Jameis Winston: If you can play, age doesn't matter


Jameis Winston was officially named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starting quarterback on Friday.

The rookie said Saturday that he's ready to carry the Bucs.

"One thing that I've learned is if you can play it don't matter what age you are, it doesn't matter," he said. "I believe we have a great team in place...I'm looking forward to the season. I can't wait."

The No. 1 overall pick comes with physical tools that scouts gush over. Winston said he's grown and matured after off-field incidents at Florida State, adding he's not focused on being a team leader.

"On this team, I'm just accepting my role," he said. "We have a lot of veterans -- Vincent (Jackson), Gerald (McCoy) -- those guys are our leaders. My job right now is to play quarterback."

The Bucs' first practice of training camp was postponed and moved to a nearby facility at USF on Saturday night due to heavy rains that pelted the Tampa area.

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