View From The 50: This Is The End

A wild Super Bowl week ended with a full circle moment.

On the long bus ride to Media Night on Monday, I excitedly spoke with colleagues about the upcoming O.J. Simpson miniseries on FX. As the bus worked its way toward San Jose, I scrolled through IMDB's cast page with a mix of awe and reverence. Cuba Gooding Jr. as The Juice? Ross Gellar as Robert Kardashian? John Travolta as Robert Shapiro? Coach Taylor's wife as Faye Resnick? Sign. Me. Up.

Fast forward to last night. After a long day of Super Bowl coverage followed by a late-night podcast taping and celebratory drinks at the hotel, we are at a nearby diner at 3:45 in the morning.

As we stepped out the door to head back to the hotel, I nearly bumped into -- you guessed it -- freaking Cuba Gooding Jr. Legitimately stunned by the coincidence, all I could get out was "Cuba! (mistakenly pronouncing it in the Fidel Castro way) I'm so excited about your miniseries."

This interaction will not be submitted for the 2016 Cool Dad Awards.

Cuba smiled like a drunken sailor and offered up a dap handshake punctuated with a snap. He then disappeared into the diner, just a sauced Hollywood star back from the game and ready to scarf down a Reuben at 4 a.m.

That is Super Bowl week.

I'm now sitting in the Oakland airport waiting for our charter flight that will take us back to Los Angeles. Though the Super Bowl itself wasn't the most compelling game, it was a fine week in San Francisco, which again proved itself an excellent host city.

Next year, Super Bowl 51 (or will it be LI?) is hosted by Houston. If they let me, I'd love to serve as your correspondent once again. But for now, I must say goodbye. My Instagram returns to its familiar darkness and View For The 50 must take its place among the satellites.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.

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