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  1. Michael Vick DOMINATED in flag football debut

    Check out the highlights from legendary NFL quarterback Michael Vick in his flag football debut with The AFFL. Watch
  2. Path to the Draft

    Best college WRs I've ever scouted

    Megatron. Ochocinco. Julio Jones. Those are just a few of the WRs Bucky Brooks has had a chance to scout during his nearly two decades in the business. See his ranking of the top 10. Read

  3. Making the Leap: Steelers' D is title-ready

    Is this the year Pittsburgh finally gets its defensive groove back? Gregg Rosenthal says a young core headlined by Stephon Tuitt and Ryan Shazier will allow Mike Tomlin to truly make his mark. Read

  4. 10 fantasy predictions with huge fallouts (if wrong)

    Le'Veon Bell's health ... Odell Beckham Jr.'s target share ... and more. These feel like foregone fantasy football predictions for 2017, but all have HUGE implications if wrong. See the top 10 here. Read

  5. Video - NFL Total Access

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  6. 12 unbelievably great touchdown runs

    From Barry Sanders' jitterbug greatness to Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode style to the absolute power of Jim Brown, check out the most dominant touchdowns runs of all time. Watch
  7. Gil Brandt's greatest NFL tight ends of all time

    NFL Media senior analyst and personnel guru Gil Brandt ranks the greatest tight ends in NFL history. Take a look at how they stack up. Read

  8. Top 100 Players of 2017

    Brady No. 1 in 'Top 100 Players of 2017'

    After leading the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Tom Brady, has been ranked No. 1 in "The Top 100 Players of 2017." Find out where everyone else in the top 10 ended up this year. Read

  9. Stolen MVPs? Revisiting 10 controversial decisions

    What do Randall Cunningham, Jerry Rice and J.J. Watt have in common? Well, each guy might have been robbed of an MVP award. Elliot Harrison revisits 10 disputed decisions. Read

  10. Five most underrated receiving corps in 2017

    The Saints traded away receiver Brandin Cooks this offseason, but don't sleep on Michael Thomas' increased impact in New Orleans. Conor Orr ranks the NFL's five most underrated receiving units. Read

  11. I'm like Beyonce, let me upgrade you baby.

    Martellus Bennett

    - Martellus Bennett, on replacing former Packers' TE Jared Cook.

  12. All-Top 100 team

    What would happen if the best of 2016 took the field together? Take a look at the team that would be created if the top ranked players from the "Top 100" at each position teamed up. Read

  13. Path to the Draft

    First Look: Scouting UCLA QB Josh Rosen

    Daniel Jeremiah is reminded of a two-time Super Bowl champion when he watches one of CFB's top QBs, Josh Rosen. See his early scouting report for the junior who's dripping with potential. Read

  14. Von used to text DeMarcus Ware at 2 a.m. for advice

    Former NFL linebacker DeMarcus Ware stops by the "Rich Eisen Show" and talks about mentoring Broncos linebacker Von Miller, which Ware says probably made Miller 'hate' him at first. Watch
  15. The Brandt Report

    From player to coach? Eleven guys with that potential

    Bruce Arians recently gushed over Byron Leftwich's coaching ability. So, which current players could enjoy a second NFL life? Gil Brandt spotlights Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Anquan Boldin and more. Read

  16. Why you should root for the Ravens

    Joe Flacco is ... good enough!

    Forget the question of whether or not Joe Flacco is elite -- if you choose to back Baltimore, Adam Rank says, you'll be following a team with a strong quarterback and a solid (if short) history. Read

  17. Gil Brandt's greatest defensive ends of all time

    NFL Media senior analyst and personnel guru Gil Brandt ranks the greatest defensive ends in NFL history. Take a look at how they stack up. Read

  18. Five best linebacking corps heading into 2017

    Offseason additions Elvis Dumervil and Reuben Foster earned the 49ers a spot on Willie McGinest's ranking of the top five linebacker units in the NFL. Does San Francisco boast the best group? Read

  19. Sidelines

    Marquette King doesn't care what you think

    Marquette King -- who likens himself to a "free-range chicken" -- knows his eccentric personality isn't for everyone. To his detractors, the Raiders punter's message is simple: "Go about your business." Read

  20. Path to the Draft

    Best picks of the century from North Carolina

    Our school-by-school look at the best NFL draft picks since 2000 continues with North Carolina. The rankings for the Tar Heels start with two defensive ends. Read

  21. QB Index: Ranking the QBs in the 'Top 100'

    Gregg Rosenthal ranks the 16 quarterbacks who made the "Top 100 Players of 2017." What more does Matt Ryan have to prove? Which important step did Russell Wilson take in 2016? Read

  22. 10 players who just missed the 'Top 100'

    Close but just not quite close enough: Check out the list of the 10 players who narrowly missed making "The Top 100 Players of 2017" countdown. Watch
  23. Fantasy leagues are now open!

    Fantasy Football leagues are now open for 2017 season. Don't miss out on the opportunity to renew your fantasy football league with NFL.com or to sign up for a new one! Read

  24. 2017 NFL head coach power rankings

    Elliot Harrison ranks every NFL head coach from No. 1 to No. 32. Can any of the other 31 head coaches knock the Patriots' Bill Belichick from his perch? Read

  25. Summer essentials

    Summer essentials

    Now's the time to stock up on gifts and all of your favorite team's gear to get ready for the 2017 season! Shop now and receive free shipping on summer essentials. Shop

  26. Steve Smith makes case for best player in football

    NFL Network's Steve Smith stops by the "Rich Eisen Show" and explains why Patriots QB Tom Brady is worthy of the No. 1 ranking on the "Top 100 Players of 2017." Watch
  27. 2017 NFL training camp dates and locations

    The following is the training camp list of sites and rookie and veteran reporting dates. Find out where and when your favorite team will start their practices. Read