Five 2016 first-round picks that will break out in 2018

Scout's Notebook: The wisdom of spending heavily on a QB

Projecting compensatory picks for 2019: Pats could land maximum

Lamar Jackson practices Ray Lewis celebration at Rookie Premiere


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NFL Total Access

Projecting how kickoffs would look if new proposed rules are passed

One-man bands of the NFL: Which current players carry a LeBron load?

Slater explains the reason why Dez hasn't been signed yet

Around The NFL: Using 'The Dalton Scale' to measure franchise QBs



NFC West projected starters: Rams surpass Seahawks as juggernaut

NFC East projected starters: Building a Big Blue juggernaut

NFC North projected starters: Packers look ready to roll again

AFC South projected starters: Jags have one big (6-foot-5) question mark

A logo for the Top 100 Players of 2018

See Nos. 70 to 61!

The 'Top 100 Players of 2018' countdown continues! See the 10 latest names to make the list.

'TOP 100 PLAYERS OF 2018'

Photo Essay

Track every 'Top 100' player on the list so far

Top 100: Eagles soaring, falling after SB title run

The best play from players Nos. 70 to 61 on the 'Top 100 Players of 2018' list

Micah Hyde reacts to being picked No. 62 on 'Top 100 Players of 2018'


The Checkdown

Cowboys OL coach uses ketchup to evaluate players

Take a look inside new Inglewood stadium with L.T., Eric Dickerson

Saquon Barkley talks about his bond with Odell Beckham

Four drafted linemen who found ideal fits with NFL teams


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Hard Knocks

'Michael Jordan' Wilfork owns the basketball court

An actual mermaid visits Will Hayes at Rams practice

'Hard Knocks': Wilfork faces off against Carli Lloyd in FG contest

Six things to watch for on Browns' 'Hard Knocks' season

Best of 'Hard Knocks'

The Browns are coming to "Hard Knocks"! See the best highlights from the show so far.


Around The NFL

2018 NFL Draft first-round signing tracker

Seven late-round draft picks likely to exceed expectations in 2018

Replacing 2018 draft picks: Eight prospects to emerge as stars

Next wave of top QB prospects: 5 passers to watch



Chris Harris Jr. hosts youth football camp

Remembering Chuck Knox and his many 'Knoxisms'

Peyton Manning to partner with Tiger Woods for Pro-Am golf tourney

Carolina Panthers finalize terms to sell franchise to David Tepper

Flag Football League

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American Flag Football League

AFFL: Watch Vince Young rip it up on the flag football field

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American Flag Football League

Ochocinco needs to protect his ankles on the court versus Nate Robinson

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American Flag Football League

AFFL: Nate Robinson shows off his flag football skills in practice

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American Flag Football League

AFFL: Everybody wants a piece of Chad Ochocinco

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