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Young fan finds out he's cancer-free at Texans camp

The opening week of training camp has been full of fans sharing heartwarming moments with players. The moment Kyler White, who's been battling kidney cancer, shared with a few Houston Texans easily takes the cake though.

Kyler was posing for photos with Texans linebackers Whitney Mercilus, Brennan Scarlett, and Benardrick McKinney when his dad, Ben White, got a call from Kyler's doctor. The phone call instantly made a good day an amazing one -- the 3-year-old's latest kidney scan showed no sign of cancer.

"It was amazing when we were taking our pictures, his dad received the call that they looked at the images and he no longer had any cancer," Scarlett told the Houston Chronicle.

You can't make this stuff up. Who's cutting onions while simultaneously making this room extremely dusty right now?

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