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  1. Collateral benefits: Vets who benefited from draft

    Sam Bradford and Robert Griffin III survived the draft without competition from an early-round rookie. Find out which other veterans benefited from this year's infusion of talent. Read

  2. 2015 NFL Draft

    NFC West draft grades: Seahawks struggle

    With the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, Bucky Brooks hands out grades to each squad in the NFC West -- and once again, the Seahawks fail to earn high marks, Tyler Lockett's presence notwithstanding. Read

  3. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Baldinger: Cowboys will miss playoffs

    Brian Baldinger says the Cowboys' decision to bypass the running back position in the draft will haunt the team and cost it a spot in playoffs next season. Read

  4. I think a lot of people are getting tied up in the weed and think it's just a weed problem. I don't think it's a weed problem. I think it's decision making.

    Randy Gregory

    - Randy Gregory, says he is determined to prove his doubters wrong and move on from his past.

  5. What players should debut on 'Top 100?'

    The end of the NFL Draft means another annual NFL Network tradition is about to start. What players should debut this year on The Top 100 Players of 2015? Read

  6. Collateral Damage: 18 veterans hurt by the draft

    The NFL Draft is a happy time for fans, GMs and draftees. However, many veterans are left feeling uneasy about job security. Around The NFL's Gregg Rosenthal lists the 18 veterans who are in trouble. Read

  7. Video - Path to the Draft

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  8. 2015 NFL Draft

    AFC West draft grades: Chasing the Broncos

    Will the Broncos' draft -- including the eyebrow-raising selection of Shane Ray in the first round -- help keep them atop the AFC West? Bucky Brooks evaluates the hauls of each team in the division. Read

  9. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Davis: 5 picks I loved, 5 that were head-scratchers

    Charles Davis reveals his five favorite picks and five that he still questions. Find out where he stands on the Bears' selection of Kevin White and the Cowboys' addition of Randy Gregory. Read

  10. Your fantasy season starts now!

    Get a jump on the 2015 fantasy football season by signing up or renewing your league now with the best fantasy football platform around at NFL.com. Read

  11. Power Rankings

    What's the NFL pecking order after the draft?

    With the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, we now have a very good idea of what each team will look like in 2015. So how do the 32 member clubs stack up against each other? Elliot Harrison offers his hierarchy. Read

  12. Video - NFL Total Access

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  13. Top 5 QBs and bold AFC predictions

    Dave Dameshek is joined by Bucky Brooks to discuss how the NFL Draft impacts the AFC. They make bold predictions and later debate the top 5 quarterbacks in the league. Listen

  14. Draft Debate

    Playoff payoff? Potential breakout teams for 2015

    In each of the past dozen years, at least one team picking in the top 10 has gone on to make the playoffs that season. Which franchise will it be in 2015? Vic Beasley's Atlanta Falcons? Let's debate! Read

  15. Around the AFC in 60 minutes

    The draft is over and the biggest takeways from the AFC conference are tackled. How good can the Bills be, which team has some sneaky good receivers and more all right here. Listen

  16. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Goodley among top undrafted FAs to sign after draft

    Baylor wideout Antwan Goodley wasn't taken in the draft, but he'll have a chance to stick with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. Gil Brandt provides a position-by-position breakdown. Read

  17. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Five most interesting 2015 NFL Draft picks

    It's Cinco de Mayo, but instead of searching for the most interesting man in the world, CFB 24/7 looked for the five most interesting prospects from the 2015 NFL Draft. Read

  18. Mind-blowing stats for the 2015 NFL Draft class

    With the NFL Draft in the books, see how the class of 2015 stacks up with these mind-blowing stats. Read

  19. Free shipping on draft jerseys

    Free shipping on draft jerseys

    Show your support for your favorite team's newest addition by purchasing his jersey, available right now at NFL Shop with free shipping. Shop

  20. Which RB will have most successful rookie season?

    Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are two rookie running backs with a chance to make a big impact this season. The Around The NFL crew debates which rookie rusher will be most successful in 2015. Read

  21. 2015 NFL Draft

    Rookies on the road to greatness

    Of the 256 players selected in the 2015 NFL Draft, some are bound to leave their mark in history. See a list of rookies on the road to greatness -- like Jacksonville Jaguars pass-rusher Dante Fowler Jr. Read

  22. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Final quick-snap grades for all 32 teams

    The 2015 NFL Draft is officially in the books -- who nailed their picks and who missed the mark? CFB 24/7 goes through all 256 selections and hands out final grades for every team. Read


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