DDFP Game of Thrones Episode 5, Season 6 Review
    ***SPOILER ALERT*** Dave DameStark, Maurice Thrones-Drew and Henry "Hank" HodgSON of the Harpy break down the latest Game of Thrones episode. Can Bran survive without Hodor? Watch
    Killin' Time With Shek: Kyle Long apologizes to the White Sox
    Chicago Bears lineman Kyle Long joins Shek to clear the air about turning down the Chicago White Sox after they drafted him in the 23rd round of the 2008 MLB Draft. Shek then helps the former Oregon standout write an apology letter to mend any hard feelings. Watch
    DDFP 457: Dead or Alive & Cross-Sport Comparisons (Full Show)
    Shek is joined by NFL Media’s Chris Wesseling and Patrick Claybon to match comparable NBA and NFL players. The guys also play another edition of “Dead or Alive” and debate if J.J. Watt is still the best defensive player and if the power run game still plays a large role in the league. Shek is later joined by Chicago Bears lineman Kyle Long for another edition of “Killin’ time with Shek.” Watch