Fitzgerald among nominees for Castrol EDGE Clutch Performers

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Los Angeles Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Philadelphia Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount each had the strength to come through during a key moment and contribute to wins during Week 4.

Thanks to those strong performances, each player is up for Castrol EDGE Clutch Performer of the Week honors. Here's a deeper look at the significance of those conquests:

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

Strong stats to consider:
» Fitzgerald had four receptions for 32 yards and one touchdown.

Power of the moment: Fitzgerald leaped in traffic and caught a 19-yard touchdown pass in the final minute of overtime for a 18-15 win against the 49ers.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Strong stats to consider:
» Newton completed 22-of-29 passes for 316 yards and 3 touchdowns for a 130.8 passer rating in a 33-30 victory over the Patriots.

Power of the moment: Newton also rushed for 44 yards and a touchdown.

Greg Zuerlein, Los Angeles Rams

Strong stats to consider:
» After entering Week 4 with the most kicks (field goals and extra points) converted, Zuerlein drilled seven field goals without a miss in Week 4.

Power of the moment: Zuerlein accounted for 23 of the team's 35 points scored in a 35-30 win against the Cowboys.

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Strong stats to consider:
» He finished 25 of 34 for 283 yards and 4 touchdowns for a 125.0 passer rating in the 57-14 victory over the Titans. Watson also rushed for 24 yards and a touchdown.

Power of the moment: Watson tied an NFL rookie record with five touchdowns.

LeGarrette Blount, Philadelphia Eagles

Strong stats to consider:
» He rushed for 136 yards in the Eagles 26-24 win against the Chargers.

Power of the moment: Blount's 68-yard run in the fourth quarter set up the game-winning score.

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