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Which 2018 NFL playoff team is in the most trouble for the 2019 season?

We're just a few months clear of the 2018 NFL playoffs. The 12 teams that put on January/February's postseason show were:

After a TON of offseason movement via trades and free agency, one question comes to mind:

Which 2018 playoff team is in the most trouble heading toward the 2019 season?

Even though they had maybe the best offense in the league in 2018, the Chiefs will no doubt struggle next season. They just jettisoned two of the best pass rushers ( Dee Ford and Justin Houston) from an already-subpar defense. Not only that, Kansas City will enter the 2019 campaign with crazy-high expectations -- and I know, from my years with the Colts, how much of a challenge that kind of hype presents. It's hard to duplicate a season like the one the Chiefs just had. There's a lot more room to fall than there is to climb. I have to take the Baltimore Ravens. The defense, which ranked first in yards allowed and second in points yielded, lost four major players in Terrell Suggs, C.J. Mosley, Za'Darius Smith and Eric Weddle. Weddle was the quarterback of the unit; Suggs brought leadership and dominance, even in his 16th season; Smith led Baltimore with 8.5 sacks; and Mosley will no doubt be the toughest defender to replace. Earl Thomas is a good addition at safety, but without a top-tier D, the Ravens' offense won't be able to consistently outscore opponents. The main reason why the Houston Texans didn't make it far in the postseason was because of their porous offensive line. They have yet to make any notable improvements to a group that gave up a league-high 62 sacks. The Texans haven't done nearly enough to address this crucial issue -- and even if they load up in April's draft, the unit could still prove problematic. We have to remember that rosters will change immensely in the draft, and the possible salary-cap cut could happen. But at this point, I would say Baltimore. The Ravens need to rebuild their receiver corps after the departures of John Brown and Michael Crabtree. On defense, they also lost Terrell Suggs, Eric Weddle, C.J. Mosley and Za'Darius Smith in free agency. The hope is that between Matt Judon, Tim Williams, Tyus Bowser and the draft, Baltimore can rebuild the pass rush.

Two bigger factors to consider:

**1)** The improvements the 
Cleveland Browns made in the offseason to put them in position to make the playoffs in 2019. 
**2)** How will the offense evolve with 
Lamar Jackson? Defenses -- specifically the 
Chargers, who beat Baltimore in the Wild Card Round -- found a way to control the 
Ravens' offense with Jackson at the helm. The offense will have to change, and Jackson must improve, for the 
Ravens to make the playoffs next season. 

There are so many questions surrounding the Chiefs. After exits by Dee Ford and Justin Houston, how are they going to rebuild the pass rush? How will they replace Kareem Hunt's backfield production? What will Tyreek Hill's status be come Week 1? I'm just not sure what the Chiefs will be.

Still, regardless of K.C.'s flaws, you can bet that I'll tune in every week to watch Patrick Mahomes.

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