NFL 2022 Fan of the Year |

The NFL Fan of the Year contest presented by Captain Morgan returns to celebrate extraordinary fans who SPICE UP the game through their love of football. Learn more about our 32 nominees below!

Nominees for the 2022 NFL Fan of the Year Contest Presented by Captain Morgan

The NFL's third annual Fan of the Year contest presented by Captain Morgan celebrates original and extraordinary fans. The NFL is proud to announce the 32 team nominees who spice up the game through their love of football! Visit NFL dot com slash Fan of the Year to discover their stories and vote for the ultimate NFL Fan of the Year.

2022 Nominees

Cardinals Nominee

Arizona Cardinals

Susan Haluzan

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons

Harold Tom Dunn

Ravens FOTY Nominee

Baltimore Ravens

Katie Overly

Bills FOTY Nominee

Buffalo Bills

John Lang

Panthers FOTY Nominee

Carolina Panthers

Sheree Pintea

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

Corey Schieler

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

Philip Amrein

Cowboys FOTY Nominee

Dallas Cowboys

James Wright

Browns FOTY Nominee

Cleveland Browns

Tim Zifzal

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

Juan Albert Olivares Valentin

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

Denise Ford

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

Anna Linberg

Texans FOTY Nominee

Houston Texans

Carlos Rodriguez

Colts FOTY Nominee

Indianapolis Colts

Michael Wayne Huppert

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tyler Derby

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

Dr. Amy Patel

Raiders FOTY Nominee

Las Vegas Raiders

Eliseo Zepeda

Chargers FOTY Nominee

Los Angeles Chargers

Enrique Carranco Garcia

Rams FOTY Nominee

Los Angeles Rams

Gus Obregon

Dolphins FOTY Nominee

Miami Dolphins

Allison Goodman

Vikings FOTY Nominee

Minnesota Vikings

Shirley Bowden

Patriots FOTY Nominee

New England Patriots

Richard Goodick

Saints FOTY Nominee

New Orleans Saints

Stephen Harrell

Giants FOTY Nominee

New York Giants

Jeff Bloom

Jets FOTY Nominee

New York Jets

Michael Torto

Eagles FOTY Nominee

Philadelphia Eagles

Matthew Auerbach

Steelers FOTY Nominee

Pittsburgh Steelers

Jim Zimmerman Sr.

Seahawks FOTY Nominee

Seattle Seahawks

Larry Bevans

49ers FOTY Nominee

San Francisco 49ers

Reymundo Pena

Buccaneers FOTY Nominee

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Priscilla Williams

Titans FOTY Nominee

Tennessee Titans

Johnathan Cable

Commanders FOTY Nominee

Washington Commanders

Christopher Dwight Bryant

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