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  1. Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Quarterbacks for Week 3

    Jay Cutler tossed four touchdowns against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2, and Michael Fabiano sees another big day for him in Week 3. Find out who else to start and sit here. Read

  2. The Schein Nine

    Are you for real? 'Prove it' games in Week 3

    Andre Ellington's Arizona Cardinals and Arian Foster's Houston Texans are 2-0, but questions remain about the legitimacy of both teams. Adam Schein identifies nine squads on the spot this week. Read

  3. Where does the Vikings' offense go from here?

    In a world without Adrian Peterson, Vikings play-caller Norv Turner said his offense must rely on the base of talent that remains. How will Minnesota move the ball? Read

  4. Brady shares his post-college resume on #tbt

    Before he was a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame-level quarterback, Tom Brady was just another kid from Michigan looking ahead to an uncertain future after college. Read

  5. Bucky's Best

    Week 3 matchups to watch

    The Atlanta Falcons will look to get Julio Jones going on Thursday night, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Alterraun Verner is no slouch. Bucky Brooks studies key matchups on this week's slate. Read

  6. Time to start worrying about Palmer?

    Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer is working day and night to repair a nerve issue that has left him unable to throw the ball with his usual velocity. Could the issue sideline him indefinitely? Read

  7. TNF Challenge

    Win a trip to a 2015 TNF Game with TNF Challenge!

    Play the only fantasy game made for Thursday Night Football. Pick the best players from each Thursday Night game and get a chance to win a trip to a 2015 TNF Game! Play for free today. Read


    Week 2 Nominees

    Vote for the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week

  9. QB Index: Early season awards

    Andrew Luck is fun to watch. He's also misunderstood. Our early QB awards look at Luck's streakiness, Josh McCown's ugly picks, Tony Romo's shaky start and the guys who are the hardest to decipher. Read

  10. One Preview

    Premier passers integral in pivotal divisional game

    Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have owned their rivalry with the Detroit Lions recently, and it will be up to Matthew Stafford to assist in altering those fortunes against their divisional nemesis. Read

  11. Super Bowl rematches

    This weekend marks just the sixth time in NFL history that the previous season's Super Bowl combatants will meet for a rematch in the following season. In those games, the Super Bowl winners are 3-2. Read

  12. CFB Playoff scenarios for Week 4

    Saturday's Florida State-Clemson matchup has the potential to shake up the outlook for the College Football Playoff. Here's a look at all the weekend's games that could impact the race. Read

  13. Game Picks

    Peyton's revenge?

    Will Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos get even with the Seattle Seahawks in Sunday's rematch of the Super Bowl XLVIII blowout? Elliot Harrison predicts that and every other Week 3 matchup. Read

  14. NFL NOW

    Get it all NOW

    NFL NOW is here. Follow your favorite players and teams around the clock with video personalized to you on all of your devices. Start using it now! Read

  15. Around The NFL's power picks: Week 3

    Will the 2-0 Arizona Cardinals get an early-season jump on the 49ers in the NFC West on Sunday? Find out who the Around The NFL team thinks will triumph in all of Week 3's games. Read

  16. Position rankings: Top 10 red-zone threats

    As a power forward in the end zone, Jimmy Graham tops Around The NFL's list of the best red-zone threats. Find out where Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant rank. Read

  17. Mayock's Slant: Who is Kirk Cousins?

    Mike Mayock shares his analysis of Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. With Cousins at the helm, how bright does the Redskins future look? Watch
  18. IYOU VOTE Pepsi Rookie of the Week

    Week 2 Nominees

    Who was the top rookie of Week 2?

  19. NFL Game Rewind

    Rewatch every game on your laptop, tablet or phone

    Relive every game and follow your favorite team all season. All-22 and End Zone camera angles let you analyze games like a coach, and now you can try it free with our limited time free trial. Read

  20. QB stock watch: Can you still start Tom Brady?

    Tom Brady is an excellent quarterback, but that doesn't always equate to fantasy success. James Koh dives the sticky fantasy situation of starting or sitting Brady, and much more here . Read

  21. When the game is taken away from you, it's gone. No one is going to be calling your phone and all that, so enjoy the time now, make good decisions and get all the money you can while you can get it.

    Adam Jones

    - Adam Jones, providing his financial theory regarding time spent playing in the NFL.

  22. Power Rankings

    Trading places: Chargers soar, Seahawks tumble

    The San Diego Chargers' defeat of the Seattle Seahawks was just one of the upsets that rocked Elliot Harrison's Power Rankings. Check out the new NFL pecking order after a topsy-turvy week. Read

  23. Like/Dislike

    Like/Dislike: Time for the fantasy whisperer

    You can learn a lot about your fantasy team by watching procedural dramas. I know, we were skeptical, too. But our Adam Rank explains. Read

  24. LT on best running backs of 2014

    LaDainian Tomlinson joins Daniel Jeremiah for a breakdown of the running backs in the game right now that he thinks highly of. Later, DJ sheds insight on Richard Sherman vs. Demaryius Thomas. Listen

  25. Rank's 11 Sleepers: Joique Bell in the mix

    Running backs dominate Adam Rank's sleepers for Week 3, including Joique Bell. Find out why Adam believes he'll have a big week, and who else joins Detroit's running back on the list. Read

  26. Tees for the season

    Tees for the season

    Show your support for your team by purchasing team T-Shirt gear from the new 2014 collection at NFL Shop. Shop

  27. Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Seau headlines Hall of Fame class nominees for 2015

    Junior Seau is among the candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2015. Vote here for your Hall of Fame class. Read

  28. Together We Make Football

    Why do we love football?

    Football isn’t just a game. It’s a huge part of our lives. Whether you are part of a team, a fan or an entire community that loves the game, we want to hear what role football plays in your life. Read

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