Top 50 NFL draft prospect rankings

Bridgewater remains draft's top-rated QB


The pro days have come and gone. That has resulted in a few changes to my Top 50 prospects list.

However, the order of my top three quarterbacks has remained the same. Teddy Bridgewater had a rough pro day, but I'm going to stick with what I saw on his game tape and keep him as the top quarterback prospect in this draft class. There's a lot of depth at the quarterback position in this draft, but I don't have any of the quarterbacks currently in my top 10.

There's a lot of talk of no running backs getting picked in first round, but in my opinion Carlos Hyde is worthy of a first-round selection.

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Daniel Jeremiah is a former scout for three different NFL teams. Most recently, he was the West Coast scout for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2010 to 2012. He previously worked as a national scout with the Cleveland Browns (2007-08) and a West Coast scout for the Baltimore Ravens (2005-06), after initially joining the team as a personnel assistant from 2003 to 2004. Jeremiah graduated in 2000 from Appalachian State, where he started at quarterback for three seasons.

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