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Why you should keep Adrian Peterson, not Matt Forte

David Drapkin/Associated Press
Don't be swayed by Adrian Peterson's ACL surgery, he's still a keeper.

Wow, can you believe it's July already? Those keeper questions you've been avoiding all year like your tax extension? Yeah, it's time to take a look at them. So with that in mind, here are some of the biggest keeper questions I've found on Twitter and with my lone keeper team, Rank's 11.

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Keep: Adrian Peterson
Don't draft Peterson very high, but keep him if you have the room. Our league has eight keepers, and there's no chance he goes back out into the draft pool. Peterson might struggle early, but he should be great down the stretch and into next season.

Don't keep: Michael Turner
The fantasy value of Turner will take a sharp decline in 2012. Take away his great game against the Bucs in Week 17 (when most fantasy leagues are finished) and you have a rather depressing view of a guy on the downside of his career.

Keep: Ray Rice
Contract issues are going to be a concern for sure, but he's going to end up signing and will again be the focal point of the offense. However, this might be a different answer next year if he gets used a lot.

Don't keep: Matt Forte
Not only does his contract situation scare me (of all of the guys, he's the most likely to miss a significant part of training camp), but Mike Bush is also in the mix. I'd take my chances by pushing him out into the draft pool again. Heck, you might be better off with Bush on your team.

Keep: Miles Austin
He burned a lot of us last year, and that's all right. Austin admitted he was out of shape and this season he should regain the No. 1 receiver status he had in the past, plus the numbers he lost to Laurent Robinson last year.

Don't keep: Laurent Robinson
Just look at the Jaguars receiving corps. Robinson could have some value if Chad Henne gets the job (did I just write that?). But not enough to burn a keeper spot on him.

Keep: Brandon Marshall
Marshall is probably the most undervalued No. 1 receivers in the league. He's going to have a monster season reunited with Jay Cutler.

Don't keep: Dre Johnson
This is based on draft position. Tweeter Ty Miller asked if he should keep Dre and lose a No. 1 draft pick, or keep Marshall and lose a third rounder. Allow Dre back into the draft pool in this instance. Dre's injury history and the Texans' desire to run the ball hurt Johnson's value.

Keep: Jermichael Finley
Obviously you are going to keep Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez an and some of the elite guys. If you have a big enough roster, Finley is going to be worth a keep, too. Finley would be worth much more than a mid-card receiver. Tight ends are always going to be in short supply.

Don't keep: Joel Dreessen
If you think keeping Dreessen is a good idea because he's with Peyton Manning in Denver, stop that. Good idea, but sometimes you can overthink things.

Keep: Patrick Peterson
And as a bonus, if you play in a IDP league (my team does), make Patrick Peterson a keeper, especially if you play in a league which rewards points for returns. He carried my team a couple of times last year.

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