Report: Adrian Peterson accused of injuring another son in June

Per KHOU-TV in Houston, the Vikings RB allegedly disciplined his child, resulting in an injury to the four-year-old boy's head. More ...

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  1. Game Center: Eagles @ Colts

    Turbo-charged offenses collide on Monday night

    Nick Foles and Andrew Luck duked it out three times in college, but get their first NFL matchup as both call the signals for offensive powerhouses.

  2. What to watch for in Monday night's game

    Can Nick Foles bounce back from one of the worst starts of his career? Will Trent Richardson finally look sharp for Indy? Find out what else to watch for in Monday night's Eagles-Colts matchup. Read

  3. End of an all-too-brief era? Pondering RGIII's future

    Not too long ago, Robert Griffin III's status as the Washington Redskins' franchise QB seemed unquestionable. Judy Battista explores the shadow cast by Sunday's ankle injury. Read

  4. Name the Play

    Help name Week 2 moments

    You decide what name will go down in NFL lore for J.J. Watt's touchdown catch, James Jones' double fumble play and Chandler Jones' touchdown after blocking a field goal. Read

  5. Mayock's Slant: Best defense in the NFL?

    NFL Media's Mike Mayock places the Cincinnati Bengals' defense under a microscope against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2 of the regular season. Watch
  6. High schooler delivers Clowney-esque tackle

    By now, most football fans have seen the video of Jadeveon Clowney's tackle of Michigan's Vincent Smith in the 2013 Outback Bowl. On Friday, a Tennessee commit made a strikingly similar play. Read

  7. NFL Game Rewind

    Rewatch every game on your laptop, tablet or phone

    Relive every game and follow your favorite team all season. All-22 and End Zone camera angles let you analyze games like a coach, and now you can try it free with our limited time free trial. Read

  8. Seven plays that explain Week 2

    Each week, the Around The NFL crew will choose the plays that defined Sunday. Week 2's action included heroics from Antonio Gates, Rolando McClain and Cam Newton. Who else made an impact? Read

  9. AFC North now the NFL's toughest division?

    Opening with three straight games inside the AFC North, John Harbaugh knows what he's up against. "We may be in the best division in football," the Ravens coach said Monday. Is he right? Read

  10. GameDay Satisfaction

    Most satisfying moments of Week 2

    Brian Unger brings his unique style to the forefront to recap the biggest highlights from an action-packed Sunday around the NFL. Watch

  11. Right QB for the job?

    Coach Jay Gruden reportedly realized awhile ago that Kirk Cousins was a better fit than Robert Griffin III for the Redskins' new offense. What does that mean for RGIII's future? Read

  12. Woodson on Raiders: 'We suck'

    Charles Woodson has seen his share of poor starts. After the Oakland Raiders fell to 0-2 following a demoralizing loss to the Houston Texans, the veteran safety didn't mince words. Read

  13. Forty-two things to know from Sunday's games

    The Saints and Seahawks were considered two of the best teams heading into the season. Even though each club struggled Sunday, it's too soon to panic. Here's what else you need to know. Read

  14. NFL NOW

    Get it all NOW

    NFL NOW is here. Follow your favorite players and teams around the clock with video personalized to you on all of your devices. Start using it now! Read

  15. Chargers say Sherman was 'exposed'

    Did Philip Rivers prove to the NFL that Richard Sherman is beatable? The Chargers QB had no problem throwing Sherman's way, and multiple Bolts players were less than impressed with the corner's showing. Read

  16. I feel like we can win any game with Kirk Cousins. I feel that he can make every throw in the book and we are going to move forward with Kirk.

    Jay Gruden

    - Jay Gruden, displaying confidence in new starting quarterback Kirk Cousins

  17. Chargers celebrate win over Seahawks

    San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy and quarterback Philip Rivers highlight the team's 30-21 win over the Seattle Seahawks, especially after losing some key players early in the season. Watch
  18. Greatness on the Road

    Brandon Marshall key to Bears' comeback win

    The Chicago Bears entered Week 2 after a stunning loss to the Buffalo Bills. Things weren't much better early against the San Francisco 49ers -- until Brandon Marshall got involved. Read

  19. Fantasy waiver wire: Week 3

    Whether your roster looked great or even if it needs some help, find out which fantasy players to target off the fantasy free-agent market heading into Week 3. Read

  20. Together We Make Football

    Why do we love football?

    Football isn’t just a game. It’s a huge part of our lives. Whether you are part of a team, a fan or an entire community that loves the game, we want to hear what role football plays in your life. Read

  21. Sheldon Richardson takes blame for timeout fiasco

    The New York Jets had a touchdown wiped away by a sideline timeout. Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson took the blame for calling the timeout. Read

  22. It's a beautiful day in Buffalo

    After a turbulent offseason, the Buffalo Bills have emerged with one of the best storylines of the young season. With a new owner -- and a new playmaker in Sammy Watkins -- this franchise is beaming. Read

  23. T-shirts - Free Shipping

    T-shirts - Free Shipping

    Show your support for your team and receive free shipping by purchasing team T-Shirt gear at NFL Shop. Shop

  24. Hoyer for Manziel getting plays if it helps Browns win

    Johnny Manziel made his debut Sunday for the Browns, getting three snaps. Starting quarterback Brian Hoyer is all for Johnny Football getting time on the field as long as it helps Cleveland win. Read

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