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Brian Baldinger Profile

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Brian Baldinger Analyst

A former offensive lineman with the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Baldinger serves as a host and analyst for NFL Network.

Baldinger can be seen alongside Sterling Sharpe, Matt Millen and Super Bowl Champion Shaun O'Hara on Playbook, the ultimate NFL "Xs and Os" program utilizing the same "All 22" game film that coaches and players use to preview all of the upcoming games.In addition, Baldinger serves as an analyst on NFL Network's signature show NFL Total Access and is a regular contributor to

Baldinger, who worked as a game analyst for the NFL on FOX until 2009, began his broadcasting career at FOX Sports in 1997. In 2011, he began serving as a game analyst for the Philadelphia Eagles.

During his 13-year NFL career, Baldinger played for the Dallas Cowboys ('82-'87), the Indianapolis Colts ('88-'91) where he was the team's Most Valuable Lineman in 1991, and the Philadelphia Eagles ('92-'93). He played in a total of 143 games.

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