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UGG, Brady is in danger of losing his man card


Tom Brady is now a spokesman for UGG boots. Well, "ugh" would be more appropriate. Although, I should not be too hard on Brady because UGGs were cool once - when Pamela Anderson was wearing them on "Baywatch."

Just kidding, UGGs were never cool.

So what's the deal, does Brady deserve to have his man card revoked for this latest misstep? Here are his six biggest violations.

And without further ado ...

Dishonorable mention: It's the same haircut

Here you see Brady at a high-class function with his wife Gisele Bundchen. But why do they both have the same haircut? That's bad.

And you are lucky that I won’t use this photo, but only because slides scare me, too.

Peter Kramer/Associated Press

6. The ponytail

I take it back, having the same haircut as your wife is a lot more desirable than having this failed ponytail. Just what is that thing? It is barely a ponytail at all. This is sadder than the guys who have the horseshoe hairstyle with the ponytail.

Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press

5. Lion Face

Does anybody remember the scene in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" where Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were preparing to shoot "Good Will Hunting 2 -- It's Hunting Season" by doing the "lion face," "lemon face," "lion face," "lemon face"? That is what this looks like here. Just hanging out with Chad Ochocinco puts your man card in jeopardy.

Tom DiPace/Associated Press

4. Side seat driving

There is no problem with enjoying some soft serve ice cream. Seriously, just look at me. But sitting shotgun while your wife is driving? Man up.

Tadeu Vilani/Associated Press

3. But it's cold

Just what exactly was Tom doing here with this hood for New England's playoff game? Have the Patriots become soft? What happened to the Tom Brady I used to know?

Stew Milne/US Presswire

3 But it's cold (cont.)

Yes, this is more like it. Brady facing the elements. And it should come as no surprise that the Patriots won this playoff game, but his team lost while he was wearing that hood.

Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

2. Having an old friend for dinner?

At first this looked like a pretty sweet Hannibal Lecter costume for Halloween. Turns out Brady was being serious with this look at the Kentucky Derby.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

1. Goatboy

You know, you do not have to do everything that the photographer asks you to do. I mean, it's cool that you have a love for farm animals, but this is taking things just a bit too far.

Final verdict

The evidence is rather compelling, but when you think about it, Brady is arguably the best quarterback in the game right now and he left his Hollywood starlet girlfriend for a supermodel. So, if the guy wants to lounge about in some UGG boats, that's cool with me.

Dado Galdieri/Associated Press