View From The 50: Trying to predict Coldplay's setlist

What setlist will Coldplay perform at halftime?

And now what you've all been waiting for: My Coldplay halftime setlist prediction.

If you missed it earlier this week -- I am a Coldplay apologist. While your hipster friends are talking about the Tame Impala show they pretended to attend on Friday night, I'll be watching some affable Brits do their thing. During Coldplay's Thursday news conference, frontman Chris Martin was asked about what the band will play from their catalogue, which runs 15 years and seven studio albums deep.

"We decided we'd play all our No. 1s and work out how to fill the other 10 minutes," Martin replied with a smirk.

Coldplay has one No. 1 hit in the U.S., 2008's "Viva La Vida". He also revealed that the show will incorporate two past Super Bowl halftime acts. Beyonce is obviously one of them. The other will be an educated guess. Let's get predictin'.

If I nail this, they will erect statues for me in New York, Paris, London, Rome ... and beautiful Santa Clara.

Ready for Super Bowl 50

We made it.

Welcome to beautiful Levi's Stadium, the site of Super Bowl 50. The weather is literally perfect today. Seventy-two degrees without a cloud in the sky. While I've only covered five of the 50 championship contests, I am entirely convinced the NFL's big game has never been played in better conditions.

As I've written in this space before, you will not find a bigger collection of happy people than on the day of the Super Bowl in the host city. About 80,000 people have traveled here to watch the game, each one of them convinced their team will be champions by the end of the day. The result is an overflowing sense of optimism and anticipation. It will make a loss all the more crushing for half the audience.

As I type this, a gusting wind has begun to make its presence known, and a scorecard almost took out my left eye. The flags atop the uprights are whipping -- this is a subplot to watch in the game. <---- COGENT FOOTBALL ANALYSIS. Also, our temporary press box -- erected for the game -- is already swaying with a stadium just one-fifth full two hours before kickoff. Colleague Marc Sessler asked if we would die if this box were to crash down to the 100-level below. My wholly confident response: "Oh, most definitely."

And yes, it is super exciting to be in the house for the biggest sporting event in the world. It never gets old. If a stern gust of a wind and a crowd-induced vibration send our box careening to life extinguishment, I will go out a content blogger.

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