Lavelle Hawkins  

Height: 5-11   Weight: 194   Age: 33

Born: 7/12/1986 Stockton , CA

College: California

Experience: Season









Combine 2008


Positives: Has an athletic, slender physique with lean muscle tone, a bit high-cut, but shows tapered thighs and calves...Has large, soft hands to extend for the ball away from his frame, compensating for shorter-than-ideal arms...Had good production in several games as a senior, when his athletic ability took over, but still needs to develop better football skills (timing on leaps, blocking, concentration)...Has the valid timed speed, body control and hand-eye coordination to run under most throws, but does need to refine his route-running...When his head is in the game and he gets a clean release, he is quick to get into his patterns...Better working in the zone, as he does an efficient job of settling into the soft area...Does a nice job of keeping his feet inbounds when working along the sideline...Runs with pitter-patter steps, showing good change-of-direction agility...Likes to dive for the low throws, showing good ability to adjust...Will get good position in attempts to twist and adjust to the ball in flight...Although not exceptionally fast, he shows the ability to get deep...When he locates the defender, he is capable of executing double moves to elude after the catch (will try to run over his man, at times)...Will catch with his body, but not as a crutch and does show good extension with his hands to pluck outside his framework despite a short reach...Does a good job of coming back for the ball when the quarterback has to scramble...Secures the ball close to his body and shows better vision locating seams and following blocks on kickoff returns than he does as a receiver...Has good balance to turn the corner when executing the reverse...Even though he rounds his cuts, he does show good hip sink, especially on control routes or settling in underneath...Plays better vs. the cushion than the press as he can't power through...Not real sudden, but when he utilizes his quickness and gets a clean release, he can get into his routes (rolling start hurts him vs. the press). Negatives: Bit high-cut and needs to drastically improve his overall strength...Has very short arms (29 5/8-inch length) and marginal leaping ability (26 1/2-inches), struggling to compete for the jump balls...Better athlete than player, as he will go through stretches of mental lapses on the field...Might struggle digesting a complicated playbook, as he needs more than several reps to retain plays...Needs to do a better job of scanning the field, as he is not always alert to coverage...Lacks consistency in his running stride, as he will take soft-angle cuts and tends to drift some on deep patterns...Hears footsteps going for the ball in a crowd and this loss of concentration leads to several drops of catchable throws...Has good timed speed, but lacks consistency with his initial burst off the line, as he will more likely take a rolling start rather than an explosive one...Must show better plant-and-drive agility coming out of his breaks, taking false steps, and must learn the concept of route progression...Not always alert to the cushion and needs to use his second gear better to get behind the defensive back...Makes only passive swipes as a blocker, showing strong disinterest in applying himself in that area...Disappears for long stretches when not involved in the play...Does not consistently use his speed to get free after the catch and, even though he lacks strength, he tries to run through tackles rather than elude...Likes to "talk trash," but his lack of consistency prevents him from backing up those boasts...Emotional type that can be taken out of his game by a physical defender...Must develop better hand placement in attempts to escape the jam...Gets held up at the line often...Lacks crispness in his cuts and will round and spends a lot of time running into the defender rather than around him. Compares To: NATE BURLESON-Seattle...Hawkins is similar to Burleson in that he could be an efficient kickoff returner at the next level and has too much inconsistency in his game as a receiver. Hawkins has valid speed, but seems to shy away from contact, showing disinterest as a blocker. He is not the most urgent runner of pass routes, executing sloppy patterns and a lack of vision to locate the zone's soft areas. Produced catches as a senior, but the numbers came in spurts and for every solid game Hawkins had, there were several where he disappeared. He has shorter-than-ideal arm length and marginal leaping ability, making him a nonexistent factor in jump-ball situations. Like Burleson, Hawkins' athletic ability is far ahead of his football skill. While some might be impressed with his potential, he is more of a boom-or-bust player than the "next great thing."