League History and Record Book

With NFL.com Fantasy Football, your custom league is not just a one year occurrence. Keep the rivalries alive and relive your team’s championship moments. Thanks to auto-generated League History and Record Book, your entire league history is archived and easily accessible by all team owners, year round. From standings to weekly lineups to Game Center and everything in between, your League History is a historical archive of your league's previous seasons and records.

League Almanac

The League Almanac provides you with a snapshot into each prior season, highlighting the league champion and individual/team performances that set records in prior seasons. No longer can your friend deny your league-record 186 point week in Week 8 of last season. The almanac holds the proof and calls for future teams and players to make their mark.

The League Almanac highlights four distinct areas. These include the following:

  • League Champion
  • Team Performance (Week)
  • Player Performance (Week)
  • Team Performance (Season)
League Almanac

Annual League History

The League History also provides tabs that allow you to look back at each of your prior seasons on NFL.com Fantasy Football. Access league standings, schedules, playoff brackets, prior transactions, league discussions and much, much more. No matter how many years you have been playing on NFL.com Fantasy Football, your leagues are always available to browse through, including:

  • Schedule and Standings
  • Playoff Bracket
  • Discussions, Transactions and Draft Results
  • Team Pages with Weekly Lineups and Stats
  • Game Center with Weekly Matchups and Video Highlights
  • League Settings
  • Owners

Import League History

Even if you played fantasy football on another platform in previous years, NFL.com can create a league history for you!

League Managers will have the ability to input all information about their prior leagues through the Manage tab. Just simply click on “Customize League History” and be on your way. You will be able to add the following categories:

  • Standings: Division, Team Name, Win-Loss-Ties, Points For and Points Against.
  • Schedule: You will be able to input weekly matchups from past seasons.
  • Playoff Bracket: This will allow you to be able to see how the playoffs panned out and how the season came to a close.
  • League Champion
  • Highest Team Points Accumulated (Week)
  • Highest Player Points Accumulated (Week)
  • Highest Teams Points Accumulated (Season)