Live Draft Application

“The 2014 NFL Draft is officially open!” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s words welcome you to your Fantasy Football Draft as you are only minutes away from making your team's first pick. For many fantasy players, the Draft is the most fun, fast-paced, engaging, and challenging part of the entire fantasy football season. And the Live Draft Application in the Fantasy game builds on that while making sure to keep the entire process easy and exciting.

For both and Custom Leagues that are utilizing a Live Online Draft, the following guide will walk you through general use of the Draft Application. It is important to note the usefulness of your Pre-Draft Rankings. Taking time to pre-rank all the players you want to focus on in your fantasy draft will save time and have you better prepared for when your team is on the clock. Your pre-rankings will automatically load into the Live Draft Application where you will have the option of using your own rankings or the default rankings set by Fantasy Experts.

When your Draft day arrives, you will see a Drafting Now prompt on your league homepage and the Fantasy Draft Center. Click to enter your Live Draft and wait for the Live Draft Client to load.

  • Depending on when you are able to join your league’s draft, you will either be waiting for the draft to begin or you will be thrown into the mix of your league’s already in-progress draft.

  • As you join your Draft, you will hear a welcome message from Commissioner Goodell. After the introduction screen, you will be taken into the real-time draft application.

  • Notice a countdown clock in the top-left of the screen that will alert you of how much time until the draft begins. If the draft has already begun, the same area will display which team is on the clock and how much time they have to pick.

  • Notice the Draft Order across the left hand side of the screen. Your team name and logo will appear along with the pick or nomination number in the current round of the draft. If you check Autopick at any time during the draft, you will notice two white arrows wrapping around your pick for that round. If enabled, Autopick will select the next highest-rated player available your roster needs either from your Pre-Draft rankings list or from the default rankings.

  • When you are on the clock in standard leagues, you have 90 seconds to make your selection. In auction leagues, you will have 45 seconds to make your nomination. If you fail to make your pick or nomination within the allotted time, a player will be drafted for you according to Autopick specifications.

  • The Player Information Card that displays vital information about all the fantasy players in the game. You can bring up a player card in a number of ways: search for the player in the Search box and click his name, or scroll through the player pool and click the player you want. Alternatively, if you have already added the player to your Draft List, then you can select him from the queue.

  • Once you have a player selected into the Player Info Card, you can perform a number of functions: view last season’s statistics for that player, evaluate his projected stats for the upcoming season, click through to his Player Page on, add him to your Draft List/Queue or draft them by clicking "Draft Now" when you are on the clock in standard leagues or place a bid on a player. You will know when you are on the clock by noting when the Player Information Card and the Draft List: Up Next Queue is green. Always keep your eye on the draft order to make sure you don't miss a pick or nomination!

  • As mentioned, you can search for any player in the Fantasy Football database. Click on the box labeled Search Player By Name, type in the first or last name of the player and click their name when you find the player you want to target in the draft.

  • Adding players to your Draft List: Up Next Queue can be done a number of different ways. Search for the player, click his name and he will appear in the Player Information Card. Underneath his statistics there will be a button labeled Add to Draft Queue. Or you can find the player in the Player Pool and click on the "plus sign" to add him to the Draft Queue.

  • You can filter the Player Pool so that you are only looking at the groups of players you want to see. The All tab lists players at all positions, either according to your Pre-Rankings or according to the Fantasy expert’s rankings. If you want to target a certain position, you also have the option of filtering by position.

  • Inside the Player Pool, you can either have the players already drafted appear (they will be grayed-out) or you may choose to only display players still eligible to be drafted. Check the "Show Drafted" box to change the setting to your liking.

  • Next to the Player Information Card is the Draft List: Up Next queue. This is the place where you can drag and drop players to organize potential draft picks per your preference. You can edit your Draft List by moving players up and down the rankings or by removing them entirely.

  • If you want to keep track of the Draft, you can monitor each team’s selections in several ways. Above the Draft Order, as each pick is made, you can see the team and the player selected as it happens. If you miss the announcement of a draft pick in the area above Draft Order, simply click on the tabs at the right of the Draft Application. Your team’s picks will be displayed by default in this area. Click the drop down menu to select which team you want to view in this tab. The tab to the above (Draft Results) provides a pick-by-pick view of the entire draft. Click on this tab when you want to know who has just recently come off the board or to review what has happened in the earlier rounds.

  • In the bottom right portion of the Draft Application is the Chat feature. Talk to everyone present in your live draft and make your voice heard. The entire league can see these messages, so please refrain from abusive comments (keep your trash talk clean!).

  • At the conclusion of your Fantasy Draft, you will be taken to a Draft Summary screen featuring a breakdown of your full roster and that of every other team within your league. You may also view the draft breakdown by round. Your draft chat will remain active and the window above your chat labeled Active Teams will tell you which players are still in the Draft Application and able to chat. This window will remain active for 15 minutes, at which point you should navigate to your League Homepage to get your season started.

  • After you close that window, you will be able to edit your roster, add/drop players, propose trades and much more, all from your My Team page.

One important item to note about the Live Draft Application is that this is the same draft client used in all Fantasy Football Mock Drafts. So when you navigate to the Draft Center page and join a Mock Draft, you will be using the same Draft Application that you will eventually use in your league’s actual fantasy draft. They say "practice makes perfect," so visit the Fantasy Football Draft Center and start fine tuning your draft skills.

Live Draft Application