Finalists and Judges Announced for Fourth Annual "1st And Future" Super Bowl Event Presented By Arrow Electronics



New York, January 25, 2019—The National Football League (NFL) and Arrow Electronics (NYSE:ARW) today announced the finalists and judges for 1st and Future, the NFL's annual Super Bowl competition designed to spur novel advancements in athlete safety and performance.

The live event will take place at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) at the Ferst Center for the Arts in Atlanta, Georgia on February 2, 2019, the day before Super Bowl LIII. During the program, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Atlanta Falcons President and CEO and NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay and Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald will participate in a panel discussion on leveraging the latest technology to modernize the game. The panel will be moderated by Scott Hanson of NFL Network and host of NFL RedZone, who will also emcee the pitch competition.

NFL Network will livestream the full competition on Feb. 2 at

Finalists will compete in two categories — the NFL Punt Analytics Competition, featuring data-driven proposals for rule changes intended to reduce player injury during punt plays, and the Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition, highlighting innovative product concepts that aim to improve player health and safety. Finalists will present in front of a panel of judges including Georgia Tech Football and Atlanta Falcons head coaches Geoff Collins and Dan Quinn and former NFL player and 1st and Future winner Shawn Springs.

Four finalists from the NFL Punt Analytics Competition will be awarded $20,000 and will compete to win Super Bowl LIII tickets. Five finalists from the Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition will compete for a grand prize of $50,000 and two tickets to Super Bowl LIII. The second-place winner will receive $20,000 and two tickets to Super Bowl LIII.

The following individuals and companies have been named as finalists (with a summary of each submission, as described by the finalist):

NFL Punt Analytics Competition

John Miller, Fort Worth, Texas

Miller proposes providing a yardage incentive to the receiving team for fair catches and expanding the definition of illegal blindside blocks during returns.

Jeff Rayvid, New York, New York

Rayvid proposes a new rule to mandate a certain formation and an adjustment to blocking techniques.

Alex Wainger, New York, New York

Wainger proposes removing the 45-year-old rule that holds the kicking team on the line of scrimmage until the punt.

Halla Yang, Wilmette, Illinois

Yang proposes awarding a five yard bonus on a fair catch, changing the allowed coverage on receptions, and requiring helmet sensors that can directly monitor physical deceleration.

Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety Competition

Nobo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Nobo is developing B60, a connected wearable device that monitors hydration levels of elite athletes. B60 uses patent pending, non-invasive optical technology to report hydration levels to athletes and their trainers in real time.

SOLIUS, Seattle, Washington

SOLIUS has developed an advanced science that uses nano-spectrums of light to stimulate the production of critical hormones and peptides as a better way to reduce injuries, speed recovery, and improve the performance of athletes.

TackleBar, St. Paul, Minnesota

TackleBar Football is a product that aims to provide a safer approach to the game and decrease injuries while preserving the tradition and spirit of the sport, serving as a transition between flag football and tackle football for our youngest players, and an effective practice tool for our older football players.

TendoNova, Atlanta, Georgia

TendoNova's Ocelot™ system aims to increase access to effective chronic tendon pain treatment with reduced rehabilitation times for all levels of athletes by deploying a hand-held, minimally-invasive device that provides real-time feedback during procedures on the effect the intervention has on tissue. 

TopSpin, Detroit, Michigan/London, Ontario, Canada

TopSpin Technologies Ltd, inventors of the TopSpin360, the first patented training device proven to dynamically strengthen the neck to help reduce concussion risk.

The panels of judges will feature:

  • Geoff Collins, Head Coach, Georgia Tech Football
  • Leigh Ann Curl, MD Head Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Baltimore Ravens, and President, NFL Physicians Society
  • Sarath Degala, Vice President, BIP Capital
  • Victor Gao, Chief Marketing Officer, Arrow Electronics, Inc.
  • Dan Quinn, Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons
  • Allison Sabia, Vice President and General Manager, Digital, Arrow Electronics, Inc.
  • Shawn Springs, CEO, Windpact
  • Keith Werle, Managing Director, Business Analytics Center at Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business

Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center will serve as a home base for the competing finalists during the week prior to the 1st and Future competition and the event will be presented by Arrow Electronics.

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