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When will Aaron Rodgers guest host 'Jeopardy!?'

Aaron Rodgers supplanted one legend during his own impressive career.

Let's see how the Packers QB handles replacing another: The late, great Alex Trebek.

Rodgers will start his 10-show guest-hosting duties on April 5, according to USA Today’s Gary Levin. The 2010 NFL champion and 2015 Celebrity Jeopardy champion will be preceded by guest hosts Katie Couric and Dr. Oz.

That's good news for both fans of the show and Rodgers' fiance Shailene Woodley, who just told The Tonight Show she sees Rodgers as less of a star quarterback and more of a "nerd who wants to host Jeopardy!"

Woodley and the rest of us get to see Rodgers realize his wish soon. And if his 2015 run is any indication, we're in for a really impressive stretch.

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