Reserved Player Position

Custom league managers may choose to enable a Reserve slot to allow an injured or suspended NFL player to be placed on a non-active fantasy roster slot. If a player meets a number of NFL-specific roster designations and you believe upon return to an active NFL roster that he will be an impact player for your team, you can place the player on this Reserve (RES) slot.

Players are eligible for the Reserved slot if they are officially labeled by their NFL team as:

  • IR: Injured Reserve
  • NON: Non Football Related Injured Reserve
  • SUS: Suspended
  • PUP: Physically Unable to Perform
  • EXE: Exempt

Once a player is moved to the RES roster position, you will have an open spot on your roster and can add a player to your active roster without the need to drop someone. Note that when the time comes to activate your reserved player, you will need to make a corresponding transaction to ensure your roster meets league-specified roster limits.

Once a player becomes active, you can keep him in your RES spot, but you will be restricted from improving your team via add, drop or trade since your roster will be in an illegal state. Note that your team will still earn fantasy points for matchups that take place, but you cannot improve your team via external transactions.