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  1. 2015 NFL Draft

    Best and most worrisome picks

    Elliot Harrison likes some picks a lot in the aftermath of the 2015 NFL Draft -- but others have him concerned. Which category do the selections of Marcus Mariota and Shane Ray fall into? Read

  2. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Top seven UDFA signings that could stick

    Former Auburn star Nick Marshall is among several undrafted prospects who have already landed with an NFL team and should thrive. Here are seven signings that could make a potential impact. Read

  3. Winners from the 2015 NFL Draft

    Somewhere Darren McFadden is smiling after the Cowboys passed on drafting a running back. Marcus Mariota and the Titans are also feeling like winners. See who else came out on top during the draft. Read

  4. Video - NFL Total Access: Draft Recap

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  5. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Final quick-snap grades for all 32 teams

    The 2015 NFL Draft is officially in the books -- who nailed their picks and who missed the mark? CFB 24/7 goes through all 256 selections and hands out final grades for every team. Read

  6. Losers from the 2015 NFL Draft

    Marcus Mariota's arrival in Tennessee will likely have quarterback Zach Mettenberger looking for a new opportunity elsewhere. Who else came out on the unfortunate end of this weekend's draft? Read

  7. Which team won the 2015 NFL Draft?

    The "NFL Total Access" crew analyzes the 2015 NFL Draft and decides which team they believe picked the best players and deserves the title of draft winner. Watch
  8. Draft jerseys

    Draft jerseys

    Show your support for your favorite team's newest addition by purchasing his jersey, available right now at NFL Shop. Shop

  9. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Four teams who put up pre-draft smokescreens

    Remember the pre-draft narrative that the Redskins were open to drafting a QB to challenge RG3? Turns out it was just one example of pre-draft hype that was nothing more than a smokescreen. Read

  10. Video - NFL Total Access: Draft Recap

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  11. 2015 NFL Draft

    Five teams that drafted game-changing speedsters

    With his exceptional athleticism and impressive speed, first-rounder Vic Beasley adds a new dimension to the Falcons' last-ranked defense. Which other teams also got faster? Bucky Brooks weighs in. Read

  12. Jets' Petty wants to show teams they're missing out

    New Jets quarterback Bryce Petty wants to show "31 other teams what they're missing out on." Have the Jets found a quarterback to rely on? Read

  13. Draft winners and losers

    The "Around the NFL" crew takes a stab at coming up with their best and worst draft picks from a memorable weekend in Chicago. Plus, what to look forward to before the 2015 season kicks off? Listen

  14. Video - Path to the Draft: Recap

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  15. Best of The 2015 NFL Draft

    All the picks are in! Take a look at the best and funniest moments from all three days of the 2015 NFL Draft from Chicago. Watch
  16. We drove into a very nice neighborhood & saw an unbelievable house. When we found out price we stayed in the car.

    Chip Kelly

    - Chip Kelly, On the price to trade up for Marcus Mariota.

  17. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Day 3 surprises: NFL draft produces the unexpected

    T.J. Clemmings sees his stock plummet, the Dallas Cowboys don't select a running back, and five other surprises from Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft. Read

  18. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Gregory leads NFL draft's biggest sliders

    For some NFL draft prospects, the three-day wait seems like three months. Here are eight drafted players who fell far below where they were expected to be chosen in the 2015 NFL Draft. Read

  19. Your fantasy season starts now!

    Get a jump on the 2015 fantasy football season by signing up or renewing your league now with the best fantasy football platform around at NFL.com. Read

  20. Best of player podium

    What goes through someone's mind after they've been drafted? Take a look at the best moments from the player announcements at the podium with their new teams. Watch
  21. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Track every draft trade

    The Green Bay Packers made a move to get a quarterback with a pick originally held by the Cleveland Browns. Get the lowdown on every move leading up to and during the 2015 NFL Draft. Read

  22. First-ever NFL Draft Family Football Clinic kicks off

    The first annual NFL Draft Family Football Clinic launched on Saturday. The goal of the panel is to give parents knowledge about the game, helping them make better choices for kids interested in football. Read


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