Terry Bradshaw: Mike Tomlin isn't a great coach

Over the course of a long NFL season, sometimes players get tired and make mistakes. Perhaps the same could be said about television analysts?

Steelers legend and four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Terry Bradshaw blasted the franchise's current head coach, Mike Tomlin, in an interview on FOX Sports this week.

"I don't think he's a great coach at all," Bradshaw said on Speak For Yourself. "He's a nice coach. To me, I've said this, he's really a great cheerleader guy. I don't know what he does. I don't think he is a great coach at all. His name never even pops in my mind when we think about great coaches in the NFL."

A video of Bradshaw's appearance can be found here. When asked about Tomlin's predecessor, Bill Cowher, Bradshaw had this to say:

"I think Bill was (a great coach)," Bradshaw said. "I think Bill came in and took over a team that was struggling and when you take over for Chuck (Noll) -- the Steelers had some good years but then by their standards kind of mellowed out and at the end of Chuck's career Bill came in and kind of gave them that boost to get them back up to win a Super Bowl.

"I have more of an identity with Cowher than I do Tomlin. I knew Cowher when he came over from Kansas City as a defensive coordinator and his teams were tough. Tomlin came in from Minnesota and I didn't know anything about him. So maybe it's unfair for me to make the comparison."

Burt Lauten, the Steelers' director of communications, indirectly poured some cold water on Bradshaw's take with a tweet Friday afternoon.

Should Tomlin make the playoffs this year -- the Steelers (9-5) have a 90 percent chance of doing so, according to Football Outsiders, and still have a path should they lose to the division-rival Ravens (8-6) on Christmas -- he will have seven playoff appearances over his first 10 seasons. That is the same number as Cowher.

Tomlin and Cowher have the same number of Super Bowl appearances (2) and the same number of Super Bowl wins (1). In his first 10 seasons, Cowher had two years with a losing record. Tomlin has yet to finish a season below .500.

Perhaps Bradshaw's close proximity to the Steelers influences some type of gut instinct that those on the outside simply are not privy to. But if the Steelers ever let Tomlin go, I think Bradshaw would be pleasantly surprised at how long the line would be of teams looking to hire him next.

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