Want to know who led the league in passing last year? Looking to find out which player racked up the most sacks? Or maybe you're interested in finding out which team allowed the fewest rushing yards? You will find all this information and more in the 2005 NFL Record & Fact Book.

The NFL Record & Fact Book features information for the most avid football fan, including all-time statistics, a year-by-year history of the NFL, regular-season and postseason records, a rules digest and much more. If you're looking for stats, you've come to the right place.

The Record & Fact Book contains NFL records for offensive, defensive and team categories. Click on the categories below.

The most important part of the modern football era is the chronology that led up to it. Look at the NFL's most important developments decade by decade, and check out those who made football great at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Most people forget that there is a third team on the field: the officials. Take a look at who they are and how they call each game.