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Fantasy Football Mobile

NFL Fantasy Football App

As the official fantasy game of the NFL, NFL Fantasy provides a fun and easy experience for all fans to compete against family, friends and co-workers, while enhancing the excitement of watching football games. Download the NFL Fantasy Football App to join in on the action wherever you go!


Player Highlights

  • Watch live local and primetime games in the app*
  • Get behind-the-scenes sideline and real-time highlights footage with Fantasy Stories
  • Compare player statistics side-by-side to determine the best addition to your team
  • Set your weekly lineup with one easy click of the Optimize Lineup button
  • View best-in-class player profiles that include all of the data and expert analysis you need to make informed roster decisions

Player Features

  • Create a league in minutes to start your own fantasy football tradition
  • Compete against other NFL fans in a public league
  • Perfect your draft strategy by participating in a mock draft
  • Draft the fantasy team that will take you all the way through the playoffs
  • Stay up-to-date with official stats, news, and injury updates from NFL experts

*Geographic and device restrictions apply. Local and primetime games only. Data charges may apply.