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LeBron James considered football during 2011 NBA lockout

Nine years ago, LeBron James nearly made his football dreams a reality.

In a video posted by Uninterrupted, the Lakers superstar revealed he seriously considered swapping sports in 2011 -- the year the NBA was locked out for nearly two months.

Such a move would've put Clippers coach Doc Rivers’ recent theory about James’ NFL greatness to the test -- and positioned James as perhaps the greatest athlete of all time.

James was serious about a move to the gridiron. Listen to him describe his training shift once he realized the 2011 Miami Heat season was paused.

We all know how James' NBA career panned out. But it's telling that throughout a Hall of Fame hardcourt career, he was still dreaming about football.

It's wild to think what might've happened if the NBA never restarted its season. A contract even was on the table from the Dallas Cowboys, according to longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter.

James ended up framing that contract for his home office. Imagine if he signed it instead, letting one of sports' greatest what-ifs play out in reality. 

We'd know by now if Rivers was right -- and if LeBron really could've been the greatest NFL player that ever was.

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