbard wraps up on Brady for fourth-down sack
2019-12-15 Brandon McManus hits 32-yard field goal through blizzard
2019-12-15 Lonnie Johnson uses every inch of 6-foot-2 frame to deny Titans' fake punt pass
2019-12-15 Rashan Gary chases down Mitchell Trubisky for big sack
2019-12-15 Tyler Ervin rips off huge 45-yard runback on kickoff return
2019-12-15 Carlos Dunlap envelops Tom Brady for massive third-down sack
2019-12-15 Patriots pounce on a major muffed punt by Bengals
2019-12-15 Devon Kennard bull-rushes his way to Winston for powerful sack
2019-12-15 McCaffrey hurdles by a host of 'Hawks to pick up a first down
2019-12-15 Packers pick off Trubisky's Hail Mary on wacky final play of the half
2019-12-15 Harrison Butker BOOTS 44-yard field goal
2019-12-15 Shelby Harris has more fun in the snow after planting Mahomes for sack
2019-12-15 Packers turn ball over on fourth-down incompletion near end of first half
2019-12-15 Nik Needham picks off Eli Manning to end first half
2019-12-15 Bobby Wagner outmuscles Chris Hogan for key INT before half
2019-12-15 Tarik Cohen makes one-handed catch on short pass
2019-12-15 Ryan Tannehill pinpoints A.J. Brown for toe-tapping first down
2019-12-15 Davante Adams' wicked route sets up 34-yard gain
2019-12-15 Lockdown! Gilmore snags crazy one-handed INT to open second half
2019-12-15 Aaron Jones slips two Bears tacklers for 21-yard TD run
2019-12-15 McCaffrey turns one-hand grab on screen into field-reversing first down
2019-12-15 Aaron Rodgers shows off his wheels on 17-yard scramble
2019-12-15 N'Keal Harry dives for second TD grab of career
2019-12-15 CMC's second career pass attempt doesn't go as planned
2019-12-15 Popcorn completion! Joe Mixon ends on right end of lucky bounce
2019-12-15 Robinson hauls in 34-yard loft from Trubisky after CB falls down
2019-12-15 Tannehill trots in untouched to cap Titans' 9-minute drive with fourth-down TD
2019-12-15 Eli Manning connects 26 yards downfield on play action to Darius Slayton
2019-12-15 Darius Slayton catches eighth TD of the season to lead all rookies
2019-12-15 Tyreek Hill slides straight into photographers on short TD grab
2019-12-15 Magic Mahomes! QB dodges slew of defenders on wild two-point throw
2019-12-15 Andrew Adams grabs Blough's over-thrown pass for INT
2019-12-15 Giants pounce on Fitzpatrick's costly fumble for HUGE turnover
2019-12-15 Chris Godwin works open for big 38-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Jake Kumerow hits spin cycle for 49-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Mitchell Trubisky misses Robinson on fourth-down stop
2019-12-15 Jerome Baker serves Eli a mean stiff-arm after QB's third INT of the day
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Gilmore's second INT is outstanding read for 64-YARD pick-six
2019-12-15 Jayon Brown snags end-zone INT after Jeffery Simmons' key tip
2019-12-15 Aaron Jones hammers through Bears DB for strong TD run
2019-12-15 Rainbow-pass alert! Watson shows impeccable touch on 31-yard loft to Fuller
2019-12-15 Right place, Wright time! K.J. nabs INT after Poona Ford's deflection
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Danny 'Dola! Amendola makes wild 46-yard grab in traffic
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: TE or RB? Jonnu Smith turns toss into 57-YARD sprint
2019-12-15 Josh Gordon's second career pass ends in Tre Boston INT
2019-12-15 Wes Hills plows through for strong goal-line TD
2019-12-15 Tyler Eifert climbs the ladder for stellar sideline snag
2019-12-15 K.J. Wright gets ball right back for 'Hawks with second INT
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Wentz fools TV broadcaster on wild TD pass
2019-12-15 Adrian Peterson ties Walter Payton for fourth-most running TDs in NFL history
2019-12-15 David Blough extends play for impressive 48-yard loft Chris Lacy
2019-12-15 Sanders marches downfield for 56-yard sprint
2019-12-15 Wes Hills leaps over goal-line for second TD
2019-12-15 Saquon Barkley's 10-yard score gives RB his first 2-TD game since Week 2
2019-12-15 Eli has all day to throw on 26-yard completion to Sterling Shepard
2019-12-15 Watson rolls left for cross-body laser to Hopkins for 35 yards
2019-12-15 Frank Clark brings pressure on key fourth down stop
2019-12-15 Wentz finds wide-open Ertz for easy TD pass
2019-12-15 Robinson makes twisting back-shoulder grab to give Bears a first-and-goal
2019-12-15 Myles Gaskin bursts to daylight with 27-yard scamper
2019-12-15 Trubisky tosses TD to Miller for second-straight game
2019-12-15 Fitzpatrick swarmed by host of Giants defenders for big third-down sack
2019-12-15 Dustin Hopkins drills 53-yard field goal attempt to tie game
2019-12-15 Courtland Sutton cooks Charvarius Ward for 27-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Bobby Wagner slow to get up after falling awkwardly away from the play
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Burkhead jukes DB out of his cleats on TD vs. former team
2019-12-15 Christian McCaffrey slices through Seahawks' D for his second TD
2019-12-15 Matt Gay's 54-yard FG try is no good bouncing off the upright
2019-12-15 Wentz can't escape Skins' D on HUGE strip-sack
2019-12-15 Murphy-Bunting celebrates Michigan homecoming with 70-yard pick-six
2019-12-15 Ndamukong Suh drags down David Blough for sack vs. former team
2019-12-15 Big-man INT! Dean Lowry hauls in Trubisky pass after juggle
2019-12-15 Dion Lewis' first TD of 2019 comes in key spot for Titans
2019-12-15 J.C. Jackson is in perfect spot to make INT off Eifert
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Dallas Goedert makes UNREAL one-handed grab
2019-12-15 Buck Allen channels Bo Jackson celebrating physical 19-yard trot up the tunnel
2019-12-15 Dustin Hopkins gives team lead with 43-yard FG attempt
2019-12-15 Charles Omenihu seals win for Texans with sack of Ryan Tannehill
2019-12-15 Hat-trick TD! Perriman sprints by Lions CB for third score
2019-12-15 Buck Allen busts out dance moves after 1-yard rushing TD
2019-12-15 DeVante Parker snags his second TD of day on 29-yard jump ball
2019-12-15 Greg Ward beats Josh Norman for CLUTCH TD grab
2019-12-15 Tyrell Williams high-steps in on 40-yard TD after shrugging off Jags defender
2019-12-15 Kyler Murray shows arm strength on 16-yard dart to Larry Fitzgerald
2019-12-15 Charles Woodson lights the final torch at the Coliseum
2019-12-15 Packers hold off Bears on desperation fourth-down pass
2019-12-15 Patriots vs. Bengals highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Trubisky squeaks off-platform dart to Robinson for big third-down pickup
2019-12-15 Kyler Murray threads needle to Larry Fitzgerald for 16-yard grab over middle
2019-12-15 Scoop-and-score TD at the buzzer! Nigel Bradham is on the dot for Eagles
2019-12-15 Murray flips ball to Drake on speed option to cap Cards' opening drive with TD
2019-12-15 Broncos vs. Chiefs highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Texans vs. Titans highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Cousins floats it up to Irv Smith for impressive TD catch
2019-12-15 Devin White scoops Ty Johnson's fumble to seal game for Bucs
2019-12-15 Panthers vs. Seahawks highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Keelan Cole breaks loose for 55-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Mike Williams reaches upstairs for leaping first-down grab
2019-12-15 Philip Rivers makes it rain to Mike Williams for 39 yards
2019-12-15 Derek Carr lofts beautiful rainbow pass to Darren Waller for 36 yards
2019-12-15 Eli Manning receives standing ovation as he celebrates win over Dolphins
2019-12-15 Buccaneers vs. Lions highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Patrick Peterson gets major air for fingertip INT in the end zone
2019-12-15 Cousins threads needle to Diggs on 19-yard dart over middle
2019-12-15 Dolphins vs. Giants highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Brandin Cooks toe-taps for smooth first-down grab
2019-12-15 Christian Kirk roams globe on 28-yard end-around
2019-12-15 Vic Beasley SWALLOWS Jimmy Garoppolo for sack
2019-12-15 Vikings' D recovers after Gordon loses field-flipping fumble
2019-12-15 Eagles vs. Redskins highlights | Week 15
2019-12-15 Chandler Jones soars to take down Mayfield for huge loss on sack
2019-12-15 Kai Forbath's debut with Cowboys begins with sending opening kickoff out of bounds
2019-12-15 Calais Campbell muscles through Raiders' OL for big TFL
2019-12-15 Allen Robinson becomes first Bears WR to surpass 1,000-yard mark since 2014
2019-12-15 Gruden dials up 'Spider 2 Y Banana' for early third-down pickup
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: King Kyler! Murray uses major turbo on 35-yard scramble
2019-12-15 Rivers lofts it up to Allen for 19 yards
2019-12-15 Kenyan Drake gives ball to young fan after his second TD run
2019-12-15 Rivers throws high-ball for Mike Williams leaping TD snag
2019-12-15 Odell Beckham Jr. lays the hammer down for amazing block
2019-12-15 Mayfield rips sideline dart to OBJ for 17 yards
2019-12-15 Nick Chubb bulldozes defender on 33-yard TD jaunt
2019-12-15 Dak executes scramble drill with 19-yard completion to Amari Cooper
2019-12-15 Adam Thielen's first catch since return from injury goes for 13 yards
2019-12-15 Yannick Ngakoue flies past Kolton Miller for speedy sack
2019-12-15 He's still got it! Jason Witten snags stellar one-handed TD
2019-12-15 Rookie vs. rookie! Kyler Murray tackles Mack Wilson after INT
2019-12-15 Landry's wild third-down throwback to Mayfield does not go as planned
2019-12-15 Raheem Mostert barrels into the end zone for TD
2019-12-15 Josh Jacobs' slick juke sets up first down for Oakland
2019-12-15 Larry Fitzgerald tackles former QB Drew Stanton pregame
2019-12-15 Byrd goes FLYING into Browns secondary for 51-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Fastest tackle of 2019? Yannick Ngakoue meets RB in backfield upon handoff
2019-12-15 Josh Reynolds turns well-executed screen into 28-yard gain
2019-12-15 Julio pirouettes for sensational sideline snag over Niners DB
2019-12-15 Todd Gurley beats Jeff Heath for first receiving TD since Week 7
2019-12-15 Tyler Higbee gashes Cowboys secondary with 26-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Harrison Smith makes Rivers pay with INT
2019-12-15 Toe-drag swag! Julio grabs slick TD near the pylon
2019-12-15 Melvin Ingram sniffs out Vikings' screen for impressive INT
2019-12-15 Tavon Austin burns former team for 59-yard TD after Rams DBs collide
2019-12-15 Diggs comes down with STELLAR one-handed catch
2019-12-15 Best snow moments from Broncos vs. Chiefs | Week 15
2019-12-15 Best Rookie Performance | Week 15
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Big-man TD! Odenigbo rumbles for 56-yard score after strip-sack
2019-12-15 Tony Pollard stampedes down sideline for 25-yard gain
2019-12-15 Brian Hill gashes 49ers D during 16-yard run
2019-12-15 Can't-Miss Play: Air Arnold! Cards TE gets UP for epic TD grab
2019-12-15 Hear the Cowboys' coin-toss call vs. the Rams that led to LAR getting first and second-half kickoffs
2019-12-15 Blake Jarwin moves chains with 20-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Tevin Coleman carves up former team on 37-yard burst
2019-12-15 Younghoe Koo drills 43-yard FG
2019-12-15 Jerry Jones celebrates after Zeke caps Cowboys' 97-yard drive with TD
2019-12-15 Jimmy G slings pinpoint 20-yard pass to George Kittle
2019-12-15 Jimmy Garoppolo connects with George Kittle for 16-yard gain
2019-12-15 Revenge TD in Arizona! Ricky Seals-Jones burns former squad for score
2019-12-15 Baker Mayfield lowers the boom vs. Byron Murphy on third-down scramble
2019-12-15 Cowboys sideline erupts after Sean Lee's key INT before half
2019-12-15 Danielle Hunter recovers third forced-fumble by Vikings' D
2019-12-15 Nick Chubb weaves through Cardinals' D for 29-yard gain
2019-12-15 Keelan Cole hangs onto tough grab after collision
2019-12-15 Wilson buys time for clutch third-and-long dart to Lockett
2019-12-15 Kirk Cousins' bootleg run fools entire Chargers defense
2019-12-15 Vikings block Bolts' punt to set offense up with great field position
2019-12-15 Kyle Allen extends play to hit Curtis Samuel for late TD
2019-12-15 Chris Carson refuses to go down on physical TD run
2019-12-15 George Kittle LEVELS Falcons defender for first down
2019-12-15 Hat-trick TD! Kenyan Drake hammers in third score
2019-12-15 Erin Andrews explains Rams-Cowboys kickoff confusion
2019-12-15 Philip Rivers lobs fourth-down dime to Hunter Henry for 24 yards
2019-12-15 Kai Forbath's first FG with Cowboys is 50-yard MOONSHOT
2019-12-15 Sheldon Day ENGULFS Matt Ryan for sack
2019-12-15 Kliff Kingsbury's challenge for defensive PI pays off with first-and-goal
2019-12-15 Grady Jarrett envelops Raheem Mostert in backfield for TFL
2019-12-15 Kirk Cousins rips dart to Kyle Rudolph in the seam for 22 yards
2019-12-15 Sean Lee continues big day with HUGE third-down sack
2019-12-15 Aaron Donald dominates line of scrimmage for loss of 2 yards
2019-12-15 Jarvis Landry has words for Freddie Kitchens on sideline
2019-12-15 Robbie Gould hits 46-yard FG to give 49ers lead
2019-12-15 Kenyan Drake bursts through Browns' D for his FOURTH TD run
2019-12-15 Kirk Cousins unleashes 46-yard pass to Diggs
2019-12-15 Nick Bosa wraps up Matt Ryan for sack
2019-12-15 Mike Boone muscles in for TD on quick cutback run
2019-12-15 Minshew uncorks laser TD throw to Conley between two defenders
2019-12-15 Fake punt alert! Hekker delivers key fourth-down throw to Thomas
2019-12-15 Gardner Minshew breaks free on scramble to pick up first down
2019-12-15 Vikings' D continue aggressiveness with yet another Chargers' fumble
2019-12-15 'Boys get turnover on downs as Goff's fourth-down throw sails incomplete
2019-12-15 George Kittle turns on jets during 21-yard catch and run
2019-12-15 Mike Boone shows his power with diving TD effort
2019-12-15 De'Vondre Campbell comes up with HUGE fumble recovery
2019-12-15 Kenyan Drake freezes Denzel Ward with wicked juke move
2019-12-15 Derek Carr takes zone read for key first-down pickup
2019-12-15 Mike Hughes picks off Philip Rivers for another Vikings turnover
2019-12-15 What We Learned: Broncos vs. Chiefs | Week 15
2019-12-15 Dak fakes handoff to Zeke then throws to RB for 26 yards
2019-12-15 Kai Forbath drills 42-yard field goal to extend Cowboys' lead
2019-12-15 What We Learned: Texans vs. Titans | Week 15
2019-12-16 Juszczyk recovers after Dwelley jars ball from Barner with big hit
2019-12-16 Kyle Juszczyk caps great sequence with first TD of 2019
2019-12-16 Jourdan Lewis takes down Jared Goff on CB blitz for third-down sack
2019-12-16 Raiders' lead remains at just three points after Carlson's late FG miss
2019-12-16 Tony Pollard breaks free for a 33-yard pickup
2019-12-16 Eli Manning shares moment with his family after win vs. Dolphins
2019-12-16 Ricky Seal-Jones pulls in his second TD of game vs. former team
2019-12-16 Dion Jordan commits key roughing-the-passer penalty to move Jags down field
2019-12-16 Matt Ryan hits Julio Jones in stride for 15-yard gain
2019-12-16 Anthony Harris ends Vikings' outstanding day with an INT
2019-12-16 Falcons' heavy formation sets up Qadree Ollison's strong TD run
2019-12-16 Jaguars deny back-to-back Hail Mary throws to seal win over Raiders
2019-12-16 Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner jokes about how fans can help him recover from ankle injury
2019-12-16 Minshew Magic! Gardner hits Conley for CLUTCH TD
2019-12-16 Every touch from Nick Chubb's 148-yard game | Week 15
2019-12-16 Browns vs. Cardinals highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Robbie Gould misses PAT wide left
2019-12-16 Tap into the End Zone | Week 15
2019-12-16 Road to the Playoffs | Week 15
2019-12-16 Deebo Samuel evades flock of Falcons for 29-yard catch and run
2019-12-16 Jaguars vs. Raiders highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Rams go to Gurley on the ground for TD and two-point conversion
2019-12-16 Robbie Gould makes clutch 43-yard FG
2019-12-16 Vikings vs. Chargers highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Matt Ryan hits Julio Jones over the middle for 25-yard catch and run
2019-12-16 Oakland Raiders players thank fans after last game played in Oakland
2019-12-16 Tony Pollard eclipses 100-yard mark with 44-yard TD
2019-12-16 Goff hits Cooper Kupp on slant for first passing TD of day
2019-12-16 Cowboys pick off Goff's tight-window two-point conversion throw to Cooks
2019-12-16 Every catch from Darren Waller's 122-yard game | Week 15
2019-12-16 Every tackle for loss by the Jags against the Raiders | Week 15
2019-12-16 Every turnover caused by the Vikings' defense vs. LAC | Week 15
2019-12-16 Coach's Call of the Day | Week 15
2019-12-16 Top Five Prime Plays | Week 15
2019-12-16 Can't-Miss Play: Julio Jones STUNS 49ers with last-second TD
2019-12-16 Olamide Zaccheaus scores Falcons TD at buzzer after 49ers' lateral goes awry
2019-12-16 Falcons vs. 49ers highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Officials overturn Austin Hooper's potential game-winning TD grab
2019-12-16 Rams vs. Cowboys highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Ezekiel Elliott's best plays from 2-TD game | Week 15
2019-12-16 Every George Kittle catch from 134-yard game | Week 15
2019-12-16 Every catch from Julio Jones' 134-yard day vs. 49ers | Week 15
2019-12-16 Every TD from Every Game | Week 15
2019-12-16 Diontae Johnson snags stellar toe-tapping grab in heavy traffic
2019-12-16 James Conner's first rush since Week 11 goes for 15 yards
2019-12-16 Can't-Miss Play: Tre'Davious White looks like WR on spectacular sideline INT
2019-12-16 Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray swap jerseys after Week 15 matchup
2019-12-16 Jon Gruden, Derek Carr thank Oakland Raiders fans for support over the years
2019-12-16 Steelers' stratospheric punt travels only 22 yards
2019-12-16 Bills' OL paves the way for Josh Allen's untouched TD run
2019-12-16 Devin Singletary turns sprint-draw into shifty 14-yard pickup
2019-12-16 'Duck' Hodges lets one fly to James Washington for 34-yard gain
2019-12-16 Dales: Davante Adams walks through the crazy 4th down play with only 4 seconds left in the quarter
2019-12-16 Field View: Falcons celebrate Julio Jones' game-winning TD vs. 49ers
2019-12-16 Kenyan Drake's best plays from 4-TD day | Week 15
2019-12-16 Julio Jones describes playcall on his game-winning touchdown vs. 49ers
2019-12-16 Steven Nelson returns tipped Josh Allen interception 33 yards
2019-12-16 Next Gen Stats: How the Russell Wilson-D.K. Metcalf connection is unlike any in NFL
2019-12-16 What We Learned: Rams vs. Cowboys | Week 15
2019-12-16 Bills' D takes advantage of Steelers bad snap and muffed hand off
2019-12-16 Look at NFC playoff picture after Sunday of Week 15
2019-12-16 Carlos Hyde reacts to reaching 1K-yard mark: 'I'm feeling real good'
2019-12-16 Updated look at AFC playoff picture ahead of Bills-Steelers on 'SNF' in Week 15
2019-12-16 New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore on his approach: 'I'm just trying to make them pay each and every play'
2019-12-16 James Conner caps Steelers 69-yard drive to start second half with TD
2019-12-16 James Conner throws nasty juke on way to 17-yard gain
2019-12-16 Mike Hilton recovers Devin Singletary's fumble after RB hit him with sick juke
2019-12-16 Kenyan Drake reacts to four-touchdown performance in Week 15
2019-12-16 Tre'Davious White uses 4.4 speed on second INT
2019-12-16 Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott gets the call from Deion Sanders after Cowboys' crucial win
2019-12-16 T.J. Watt makes impressive shoelace TFL to force fourth down
2019-12-16 John Brown reels in incredibly tough 40-yard pass
2019-12-16 Tyler Kroft gives Bills fourth-quarter lead with 14-yard TD catch
2019-12-16 Trent Murphy gets to Hodges for key third-down sack
2019-12-16 Around The NFL: Week 15 Recap
2019-12-16 James Washington hauls in huge third-down conversion to keep late drive alive
2019-12-16 Big Ben refuses to shave until he can throw again
2019-12-16 Jordan Poyer secures Bills' critical third INT vs. 'Duck' Hodges
2019-12-16 Track all 39.6 points from Kenyan Drake in Week 15
2019-12-16 Levi Wallace and Bills seal game with fourth interception
2019-12-16 Bills vs. Steelers highlights | Week 15
2019-12-16 Updated look at AFC playoff picture after Week 15 'SNF'
2019-12-16 Best defensive plays by Bills in prime time | Week 15
2019-12-16 Sunday's top fantasy QBs | Week 15
2019-12-16 Deion Sanders: Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots in Week 16 is 'gonna be a good one'
2019-12-16 NFL Network's Deion Sanders reflects on Green Packers' 2019 success
2019-12-16 Sean McDermott: 'I'm humbled' by Bills' success
2019-12-16 Best of Postgame Sound | Week 15
2019-12-16 What We Learned: Bills vs. Steelers | Week 15
2019-12-16 Ian Rapoport: T.Y. Hilton is 'trending in the right direction' for a comeback
2019-12-16 Ian Rapoport: Saints defense 'decimated' after Sheldon Rankins, Marcus Davenport injuries
2019-12-16 Ian Rapoport: Dalvin Cook's status 'uncertain' going forward
2019-12-16 SBLIII Experience Sizzle
2019-12-16 Jane Slater: Why Week 15 was a 'signature game' for Sean Lee
2019-12-16 Jarvis Landry explains sideline exchange with Freddie Kitchens
2019-12-16 Peter Schrager: 'This is a different Vikings team' in 2019
2019-12-16 Mike Giardi: N'Keal Harry is finding his groove with Pats
2019-12-16 DeAndre Hopkins: Teams should know I'm getting the ball in the fourth quarter
2019-12-16 Flashback to 2017: Peter Schrager predicts Greg Ward's NFL success
2019-12-16 7 things that made Week 15 awesome 
2019-12-16 Zach Ertz: Philly fans are 'going to bring it' for Cowboys-Eagles in Week 16
2019-12-16 Marc Ross: Week 15 seemingly a 'storybook ending' for Eli Manning
2019-12-16 Pat Shurmur gives Eli Manning game ball after what could be Eli's final home win 
2019-12-16 Nate Burleson: Dalvin Cook's health will be vital to Vikes down the stretch
2019-12-16 Kyle Brandt: Two outcomes I could see from Texans in playoffs
2019-12-16 Hundreds of Buffalo fans greet Bills at airport after win vs. Steelers
2019-12-16 Andy Reid hypes up Chiefs in postgame locker room speech
2019-12-16 Kliff Kingsbury hands out game balls after beating the Browns
2019-12-16 Gardner Minshew in postgame speech: Our season isn't over until we say it is
2019-12-16 Mike Zimmer praises Minnesota Vikings for forcing turnovers in his postgame speech
2019-12-16 Bill O'Brien congratulates the Houston Texans on road win in postgame speech
2019-12-16 Peter Schrager: Bills defense had me 'jumping out of my seat' vs. Steelers
2019-12-16 Bill Belichick: Bengals 'certainly gave us some problems' in Week 15
2019-12-16 Travis Kelce shouts out K.C. fans for braving the snow 
2019-12-16 Tom Pelissero: There's a chance J.J. Watt could return from injured reserve for playoffs
2019-12-16 Michael Silver narrates the history of the Raiders in Oakland
2019-12-16 Von Miller: 'I'm lost for words' to sum up state of Broncos
2019-12-16 Chris Carson discusses season-high 133-yard game vs. Panthers
2019-12-16 Peter Schrager weighs in on Jarvis Landry's sideline exchange with Freddie Kitchens
2019-12-16 True View: Go inside Julio Jones' helmet for game-winning TD vs. 49ers
2019-12-16 Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely by NFL 
2019-12-16 Terrell Suggs claimed off waivers by Chiefs
2019-12-16 Steve Wyche: Why Ron Rivera would be a perfect head coach for Browns
2019-12-16 Kim Jones: Cowboys players said Jason Garrett had his best pregame speech ever vs. Rams
2019-12-16 Move the Sticks: 10 Takeaways from Week 15
2019-12-16 Andrew Siciliano: Crazy playoff-clinching scenarios that could still happen
2019-12-16 Who were the fantasy winners of Week 15? | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-16 'MNF' stat projections for Colts-Saints | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-16 Fantasy playoff waiver wire targets for Week 16 | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-17 Was there too much Julio Jones in Falcons' win over 49ers? | Baldy's Breakdowns
2019-12-17 Kurt Warner predicts who will get NFC's top two playoff seeds
2019-12-17 David Carr predicts final NFC playoff picture
2019-12-17 True View: New angles of top plays from Seahawks vs. Panthers | Week 15
2019-12-17 True View: New angles of top plays from Falcons vs. 49ers | Week 15
2019-12-17 True View: New angles of top plays from Texans vs. Titans | Week 15
2019-12-17 NFL All-Time Team: Randy Moss is revealed as first wide receiver
2019-12-17 True View: new angles of Lamar Jackson's best plays | Week 15
2019-12-17 True View: New angles of top plays from Eagles vs. Redskins | Week 15
2019-12-17 True View: New angles of top plays | Week 15
2019-12-17 Marcus Johnson contorts his body for insane 20-yard grab
2019-12-17 Dwayne Washington bull rushes off edge to block Colts punt
2019-12-17 He's back! Dontrelle Inman's first catch in Colts reunion goes for 22 yards
2019-12-17 Fantasy Waiver Wire Week 16
2019-12-17 Michael Thomas creates separation for 23-yard catch and run
2019-12-17 Drew Brees slings 15-yard TD pass to Michael Thomas with ease
2019-12-17 Four Colts needed to corral Jared Cook on 18-yard grab
2019-12-17 Can't-Miss Play: Michael Thomas' one-handed catch is too smooth
2019-12-17 Drew Brees ties Peyton Manning's all-time pass TD record on 21-yard strike to Smith
2019-12-17 Drew Brees lobs 20-yard, flat-footed DIME to Jared Cook
2019-12-17 Offensive PI negates Drew Brees' potential historic TD pass
2019-12-17 Michael Thomas becomes WR with most 10+ catch games in single season
2019-12-17 Drew Brees sets record for all-time passing touchdowns with No. 540
2019-12-17 Can't-Miss Play: No. 541! Brees adds to TD record with 28-yard strike to Hill
2019-12-17 Jacoby Brissett drives strike across the middle to Marcus Johnson
2019-12-17 Colts get on the board with Wilkins' fourth-quarter TD run
2019-12-17 Colts vs. Saints highlights | Week 15
2019-12-17 Every Michael Thomas catch in prime time vs. Colts | Week 15
2019-12-17 Drew Brees' best throws from record-breaking game vs. Colts | Week 15
2019-12-17 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson's best defensive plays | Week 15
2019-12-17 Sean Payton reacts to Drew Brees' record touchdown pass
2019-12-17 Cam Jordan upset Saints didn't complete shutout vs. Colts
2019-12-17 Drew Brees: Breaking Manning's record was an 'incredible moment'
2019-12-17 Top 15 Plays | Week 15
2019-12-17 Every Team's Best Play | Week 15
2019-12-17 Field view: Superdome goes wild for Drew Brees' record 540th TD
2019-12-17 Updated NFC playoff picture ahead of Week 16
2019-12-17 What We Learned: Colts vs. Saints | Week 15
2019-12-17 Kay Adams: New Orleans Saints are 'going to the Super Bowl'
2019-12-17 Kyle Brandt's Week 16 Power Rankings
2019-12-17 Nate Burleson breaks down top toe-drag swag catches of Week 15
2019-12-17 Kyle Brandt: The 'insane' Drew Brees stat line no one is talking about
2019-12-17 Kay Adams' Week 16 fantasy waiver wire targets
2019-12-17 Former NFL executive Scott Pioli shares his 2001 NFL draft evaluation of Drew Brees
2019-12-17 Peter Schrager: How the Minnesota Vikings can secure No. 1 seed in NFC playoffs
2019-12-17 'Good Morning Football' evaluates the current NFC playoff picture
2019-12-17 Power Rankings | Week 16
2019-12-17 Tom Pelissero: Terrell Suggs expected to join Chiefs by Tuesday evening
2019-12-17 Mike Garafolo: Josh Norman hasn't asked for release from Washington Redskins
2019-12-17 Matt Ryan discusses Dan Quinn's future as Falcons head coach
2019-12-17 Mike Giardi: 'It's clear' that Tom Brady's elbow isn't quite right
2019-12-17 Top 15 Fantasy Plays | Week 15
2019-12-17 Top 5 Fastest Players of Week 15
2019-12-17 Dan Hanzus: Why Chiefs are No. 5 in Week 16 Power Rankings
2019-12-17 Dan Hanzus: Why Steelers are still No. 12 in Week 16 Power Rankings
2019-12-17 Dan Hanzus: Why the Cowboys moved up three spots in Week 16 Power Rankings
2019-12-17 MJ Acosta: Richard Sherman expected to play vs. the Rams
2019-12-17 Top Play Tuesday | Week 15
2019-12-17 Top Connections | Week 15
2019-12-17 Surprising Yards After Catch | Week 15
2019-12-17 Marc Ross: Chiefs are top threat to Ravens in AFC
2019-12-17 Davon Godchaux explains what Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination means to him
2019-12-17 Matt Ryan surprises Arik Gilbert with Gatorade National Player of the Year award
2019-12-17 PFF's Top 5 highest-graded rookies | Week 15
2019-12-17 Pro Football Focus' 90 Club: Highest-graded players | Week 15
2019-12-17 Which wide receivers would make All-Time fantasy team? | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-17 Nate Boyer explores social issues facing NFL cities in a new season of Indivisible, premiering January 6
2019-12-17 Michael Fabiano ranks Top 5 fantasy defenses for Week 16 | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-17 Deion Sanders: Cowboys can beat 'anybody and everybody' in NFL
2019-12-18 Matt Patricia to return as Lions head coach in 2020
2019-12-18 Playoff-clinching scenarios for Browns, Raiders and Rams
2019-12-18 Michael Vick and Terrell Davis preview players who could make 2020 Pro Bowl
2019-12-18 Lindsay Rhodes: Only one team is historically comparable to the 2019 Seahawks
2019-12-18 Lindsay Rhodes: How T.J. Watt is making Steelers history 
2019-12-18 Michael Vick, Pro Bowl captains debate which conference has better QBs
2019-12-18 Every 2020 Pro Bowl starter's best play of the season
2019-12-18 Darrell Green shouts out Jalen Ramsey for Pro Bowl selection
2019-12-18 NFL playoff picture breakdown entering Week 16
2019-12-18 Cardinals vs. Seahawks preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Ravens vs. Browns preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Bills vs. Patriots preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Panthers vs. Colts preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Bengals vs. Dolphins preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Lions vs. Broncos preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Michael Vick explains why he's 'excited' about this position group in 2020 Pro Bowl
2019-12-18 Raiders vs. Chargers preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Jaguars vs. Falcons preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Derrick Henry reacts to first career Pro Bowl selection
2019-12-18 Saints vs. Titans preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Texans vs. Buccaneers preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Giants vs. Redskins preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Rams vs. 49ers preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Steelers vs. Jets preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Packers vs. Vikings preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Chiefs vs. Bears preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Cowboys vs. Eagles preview | Week 16
2019-12-18 Bosa brothers react to both being named to 2020 Pro Bowl
2019-12-18 'Good Morning Football' reviews the 2020 Pro Bowl selections
2019-12-18 Peter Schrager: How Bills head coach Sean McDermott prepares his team for big matchups
2019-12-18 Peter Schrager breaks down the coolest plays from Week 15
2019-12-18 Peter Schrager: Jimmy Garoppolo will 'make a name for himself' in next few weeks
2019-12-18 Jameis Winston on facing the Texans: We have to play our best football
2019-12-18 Good Morning Football's Week 16 fantasy preview
2019-12-18 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee Nick Sundberg explains why he gives back
2019-12-18 Dan Hanzus: Why 49ers are No. 4 in Week 16 Power Rankings this week
2019-12-18 Drew Brees’ streak of 22 consecutive pass completions had .0048% chance of happening
2019-12-18 Josh Allen on what the Jaguars are looking to prove in final two weeks
2019-12-18 Game Theory: How 49ers' title chances differ as division winner vs. wild card team
2019-12-18 Doug Pederson talks magnitude of Week 16 game vs. Cowboys
2019-12-18 Mike Garafolo: Carson Wentz calling game vs. Cowboys the biggest of his career
2019-12-18 Game Theory: Week 16 win probabilities, score projections
2019-12-18 Where would Bills land in Power Rankings if they beat the Patriots?
2019-12-18 NFL Playbook: Key factors in Cowboys-Eagles Week 16 clash
2019-12-18 'GMFB' hosts select dream Super Bowl LIV matchups
2019-12-18 Uchenna Nwosu wants to 'inspire' the youth with Walter Payton Man of the Year nomination
2019-12-18 Ian Rapoport: Lions ownership has put Matt Patricia on the 'hot seat' in 2020
2019-12-18 Emmitt Smith: Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin 'gotta' make NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-18 Kurt Warner predicts key factors in Bills-Patriots in Week 16
2019-12-18 What will Terrell Suggs' role be on Chiefs' defense?
2019-12-18 Kurt Warner's game pick for Texans-Bucs in Week 16
2019-12-18 Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones takes over in fourth quarter against the San Francisco 49ers
2019-12-18 Ian Rapoport forecasts Odell Beckham Jr.'s future in Cleveland
2019-12-18 Game Theory: Every team's chance to make playoffs as of Week 16
2019-12-18 Michael Fabiano's fantasy starts and sits for Week 16
2019-12-18 Cynthia Frelund's 10 most favorable Flex matchups | Week 16
2019-12-18 DDFP: Week 16 Red Challenge Flag Picks and where does Drew Brees rank all-time? 
2019-12-18 Best of Mic'd Up | Week 15
2019-12-18 Best Week 16 fantasy streamers | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-18 Stat projections for Rams-49ers in Week 16 | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-19 FedEx Air and Ground Winners | Week 15
2019-12-19 A classic aerial shootout | Bills vs. Patriots, 1994 Week 2
2019-12-19 Kurt Warner's Top 5 quarterbacks of Week 15
2019-12-19 Mic'd Up: Aaron Jones wants to make the Bears quit | Week 15
2019-12-19 Jane Slater gives injury update on Dak Prescott's shoulder 
2019-12-19 Mic’d Up: Chiefs have SNOW much fun in their win over the Broncos | Week 15
2019-12-19 Brett Favre's first game against the Packers | Packers vs. Vikings, 2009 Week 4
2019-12-19 Kurt Warner: Potential injury to Dak's throwing shoulder is 'concerning'
2019-12-19 Kurt Warner's differentiating factor between Packers and Vikings
2019-12-19 Ian Rapoport explains the factors that led to Jaguars firing Tom Coughlin
2019-12-19 James Jones predicts final AFC playoff picture
2019-12-19 Mic'd Up: Cowboys react to much-needed win over Rams | Week 15
2019-12-19 Mic'd Up: Lamar Jackson breaks Michael Vick's single-season QB rushing record | Week 15
2019-12-19 Willie McGinest projects final NFC playoff seeds before Week 16
2019-12-19 Week 16 Power Rankings featuring Matt "Money" Smith, Dan Hanzus and Cynthia Frelund
2019-12-19 Which player will rise to superstar status in Week 16?
2019-12-19 Mike Rob: How A.J. Brown can ruin the Saints' 'top seed dreams'
2019-12-19 Odell Beckham Jr. on leaving Cleveland: 'I'm not going anywhere'
2019-12-19 Patrick Mahomes on Terrell Suggs: He will help us out 'tremendously'
2019-12-19 Kyle Brandt: Bills can make history in Week 16 by beating the Pats
2019-12-19 Kay Adams' Week 16 fantasy sleepers
2019-12-19 Bills vs. Patriots: Whose defense will have a bigger impact?
2019-12-19 Lamar Jackson explains why the 2020 Pro Bowl isn't on his mind
2019-12-19 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee D.J. Reader explains what inspires him to give back
2019-12-19 Five-time Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee Lorenzo Alexander: Giving back brings 'joy to my heart'
2019-12-19 Panthers officially announce Will Grier will start vs. Colts
2019-12-19 Ian Rapoport: Why Dak Prescott is getting another rest day for shoulder injury
2019-12-19 Ian Rapoport: Dalvin Cook expected to come back if Vikings make playoffs
2019-12-19 Doug Marrone on Tom Coughlin firing: 'It's a tough situation'
2019-12-19 Game Theory: Projected 2020 draft order ahead of Week 16
2019-12-19 Raheem Mostert explains why his surfing TD celebration makes him feel like a kid again
2019-12-19 Super Bowl LI: Tom Brady highlights
2019-12-19 Gregg Rosenthal's game pick for Bills-Patriots 
2019-12-19 Gregg Rosenthal's game pick for Rams-49ers Week 16
2019-12-19 Gregg Rosenthal's game pick for Saints-Titans Week 16
2019-12-19 Game Theory: Three key stats that will determine Saturday's winners
2019-12-19 Around The NFL: Week 16 Preview
2019-12-19 NFL 100 Minute: Oakland Raiders
2019-12-19 NFL 100 in 100: Playmakers
2019-12-19 Projections for most common players in fantasy championships | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-20 Mic'd Up: Bills celebrate playoff berth | Week 15
2019-12-20 Countdown to Kickoff: Everything it takes to make a Packers game happen in Lambeau
2019-12-20 Travis Frederick: 'It's a honor' to be Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee
2019-12-20 James Jones makes his Super Bowl LIV prediction
2019-12-20 'GMFB' previews the slate of Week 16 matchups
2019-12-20 Who has a chance to shine in Week 16?
2019-12-20 Garafolo: Minshew will 'make a statement' in Week 16
2019-12-20 Kay Adams: The exclusive stat club Aaron Jones could join in Week 16
2019-12-20 Matt Cassel reveals the key for Vikings to get into playoffs
2019-12-20 Charley Casserly's keys to a Patriots win over the Bills in Week 16
2019-12-20 Casserly's keys to a Buffalo Bills win over the Patriots in Week 16
2019-12-20 Game Theory: Next Gen Stats numbers for Rams-49ers
2019-12-20 Game Theory: Projecting Tom Brady's stats vs. Buffalo
2019-12-20 Pro Football Focus: Matchups to watch in Week 16
2019-12-20 S2 E5 - Nicole Lynn: Agent of Change
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Jerry Rice
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Randy Moss
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Lance Alworth
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Paul Warfield
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Don Shula
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Elroy Hirsch
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Don Hutson
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Raymond Berry
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Larry Fitzgerald
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Steve Largent
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Marvin Harrison
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Bill Walsh
2019-12-21 Judy Battista explains why she thinks Terrell Owens didn't make NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-21 Steve Largent explains how Jerry Rice ended up with jersey No. 80 on Seahawks
2019-12-21 Mike Shula reacts to his dad Don making the All-Time Team
2019-12-21 Judy Battista explains why Larry Fitzgerald was the only active WR to make the NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-21 Jerry Rice responds to Steve Largent's account of how he ended up wearing No. 80 in Seattle
2019-12-21 Deion Sanders describes what it was like to cover Randy Moss
2019-12-21 Rapoport: Garrett needs to make NFC title game or further to keep his job
2019-12-21 Rapoport: Bucs plan to bring Jameis Winston back for 2020
2019-12-21 Mike Evans, Kyle Van Noy and Richard Sherman share how they give back
2019-12-21 Winston's first pass goes for a Texans pick-six
2019-12-21 Winston throws his second INT in the first quarter
2019-12-21 Ronald Jones shows off jab step move for 49-yard gain
2019-12-21 Texans block FG for second straight week
2019-12-21 Texans execute fake FG for perfect punt
2019-12-21 Breshard Perriman Mosses defender on 27-yard snag
2019-12-21 Matt Gay nails 50-yard FG to put Bucs on board
2019-12-21 Lavonte David forces fumble on perfect tackle, Devin White recovers
2019-12-21 Deshaun Watson pump fakes, pirouettes to convert third down
2019-12-21 Jonthan Joseph jumps Winston's errant throw for INT
2019-12-21 Peyton Barber coughs up costly fumble
2019-12-21 Carlos Hyde pinballs his way in for 1-yard TD
2019-12-21 Jameis drops absolute dime to Howard for 18 yards
2019-12-21 Jason Pierre-Paul bullrushes Texans RT to sack Deshaun Watson
2019-12-21 Former basketball player Codey McElroy boxes out DB for crazy first career catch
2019-12-21 RoJo uses hard cut to cap Bucs' quick drive with TD
2019-12-21 Jamel Dean picks off deep Deshaun Watson pass, returns to Texans territory
2019-12-21 Winston threads needle to Justin Watson through AIRTIGHT coverage for TD
2019-12-21 Watson somehow stays upright long enough to convert fourth down
2019-12-21 Deshaun Watson converts third-and-15 with 19-yard scramble
2019-12-21 Jameis shows elusiveness on third-and-13 scramble to convert
2019-12-21 Jameis Winston passes Dan Marino with second most pass yards through first five seasons in NFL history
2019-12-21 Jason Pierre-Paul swarms Watson, snags second sack of game
2019-12-21 Perriman pinballs off defender for 19-yard gain
2019-12-21 Air Carter! Watson dials long distance to DeAndre Carter for 39 yards
2019-12-21 Revenge tackle! Hargreaves makes huge TFL vs. former team
2019-12-21 Hat-trick sack! Jason Pierre-Paul gets sack No. 3 on Watson
2019-12-21 Jahleel Addae jumps Jameis Winston's throw for Texans' FOURTH INT
2019-12-21 Breshad Perriman twists for sensational sideline snag
2019-12-21 Texans vs. Buccaneers highlights | Week 16
2019-12-21 Can't-Miss Play: Poyer punch! Bills get major runback after early forced fumble
2019-12-21 Brady floats back-shoulder TD to LaCosse to cap Pats' 11-play drive
2019-12-21 Punt of the year? Bills may have it after pinning Pats at 1-yard line
2019-12-21 Julian Edelman's slick route nets big pickup on third down
2019-12-21 Tom Brady's lead block springs N'Keal Harry's 18-yard run
2019-12-21 Sony Michel surges forward for tough fourth-down pickup
2019-12-21 Kevin Johnson's tackle FLIPS N'Keal Harry short of marker on fourth down
2019-12-21 Can't-Miss Play: 320-pound OT Dion Dawkins beats buzzer with TD
2019-12-21 Josh Allen drops 33-yard DIME in the bucket to Dawson Knox
2019-12-21 Josh Allen rips sidearm dart to Beasley for 28-yard catch and run
2019-12-21 Rex Burkhead turns Tom Brady's lob into big 31-yard gain
2019-12-21 Nick Folk drills 51-yard MOONSHOT field goal
2019-12-21 Can't-Miss Play: John Brown smokes Pats' secondary for 53-YARD TD
2019-12-21 Sony Michel slips would-be tackle for quick 25-yard pickup
2019-12-22 NFL GameDay View: Cynthia Frelund and Gregg Rosenthal's Week 16 Game Previews and Picks!
2019-12-22 Ed Oliver chases down Tom Brady short of goal line on third-down scramble
2019-12-22 Edelman spins away from contact for big 30-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Rex Burkhead BOWLS over Bills defenders for strong TD
2019-12-22 Edelman channels Gronk with supersonic spike after two-point conversion
2019-12-22 Josh Allen's INSANE second effort on QB sneak picks up key fourth down
2019-12-22 Josh Allen uncorks cross-body laser to Cole Beasley for 25 yards
2019-12-22 Pats swarm Josh Allen for critical third-down sack
2019-12-22 Pats deny Josh Allen's fourth-down heave to force turnover on downs
2019-12-22 Bills vs. Patriots highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Bill Belichick addresses team after clinching AFC East
2019-12-22 Best plays from Patriots RBs vs. Bills | Week 16
2019-12-22 Reynolds turns Goff's rollout throw into 24-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Cooks high-points Goff's cross-body throw over 6-foot-3 CB for TD
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Richie James reverses field for ELECTRIC 81-yard kick return
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Jalen Ramsey gets MAJOR air for first INT with Rams
2019-12-22 Todd Gurley's move leaves Richard Sherman in the dirt on TD run
2019-12-22 Watch Deebo go! Samuel turns handoff into 19-yard TD sprint
2019-12-22 Niners hit Rams with back-to-back screens for 42 yards
2019-12-22 Todd Gurley caps Rams' 11-play drive with physical TD run
2019-12-22 Niners' OL opens up huge lane for Mostert's untouched TD
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: You've been Warner'd! LB nabs first pick-six
2019-12-22 Rams corral hot potato INT for early second-half turnover
2019-12-22 Zuerlein's 52-yard FG try is no good after hooking left
2019-12-22 Morgan Fox hammers Jimmy G on thunderous third-down sack
2019-12-22 Kupp turns Goff's third-down strike into 22-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-22 Goff drops downfield DIME in the bucket to Woods
2019-12-22 Aaron Donald, Dante Fowler notch consecutive sacks of Jimmy G
2019-12-22 George Kittle is left wide open for 36-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Jimmy G buys time for third-down TD laser to George Kittle
2019-12-22 Goff lobs pinpoint floater to Higbee for big gain
2019-12-22 Greg the leg! Zuerlein ties game with late 52-yard FG
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Emmanuel Sanders hauls in CLUTCH 46-yard bomb
2019-12-22 Jimmy G withstands heavy rush for third-and-long dart to Bourne
2019-12-22 Walk-off win! Robbie Gould has ICE in veins for game-winning FG
2019-12-22 Jimmy Garoppolo reacts to 49ers' thrilling win over the Rams
2019-12-22 Updated look at NFC playoff picture after Saturday triple-header
2019-12-22 Willie McGinest: One thing Niners need 'to be careful of' vs. Seahawks
2019-12-22 Sean McVay after loss to 49ers: 'These scars are gonna make us better'
2019-12-22 Fred Warner explains how his pick-six came together
2019-12-22 LaDainian Tomlinson: Rams had an 'identity problem' in 2019
2019-12-22 Deshaun Watson reacts to clinching AFC South with win over Bucs
2019-12-22 Rams vs. 49ers highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Jalen Ramsey explains what happened on Emmanuel Sanders' big catch
2019-12-22 Tom Brady discusses AFC East title with Peter Schrager
2019-12-22 Passing it Forward: Emmitt Smith and his son E.J.
2019-12-22 'NFL GameDay Morning' crew picks X-factors in Cowboys-Eagles
2019-12-22 Ian Rapoport: There's a good chance Dave Caldwell and Doug Marrone come back for 2020 for Jaguars
2019-12-22 Kimberly Jones interviews Freddie Kitchens before Ravens-Browns
2019-12-22 Ezekiel Elliott sits down with Michael Irvin to talk about the pressure on the Cowboys
2019-12-22 Ian Rapoport breaks down actives and inactives for Week 16
2019-12-22 'NFL GameDay Morning': Bold predictions for Week 16
2019-12-22 Michael Irvin reacts to the 10 receivers picked for the All-Time Team
2019-12-22 Jane Slater gives a status update for Dak Prescott's hand injury the morning before Cowboys-Eagles
2019-12-22 The Scottish Hammer arrives in a kilt to Ravens-Browns
2019-12-22 Mike Garafolo: Terrell Suggs 'set the tone' at Chiefs practice this week
2019-12-22 Le'Veon Bell arrives for Steelers-Jets in Black and Yellow
2019-12-22 Le'Veon Bell's first two snaps vs. former team net a first down
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones caps opening drive with perfect hole-shot TD to Shepard
2019-12-22 Nyheim Hines breaks free on 40-yard punt return
2019-12-22 Devonta Freeman turns quick pitch into untouched opening-drive TD
2019-12-22 A.J. Klein brings down Ryan Tannehill for third-down sack on opening drive
2019-12-22 Fitzpatrick finds Allen Hurns down the sideline for 27-yard gain
2019-12-22 Jacoby Brissett catches his own deflected pass
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Robby Anderson climbs ladder for epic TD grab
2019-12-22 Mark Ingram hits another gear for 27-yard burst
2019-12-22 Jacoby Brissett gets Colts on board with fourth-down QB sneak TD
2019-12-22 Big-man TD! Christian Wilkins hauls in first career score
2019-12-22 Jonnu Smith weaves through Saints' D for 41-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-22 Brian Hill recovers Jags fumble on kickoff
2019-12-22 Saquon Barkley slices through Redskins' D for quick 32 yards
2019-12-22 Dwayne Haskins buys time for 10-yard TD dart to Steven Sims
2019-12-22 Matt Ryan rips pass to Devonta Freeman for RB's second TD
2019-12-22 Browns D forces early turnover on downs
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Colts' longest punt return since 2007 is electric 80-yard TD
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Saquon Barkley's uses FILTHY dead-leg move for 67-yard TD
2019-12-22 Deonte Harris looks like lightning on 41-yard kick return
2019-12-22 Fitzpatrick uncorks blazing fastball throw to Parker for third-down pickup
2019-12-22 Derick Roberson sneaks up on Brees for HUGE third-down sack
2019-12-22 Julio Jones makes contested grab for 24 yards
2019-12-22 Dwayne Haskins leads the way for Steven Sims' speedy 14-yard gain
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Flea-flicker alert! Parker goes over 1K receiving yards on 51-yard bomb
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: A.J. Brown explodes for 49-yard rushing TD
2019-12-22 Will Grier finds Greg Olsen up the seam for 28-yard gain
2019-12-22 Porter Gustin recovers Ravens' fumbled exchange for key turnover
2019-12-22 Julio Jones reaches up for first-down grab
2019-12-22 Dwayne Haskins caps perfect drive with TD floater to Hale Hentges
2019-12-22 Justin Houston drops Will Grier on fourth down for sack No. 10 in 2019
2019-12-22 Haskins throws a laser to Terry McLaurin for 34 yards
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas brings down 19-yard catch
2019-12-22 Sam Ficken drills 54-YARD field goal
2019-12-22 Kareem Hunt's hurdle attempt thwarted by Marlon Humphrey
2019-12-22 Tre Herndon outmaneuvers Julio Jones for jump-ball INT
2019-12-22 Marcus Maye looks like WR for toe-tapping end-zone INT
2019-12-22 Dalton finds John Ross on the over-the-shoulder grab for 34 yards
2019-12-22 Jurrell Casey hammers Drew Brees for big loss on third-down sack
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones hits wide open Saquon Barkley downfield for 33-yard TD
2019-12-22 Wil Lutz sets new franchise record with most successful field goals in a season
2019-12-22 Will Grier throws on the run to Jarius Wright for 19 yards
2019-12-22 Dolphins STUFF Joe Mixon for loss on third-and-goal
2019-12-22 Demetrius Harris hauls in ridiculous contested TD grab over defender
2019-12-22 Austin Seibert misses PAT wide left
2019-12-22 Leonard Fournette muscles through contact for strong 23-yard run
2019-12-22 Curtis Samuel fights to get open for Will Grier with 12-yard fourth-down reception
2019-12-22 Adrian Peterson resembles freight train on 17-yard rush
2019-12-22 Mason Rudolph withstands pressure for tough third-down completion
2019-12-22 Pierre Desir comes up with TD-saving PBU on third down
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas snags sideline grab for 15 yards
2019-12-22 Jacoby Brissett escapes all-out blitz for 24-yard scramble on third down
2019-12-22 Jacoby Brissett hits Mo Ali-Cox back across field for 21 yards
2019-12-22 Colts' OL paves the way for Marlon Mack's TD run
2019-12-22 Giants' D surround Haskins for third-down sack
2019-12-22 Grover Stewart goes completely untouched through A-gap to sack Will Grier
2019-12-22 Jaylen Samuels turns screen into slippery 27-yard pickup
2019-12-22 Fitzpatrick LASERS the slant to Albert Wilson for 35 yards
2019-12-22 Baker Mayfield slings 12-yard fastball to Jarvis Landry
2019-12-22 Mike Gesicki is wide open for Ryan Fitzpatrick's 31-yard TD strike
2019-12-22 Welcome to the league, rook! Grier tosses first career INT to Anthony Walker
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Now Saints are Cook'n! Brees serves up 61-yard TD to TE
2019-12-22 Golden Tate finds a crease in the Redskins' D for 31-yard catch
2019-12-22 T.J. Watt sneaks up on Sam Darnold for impressive strip-sack
2019-12-22 Lamar Jackson shows pinpoint accuracy on 24-yard dart to Mark Ingram
2019-12-22 Jacoby Brissett steps up to avoid sack with elusive 12-yard scramble
2019-12-22 Jaylon Ferguson sniffs out odd Browns play for big TFL
2019-12-22 Lamar Jackson hits Mark Andrews all alone for 39-yard TD
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones connects with Cody Latimer for 10-yard TD strike
2019-12-22 Diontae Johnson piggybacks on JuJu's shoulders after buzzer-beater TD
2019-12-22 Mark Andrews shows exceptional hops on quick hurdle
2019-12-22 Panthers' D closes the door on Marlon Mack for turnover on downs
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: LaMARVELOUS Jackson lays up absurd TD off one leg
2019-12-22 Ross Travis hauls play-action pass from Brissett for 19 yards
2019-12-22 Randy Bullock booms 57-yard FG for new franchise record
2019-12-22 Dwayne Haskins exits game on cart after early second-half sack
2019-12-22 Freeman makes incredible adjustment on Ryan's back-shoulder throw
2019-12-22 Deonte Harris races down sideline for 37-yard kick return
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Alvin Kamara escapes for his longest TD of 2019
2019-12-22 Lamar Jackson hits the brakes hard, shakes up Browns defense
2019-12-22 Darnold drops it off to Trevon Wesco for 32-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Mark Ingram shimmies after walk-in TD grab
2019-12-22 Will Grier shows off mobility with 11-yard scramble after working through progression
2019-12-22 Jarrod Wilson jumps in front of Jones for Jags' second INT
2019-12-22 DeVante Parker twists for insane 22-yard back-shoulder grab
2019-12-22 Isaiah Ford makes contested grab amid two defenders
2019-12-22 Redskins unveil WILD double reverse pass to Chris Thompson for first down
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: FitzMagic fools cameraman on pump-fake TD
2019-12-22 Case Keenum lobs perfect touch TD to Steven Sims in back of end zone
2019-12-22 Joey Slye drills a 50-yard FG
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas makes 26-yard catch in double coverage
2019-12-22 Julio Jones shakes free for 32-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Saquon is off to the races with 51-yard dash
2019-12-22 Alvin Kamara hammers in his second TD run
2019-12-22 Austin Seibert nails 47-yard FG
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones rips third-down fastball TD to Kaden Smith
2019-12-22 Dalton goes downtown to Boyd on fourth down for stellar 34-yard TD
2019-12-22 Corey Davis is left wide open for 22-yard catch
2019-12-22 Qadree Ollison churns through goal line for TD
2019-12-22 Will Grier shows poise with third-down check down to McCaffrey to move chains
2019-12-22 Tannehill throws laser across the field to Sharpe for 36-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-22 Panthers roll the dice on fake punt for sneaky fourth-down pickup
2019-12-22 Mark Ingram slices through Browns D for 15-yard gain
2019-12-22 Darius Phillips wins 50-50 pass vs. DeVante Parker for jump-ball INT
2019-12-22 Deonte Harris weaves up field for 47-yard kick return
2019-12-22 Gardner Minshew launches 42-yard TD bomb to Chris Conley
2019-12-22 Diontae Johnson shimmies his way to first-down yardage
2019-12-22 Taysom Hill elevates to make 22-yard catch
2019-12-22 Jared Cook beats Kevin Byard for tightly-contested second TD grab
2019-12-22 Fins swarm Andy Dalton for third-down strip sack
2019-12-22 Redskins' come up BIG with field-flipping punt block
2019-12-22 A.P. passes Walter Payton for fourth most rushing TDs in NFL history
2019-12-22 Colts' D stuffs Grier's fourth-down QB sneak for turnover on downs
2019-12-22 Baker Mayfield throws absolute LASER to Jarvis Landry for 33 yards
2019-12-22 Saquon Barkley keeps churning for bruising 20-yard run
2019-12-22 Marlon Mack's medley of moves mixes up Panthers for 30-yard gain
2019-12-22 Mayfield rips frozen rope down the seam to Ricky Seals-Jones for big gain
2019-12-22 Myles Gaskin bulldozes defender for first career TD
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: OBJ beats Marcus Peters for mesmeric over-the-shoulder TD
2019-12-22 Conley displays toe-drag swag on fourth-down sideline grab
2019-12-22 Saints' blitz gets home to drop Tannehill for big loss
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Nyheim Hines high-steps in on second EPIC punt return TD
2019-12-22 Sharpe high-points Tannehill's throw for spectacular TD in back of end zone
2019-12-22 Minshew's fourth-and-goal laser goes through Chark's hands incomplete
2019-12-22 Pierre Desir tracks down Will Grier's overthrown deep ball for Colts' second INT
2019-12-22 Golden Tate wins jump-ball over the middle for huge third-down gain
2019-12-22 Khadarel Hodge puts on tackling clinic vs. De'Anthony Thomas
2019-12-22 Jordan Wilkins puts Colts at the goal-line with a 38-yard burst
2019-12-22 Justice Hill shows 4.4 speed on lightning-quick TD run
2019-12-22 Odell Beckham Jr., Freddie Kitchens exchange words on sideline
2019-12-22 Dalton strikes 8-yard TD pass to C.J. Uzomah
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas ties Marvin Harrison's single-season catch record
2019-12-22 Jordan Wilkins follows up his big run by punching in a 1-yard TD
2019-12-22 Keenum lobs third-down throw to Sims from shadow of his own goal post
2019-12-22 Heel-drag swag! Kareem Hunt makes odd catch for first down
2019-12-22 Saints turn ball over on downs as Taysom's pass bounces off Hardee's facemask
2019-12-22 Baker Mayfield throws into no-man's land for INT
2019-12-22 Jets seal win as Hodges' fourth-down throw sails past JuJu incomplete
2019-12-22 Hale Hentges snags CRAZY third-down catch
2019-12-22 Saints get late turnover after Titans' fumble
2019-12-22 Matty Ice goes way across field to Hooper for 31 yards
2019-12-22 Every catch from Julio Jones' 166-yard day | Week 16
2019-12-22 Jaguars vs. Falcons highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 David Blough delivers 35-yard STRIKE to Kenny Golladay
2019-12-22 Terry McLaurin uses insane hops for airborne third-down grab
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas adds to his NFL record with TD on catch No. 145
2019-12-22 Steelers vs. Jets highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Michael Thomas breaks NFL single-season catch record
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: A.J. Brown's fingertip grab goes for 34 yards
2019-12-22 Hunter Renfrow hits turbo for explosive 56-YARD TD
2019-12-22 Case Keenum caps 99-yard drive with game-tying TD rush
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones delivers clutch third-down strike to Golden Tate
2019-12-22 Jeremiah Attaochu explodes up the middle for sack
2019-12-22 Dalton dissects Dolphins' D on fourth-down TD dart to Boyd
2019-12-22 Diontae Johnson's best plays vs. the Jets | Week 16
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones' Hail Mary attempt falls incomplete to send game to OT
2019-12-22 Ravens vs. Browns highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside gets major air for acrobatic 27-yard grab
2019-12-22 Dalton finds Eifert on two-point conversion making game one score deficit
2019-12-22 Drew Lock slings 20-yard pass to DaeSean Hamilton
2019-12-22 Jacob Hollister pirouettes for outstanding 20-yard grab
2019-12-22 Tyrell Williams cuts across the field for speedy 43-yard gain
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Eifert high-points Dalton's Hail Mary for TD as time expires
2019-12-22 Bengals execute perfect onside kick to get ball back late
2019-12-22 Malik Reed wraps up David Blough for sack
2019-12-22 Andy Dalton takes off for CLUTCH two-point conversion run
2019-12-22 Nick Bellore hauls in Russell Wilson's loft for his first TD of '19
2019-12-22 Walk-off score! Daniel Jones' FIFTH TD wins in in OT for Giants
2019-12-22 Jerry Tillery and Melvin Ingram get through Raiders' O-line to sack Carr
2019-12-22 Panthers vs. Colts highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Alvin Kamara's best plays from 2-TD game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Every Michael Thomas catch from record day | Week 16
2019-12-22 Ryan Tannehill's most incredible passes vs. Saints | Week 16
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Kenyan Drake explodes for blazing-fast 80-YARD TD
2019-12-22 Dallas vs. Dallas! Goedert beats Cowboys for impressive early TD grab
2019-12-22 Miles Sanders shows 4.4 speed on long tightroping catch and run
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Jamal Agnew amazes with winding 64-yard return TD
2019-12-22 Melvin Ingram uses hands to swipe into backfield for sack no. 2
2019-12-22 Giants vs. Redskins highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Nyheim Hines' most impressive returns vs. Panthers | Week 16
2019-12-22 Christian McCaffrey's best plays from 173-yard day | Week 16
2019-12-22 Phillip Lindsay bursts up the middle for 14 yards
2019-12-22 Fitzpatrick puts Fins in red zone with 28-yard strike to Ford
2019-12-22 Drew Lock throws 15-yard fastball to Courtland Sutton
2019-12-22 Daniel Jones' best passes from 5-TD game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Royce Freeman caps Broncos' 9-play drive with strong TD
2019-12-22 Xavier Woods swallows up Sanders on third down
2019-12-22 Michael Thomas thanks fans after record day vs. Titans
2019-12-22 Sanders splits the uprights for game-winning FG as time expires in OT
2019-12-22 Joey Bosa swims past Kolton Miller for Bolts' third sack
2019-12-22 Lamar Jackson greets fans after Week 16 win vs. Browns
2019-12-22 Every Saints sack from monster game vs. Titans | Week 16
2019-12-22 Michael Gallup outmuscles DB for ridiculous 41-yard snag
2019-12-22 Lamar Jackson's most exciting plays vs. Browns | Week 16
2019-12-22 Every catch from Mark Andrews' 2-TD game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Bengals vs. Dolphins highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Austin Ekeler shakes a pair of would-be tacklers on shifty 17-yard catch and run
2019-12-22 Chandler Jones bullrushes through OL for third-down sack
2019-12-22 Every DeVante Parker catch from 111-yard game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Ryan Fitzpatrick's best passes from 4-TD game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Saints vs. Titans highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Melvin Gordon barrels in for goal-line TD run
2019-12-22 Derek Carr ropes a tight-window strike to Tyrell Williams on play action for 20 yards
2019-12-22 Saquon Barkley's best plays from career-high yardage game | Week 16
2019-12-22 Carr uses his wheels for TD scramble in half's waning seconds
2019-12-22 Julio Jones passes Jerry Rice, becomes fastest WR to reach 12,000 career receiving yards
2019-12-22 Dre'Mont Jones closes out the half with sack
2019-12-22 Zach Ertz jogs into locker room early with trainer
2019-12-22 Christian McCaffrey breaks own record for receptions by RB in single season
2019-12-22 Titans move up to AFC's No. 6 seed after Steelers' loss to Jets
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Murray Magic! Kyler delivers insane improv TD
2019-12-22 Diontae Spencer breaks loose for 47-yard return
2019-12-22 Can't-Miss Play: Kyler CATCHES Cards' QB screen throwback on wild play
2019-12-22 Drew Lock fires 16-yard strike to DaeSean Hamilton
2019-12-22  Mike Tomlin explains why he made QB changes vs. Jets
2019-12-22 Darren Waller twists to scoop fingertip grab for 20 yards
2019-12-22 Kliff Kingsbury wins challenge to force fourth down
2019-12-22 Pharoh Cooper is left all alone for slick fourth-down grab
2019-12-22 Bo Scarbrough bursts up middle for 18-yard gain
2019-12-22 Happy Golladays! Kenny uses every inch of 6-foot-4 frame on diving TD
2019-12-22 Hurdle alert! Melvin Gordon takes flight on 10-yard fourth down rush
2019-12-22 Melvin Gordon reaches end zone for second time on 1-yard rushing TD
2019-12-22 Best Rookie Performance | Week 16
2019-12-22 Road to the Playoffs | Week 16
2019-12-22 Miles Sanders plants Jourdan Lewis in the turf with powerful stiff-arm
2019-12-22 What We Learned: Steelers vs. Jets | Week 16
2019-12-22 Kyler Murray leaves game with apparent injury after third-down scramble
2019-12-22 Coach's Call of the Day | Week 16
2019-12-23 Rasheem Green delivers INCREDIBLE FG block in critical spot for 'Hawks
2019-12-23 Jake Elliott misses second field goal attempt on the day
2019-12-23 Lamar Jackson tells Deion Sanders what he wants for Christmas: 'I want a Super Bowl'
2019-12-23 Randall Cobb lays out for clutch fourth-and-long grab
2019-12-23 Darren Waller secures Bolts' failed onside kick attempt
2019-12-23 What We Learned: Saints vs. Titans | Week 16
2019-12-23 Lions vs. Broncos highlights | Week 16
2019-12-23 Broncos D forces turnover on downs following catch review
2019-12-23 Phillip Lindsay's best plays from 109-yard game | Week 16
2019-12-23 Tap into the End Zone | Week 16
2019-12-23 Michael Thomas tells Deion Sanders what it means to him breaking NFL's single-season catch record
2019-12-23 Next Gen Stats: Eagles use two TEs more than any other NFL team
2019-12-23 Myers' FG is good from 51 yards out to make it a one-score game
2019-12-23 Brett Hundley lobs sideline DIME to Maxx Williams for 28 yards
2019-12-23 Fantasy Showdown | Week 16
2019-12-23 Can't-Miss Play: Sidney Jones breaks up Dak's fourth-down throw in end zone
2019-12-23 Brett Hundley looks like Lamar Jackson on elusive scramble
2019-12-23 Raiders vs. Chargers highlights | Week 16
2019-12-23 Kenyan Drake caps Cards' drive with his second TD run
2019-12-23 Chandler Jones downs Russell Wilson on thunderous strip-sack
2019-12-23 Chris Jones denies Wilson's fourth-down throw for turnover on downs
2019-12-23 Miles Sanders ices game with slide after 38-yard run
2019-12-23 Saquon Barkley sets new NFL season-high for scrimmage yards in a game in 2019
2019-12-23 Kenyan Drake ICES win with strong run to cap career game
2019-12-23 Cowboys vs. Eagles highlights | Week 16
2019-12-23 Top 5 Prime Plays | Week 16
2019-12-23 All the NFC East clinching scenarios for Week 17
2019-12-23 Every catch by Dallas Goedert vs. the Cowboys | Week 16
2019-12-23 Miles Sanders' most impressive plays from 156-yard game | Week 16
2019-12-23 Terrell Suggs assists Frank Clark for sack of Trubisky
2019-12-23 Watkins plucks Mahomes pass out of air for third-down conversion
2019-12-23 NFL's Most Interesting Jobs: The Sodfather
2019-12-23 Mahomes caps Chiefs' 15-play drive with his second TD run of 2019
2019-12-23 Harrison Butker drills 56-yard FG
2019-12-23 Mahomes finds Kelce on 6-yard DART for a score
2019-12-23 Tom Brady named to NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-23 What We Learned: Cowboys vs. Eagles | Week 16
2019-12-23 John Harbaugh on Lamar Jackson's 2019 season: 'Not bad for a running back'
2019-12-23 Pete Carroll: Loss to Cardinals was 'really a surprise'
2019-12-23 Doug Pederson discusses Eagles' win over Cowboys
2019-12-23 Jason Garrett reacts to Cowboys' Week 16 loss to Eagles
2019-12-23 David Montgomery bounces it to outside for 16 yards
2019-12-23 Jerry Jones on loss to Eagles: 'Disappointing, to say the least'
2019-12-23 Dwayne Haskins clarifies his injury status via Twitter after Week 16
2019-12-23 Travis Kelce becomes fastest TE to 500 catches in NFL history
2019-12-23 Patrick Mahomes finds Damien Williams for 14-yard TD on third-and-long
2019-12-23 Double-doink, Part II! Collinsworth reacts to Butker's PAT miss
2019-12-23 Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders explains to Deion Sanders what Eagles must do to make playoffs
2019-12-23 Chiefs vs. Bears highlights | Week 16
2019-12-23 Deion Sanders picks his favorite to earn sixth seed in AFC playoffs
2019-12-23 Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes? Deion Sanders picks his QB he wants for the next five years
2019-12-23 TE Greg Olsen on Carolina Panthers' future: I'm not sure what our plan is
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2019-12-23 British Quiz with Jacksonville Jaguars
2019-12-23 Meeting The Queen with the LA Rams
2019-12-23 Who were the fantasy winners of Week 16? | 'NFL Fantasy Live'
2019-12-24 Peter Schrager: Why Julio Jones should've been considered for NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-24 UCLA connection! Barr forces fumble, Kendricks recovers for Vikes
2019-12-24 Za'Darius Smith engulfs Mike Boone in backfield for strong TFL
2019-12-24 A rare sight! Aaron Rodgers' third INT of 2019 goes to Anthony Harris
2019-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Captain Kirk makes it rain on Packers for TD
2019-12-24 Za'Darius Smith smokes LT to drop Kirk Cousins for his 11th sack
2019-12-24 Eric Kendricks secures fumble No. 2 after Harrison Smith jars ball free
2019-12-24 Stefon Diggs' PASS just misses outstretched Kirk Cousins
2019-12-24 Davante Adams shows outstanding balance on sideline tightrope
2019-12-24 Za'Darius Smith beats double team for his second sack
2019-12-24 Odenigbo plants the sword after throwing down Rodgers for big sack
2019-12-24 Diggs finds space in Packers' secondary for huge third-down pickup
2019-12-24 Kevin King rips off massive return after acrobatic INT
2019-12-24 Geronimo Allison secures Packers' two-point pass with sliding grab
2019-12-24 Aaron Jones weaves through Vikings' D for Packers' first TD
2019-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Aaron Jones sprints 56-YARDS for rushing TD No. 16
2019-12-24 Za'Darius Smith loops inside for Packers' FIFTH sack of Kirk Cousins
2019-12-24 Packers secure NFC North crown on Cousins' fourth-down incompletion
2019-12-24 Packers vs. Vikings highlights | Week 16
2019-12-24 Za'Darius Smith's most disruptive plays on 'MNF' | Week 16
2019-12-24 Aaron Jones' best runs from 154-yard night | Week 16
2019-12-24 NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport: How Seattle Seahawks-Marshawn Lynch reunion came together
2019-12-24 DeAngelo Hall: Having RB Marshawn Lynch's presence in locker room will make difference
2019-12-24 Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Za'Darius Smith gets emotional after getting his Christmas wish: A NFC North crown
2019-12-24 Every Team's Best Play | Week 16
2019-12-24 How can running back Marshawn Lynch help Seahawks beat the 49ers?
2019-12-24 Aaron Jones reacts to clinching NFC North
2019-12-24 Preston Smith yells 'You like that!' after Packers win
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2019-12-24 What was Marshawn Lynch's workout program like before signing with Seahawks?
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2019-12-27 Falcons announce Dan Quinn will return in 2020
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2019-12-27 Raiders RB Josh Jacobs not expected to play in Week 17
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2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Tom Brady
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2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Peyton Manning
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Joe Montana
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Sammy Baugh
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Otto Graham
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Johnny Unitas
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Roger Staubach
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Favre, Brady and Belichick marvel at Staubach's moves
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2019-12-28 Joe Montana reacts to Drew Brees not making All-Time Team
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2019-12-28 Fans vote which players should start for NFL All-Time Team
2019-12-29 'NFL GameDay Morning': Bold predictions for Week 17
2019-12-29 Passing it Forward: Devin Bush and Devin Bush Sr. share a special bond through NFL lineage
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2019-12-29 'NFL GameDay Morning': Michael Irvin gets the Lock of the Week trophy for 2019 season
2019-12-29 Adam Thielen's son wears his helmet before Bears-Vikings
2019-12-29 Mike Boone bursts for electric 59-yard return on first play from scrimmage
2019-12-29 Latavius Murray refuses to go down on game's opening 13-yard run
2019-12-29 D'Ernest Johnson rips off 47-yard runback on opening kickoff
2019-12-29 Bears fall on Vikings' mishandled toss for early red-zone turnover
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Mayfield uncorks 46-YARD TD bomb to Ratley in first two minutes
2019-12-29 Alvin Kamara weaves through Panthers' D for untouched TD
2019-12-29 Tarik Cohen gashes Vikings D for 19-yard gain
2019-12-29 Dolphins' fake punt attempt fails for turnover on downs
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: 6-foot-5, 311-pound OL rumbles for 35-yard TD
2019-12-29 Davon Godchaux brings down James White for third-down stop
2019-12-29 Dalton caps the opening drive with a 15-yard TD to Uzomah
2019-12-29 First play fumble: Deion Jones scoops up Buccaneers loose ball
2019-12-29 DeVante Parker toasts Stephon Gilmore for 28 yards
2019-12-29 Mike Boone's bobble turns into tip-drill INT for Bears
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: 'Dola' Dimes! Amendola wows on TD throw to Blough
2019-12-29 Joe Mixon goes over 1K rushing yards in '19 on epic 41-yard dash
2019-12-29 Breshad Perriman adjusts for stellar 37-yard grab
2019-12-29 Mixon it up! RB makes host of defenders miss on elusive 21-yard field reversal
2019-12-29 Joey Bosa's offsides penalty negates INSANE INT return
2019-12-29 Kentrell Brothers and Stephen Weatherly combine for BIG sack
2019-12-29 Kendall Sheffield brings the boom to tackle WR short on third down
2019-12-29 Drew Brees buys seven seconds for third-down toss to Michael Thomas
2019-12-29 Darius Phillips dives for INT to set up Bengals offense with great field position
2019-12-29 Vita Vea engulfs Matt Ryan for massive loss on sack
2019-12-29 Alvin Kamara uses patience to take screen pass 15 yards
2019-12-29 Alvin Kamara tumbles into the end zone for second TD of day
2019-12-29 Rex Burkhead jukes defenders on 14-yard rush
2019-12-29 Alexander Hollins hauls in his first career reception
2019-12-29 Mike Williams overpowers Charvarius Ward for 16-yard grab
2019-12-29 Mike Williams makes mincemeat of Bashaud Breeland for 22 yards
2019-12-29 Rodgers slings it to Adams for 17 yards
2019-12-29 Brian Flores' challenge pays off with offensive PI penalty
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Keenan Allen gets MAJOR air for insane toe-tapping TD grab
2019-12-29 Mike Boone TRUCKS Kyle Fuller during 14-yard run
2019-12-29 Mixon bulldozes through defenders for 3-yard TD run
2019-12-29 Ndamukong Suh stuffs Falcons on fourth-and-1
2019-12-29 Levi Wallace reels in INT after ball deflects off teammate's helmet
2019-12-29 Will Harris charges through for HUGE sack on Rodgers
2019-12-29 Mitchell Trubisky connects with Allen Robinson for 18-yard gain
2019-12-29 Remember me? Former Patriot Eric Rowe gets pick-six vs. Tom Brady
2019-12-29 Jameis Winston goes over 5K passing yards on laser throw to Breshad Perriman
2019-12-29 Bucs' rub routes open up Cameron Brate for fourth-down TD
2019-12-29 Eric Wilson EXPLODES up middle for sack
2019-12-29 Sam Darnold slings perfect pass to Daniel Brown for 25-yard gain
2019-12-29 Saints' D pounces on fumbled handoff to force key turnover
2019-12-29 Le'Veon Bell flashes vintage patience, shiftiness on 12-yard run
2019-12-29 Andy Dalton goes ALL OUT on diving third-down TD scramble
2019-12-29 Eli Manning arrives to the Week 17 matchup vs. Eagles
2019-12-29 Shaquil Barrett breaks Bucs' franchise record for sacks in a season
2019-12-29 Nick Kwiatkoski shoots the gap and STUFFS Mike Boone for safety
2019-12-29 Revenge TD! Saints LB A.J. Klein gets defensive score vs. former team
2019-12-29 Jarvis Landry pirouettes to snag Baker Mayfield's sideline LASER
2019-12-29 The Golladays continue! Kenny G gets open for 42-yard deep catch
2019-12-29 Cam Jordan cleans up Will Grier for sack after Saints' relentless pressure
2019-12-29 Baker Mayfield dials long distance to Odell Beckham Jr. for 36 yards
2019-12-29 Mitchell Trubisky fires 17-yard strike to Javon Wims
2019-12-29 Mecole Hardman holds onto ball for strong 30-yard catch
2019-12-29 Mahomes unloads fastball to Robinson for 24-yard TD
2019-12-29 N'Keal Harry adjusts for impressive sideline grab in tight coverage
2019-12-29 Tom Brady shows off arm strength on 50-yard launch to Phillip Dorsett
2019-12-29 Jared Cook uses double move to haul 23-yard pass from Brees up the seam
2019-12-29 Kerryon Johnson caps Lions' 83-yard drive with physical TD run
2019-12-29 Sony Michel cuts through Dolphins' defense for TD
2019-12-29 Ricardo Allen outmaneuvers WR to intercept Jameis Winston's pass
2019-12-29 Brees tosses TD to Tre'Quan Smith to put Saints up four scores
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Devin White uses 4.4 speed for blazing-fast 91-YARD TD
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: 5-foot-9 Mathieu beats 6-foot-5 WR for end-zone INT
2019-12-29 Mike Boone turns on jets during 41-yard run
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Jarvis Landry bulldozes two Bengals on 56-yard TD
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Jared Cook casually corrals crazy one-handed TD grab
2019-12-29 Rodgers hits Davante Adams in stride for 33-yard reception
2019-12-29 Tre'Quan Smith turns on jets to take Brees' improvisational dump-off 32 yards
2019-12-29 James Burgess reads Matt Barkley's throw for first career INT
2019-12-29 Ty Johnson shocks Packers' D with 40-yard dash to set up FG attempt before half
2019-12-29 Trent Murphy spins down Sam Darnold for key sack before halftime
2019-12-29 Christian McCaffrey gets open for 28-yard catch and run
2019-12-29 Julio Jones spins through Bucs defense for 29-yard gain
2019-12-29 Winston dissects triple coverage on 31-yard strike to Perriman
2019-12-29 Jason Pierre-Paul brings down Matt Ryan for second sack
2019-12-29 David Montgomery goes BEAST MODE, carries four defenders in for TD
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Winston's desperation heave ends in INSANE TD by grab Perriman
2019-12-29 Michael Davis nabs Patrick Mahomes' misfire for early second-half INT
2019-12-29 Jameis Winston weaves through Falcons on two-point scramble
2019-12-29 Melvin Gordon bursts through for goal-line TD
2019-12-29 Dak Prescott warms up ahead of matchup with Redskins
2019-12-29 Fitzpatrick slings sideline pass to Albert Wilson for 24 yards
2019-12-29 Jimmy Graham finds open space with 20-yard catch-and-run
2019-12-29 Dolphins break out trick play for 20-yard gain
2019-12-29 Ryan Fitzpatrick dodges host of defenders for tough TD scramble
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Mecole Hardman uses 4.3 speed for 104-YARD TD return
2019-12-29 Hunter Henry leaps above THREE Chiefs defenders for huge grab
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: FB/LB Elandon Roberts fakes everyone out on first career TD
2019-12-29 Jets get to Matt Barkley for early second-half strip-sack
2019-12-29 Suggs' first sack with Chiefs moves him ahead of D-Ware on all-time list
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Damien Williams uses spin cycle on 84-YARD TD run
2019-12-29 Vikings D' stuffs Trubisky on fourth and short
2019-12-29 Ronald Jones powers through for 33-yard run
2019-12-29 Mike Boone burrows into end zone for TD
2019-12-29 Jamie Collins drops Ryan Fitzpatrick for HUGE third-down sack
2019-12-29 Darius Phillips runs under Baker Mayfield's deep ball for second INT
2019-12-29 Ward-en of defense! Denzel denies Dalton's deep ball with end-zone INT
2019-12-29 Brandon Zylstra leaps for amazing 22-yard fingertip grab
2019-12-29 Davante Adams gets open with wicked route for 20-yard TD
2019-12-29 Former Patriot Trent Harris clamps down on Tom Brady for sack
2019-12-29 Chiefs stuff Gordon in red zone for fourth-down stop
2019-12-29 Sean Mannion uncorks 35-yard dime to Alexander Hollins
2019-12-29 John Ross dazzles the eye on 28-yard catch and run
2019-12-29 Buccaneers miss third field goal of game vs. Falcons
2019-12-29 Grady Jarrett drops Jameis Winston for sack
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Taysom Hill takes off for 45-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-29 Vyncint Smith runs down the sideline for 20-yard gain
2019-12-29 McCaffrey becomes third player ever with 1K rushing, 1K receiving yards
2019-12-29 Are you not entertained? Mixon celebrates after second TD
2019-12-29 Play fake Sam Darnold floats pass into the endzone to Crowder for 1-yard TD
2019-12-29 Brandon Zylstra makes another impressive grab hauling Kyle Allen's 40-yard sideline dime
2019-12-29 Christian McCaffrey muscles through goal-line pileup for strong TD
2019-12-29 Ifeadi Odenigbo speeds off the edge for incredible strip-sack
2019-12-29 Baker Mayfield channels freight train on physical third-down scramble
2019-12-29 Brady throws perfect ball to Mohamed Sanu for 22 yards
2019-12-29 Shaq Mason's great block springs screen pass for James White TD
2019-12-29 Can't Miss Play: OBJ unleashes aerial display on wild toe-tap TD
2019-12-29 Brandon Bolden breaks through defenders for 38-yard kick return
2019-12-29 Buccaneers break up Falcons pass on fourth-and-1
2019-12-29 Dan Bailey hits 34-yard FG to give Vikings the lead
2019-12-29 Riley Ridley works open through traffic for huge fourth-down grab
2019-12-29 Joe Mixon TRUCKS Browns DB on angry 28-yard run
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Mahomes goes WAY downtown to Hill for 47 yards
2019-12-29 Packers' D surround Blough on BIG sack for loss
2019-12-29 Arthur Maulet picks off Matt Barkley's sailing throw
2019-12-29 Kyle Allen keeps play alive to create a 32-yard catch and run for Reggie Bonnafon
2019-12-29 Blake Martinez hauls in David Blough's throw for key Packers INT
2019-12-29 Matt Barkley connects with Tommy Sweeney up the middle for 22-yard gain
2019-12-29 Vikes try to let Montgomery score quick, rookie goes down on heads-up play
2019-12-29 DeVante Parker gets airborne on 24-yard grab
2019-12-29 Fitzpatrick rips clutch TD to Gesicki to give Fins late lead
2019-12-29 Eddy Pineiro drills clutch FG to give Bears late lead
2019-12-29 How did he stay up? Damien Williams crawls over defenders for TD
2019-12-29 Allen Lazard stretches out for IMPRESSIVE 28-yard TD catch
2019-12-29 DeAndrew White takes WR screen 18 yards for first down
2019-12-29 Matt Barkley uncorks 41-yard strike to Duke Williams
2019-12-29 Eddie Jackson elevates for game-sealing INT against Vikings
2019-12-29 Chiefs fans react to Dolphins win vs. Pats
2019-12-29 Shaquil Barrett gets third sack on the day
2019-12-29 Daniel Sorensen seals win with INT off Rivers
2019-12-29 Bears vs. Vikings highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Janoris Jenkins' first INT with Saints comes in the end zone
2019-12-29 Browns vs. Bengals highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Drew Brees' best throws from 3-TD game vs. Panthers | Week 17
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Amani Oruwariye soars into rafters to pick Rodgers' deep bomb
2019-12-29 Joe Mixon's best runs from 162-yard day | Week 17
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: Jameis Winston's 30th INT is game-winner for Falcons
2019-12-29 Younghoe Koo drills FG to force overtime
2019-12-29 Aaron Jones turns slip screen into clutch 31-yard pickup
2019-12-29 Dolphins vs. Patriots highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Chargers vs. Chiefs highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Jets vs. Bills highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Kevin Harlan has wild call for Dolphins' TD during Chiefs game
2019-12-29 Saints vs. Panthers highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Mason Crosby has ice in his veins for game-winning FG
2019-12-29 Packers vs. Lions highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Absolute chaos ensues on Patriots' lateral-filled final play
2019-12-29 Every catch from Christian McCaffrey's milestone day | Week 17
2019-12-29 Goff delivers a 14-yard third down strike to Brandin Cooks to move the chains
2019-12-29 Goff finds Cooper Kupp over the middle for 24-yard catch and run
2019-12-29 Giants pressure Wentz into fourth-down incompletion for turnover on downs
2019-12-29 Road to the Playoffs | Week 17
2019-12-29 Jaylon Smith nabs Case Keenum's throw for early INT
2019-12-29 Steelers' blitz pays off with big red-zone sack of RGIII
2019-12-29 Ryan Fitzpatrick's best plays from huge win | Week 17
2019-12-29 Every DeVante Parker catch from 137-yard game | Week 17
2019-12-29 Greg Zuerlein drills a 47-yard FG to put Rams on the board
2019-12-29 Darren Waller shows wingspan on athletic sideline grab
2019-12-29 Keelan Cole reads block and speeds right for 59-yard kick return
2019-12-29 Duke Johnson caps Texans' 15-play drive with STRONG TD
2019-12-29 Miles Sanders finds big hole for 21-yard run
2019-12-29 Carson Wentz tosses 28-yard strike to Dallas Goedert
2019-12-29 Maxx Crosby leads Raiders' ambush of Drew Lock for third-down sack
2019-12-29 Can't-Miss Play: A.J. Brown tightropes sideline on 51-yard TD catch and run
2019-12-29 Jake Elliot hits 31-yard FG
2019-12-29 Gus Edwards bursts into Steelers' secondary for explosive 38-yard gain
2019-12-29 Cardinals sniff out Rams' fake punt to create ideal offensive field position
2019-12-29 Every catch from Breshad Perriman's 134-yard game | Week 17
2019-12-29 Kyler Murray floats a 23-yard TD pass to an open Dan Arnold
2019-12-29 T.Y. Hilton shows off his wheels on 33-yard gain
2019-12-29 Patrick Mahomes celebrates with Chiefs fans after a Week 17 win vs. Chargers
2019-12-29 Darren Waller flexes after torching Broncos for 75-YARD catch and run
2019-12-29 Brandon Graham loops around for thunderous third-down sack
2019-12-29 Cowboys' D capitalize on Adrian Peterson fumble with recovery
2019-12-29 Mike Boone's best runs from 148-yard game | Week 17
2019-12-29 David Montgomery's best runs from 113-yard game | Week 17
2019-12-29 Goff connects with Tyler Higbee in stride for 18-yard gain on play action
2019-12-29 Diontae Johnson beats Marcus Peters for impressive 21-yard grab
2019-12-29 Kai Forbath drills 47-yard FG attempt
2019-12-29 Benny Snell cuts back to cap Steelers' 10-play drive with TD
2019-12-29 Aaron Rodgers' best throws from 323-yard game | Week 17
2019-12-29 Benny Snell uses INSANE balance to pick up 19 yards
2019-12-29 Courtland Sutton lifts off for insane acrobatic grab
2019-12-29 Marlon Mack finds a spot to rush in for 5-yard TD
2019-12-29 Todd Gurley takes slant route for a 14-yard catch and run
2019-12-29 'The Condor' Maxx Crosby uses wingspan to tackle WR for massive loss
2019-12-29 Carson Wentz slings 15-yard dart to Greg Ward