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The GIFs that best sum up Week 4

Every week of the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- can do the same thing. So let's tell the story of Week 4 through GIFs. There's logic in play here.

Last week, we wrote about Deshaun Watson's thoughtful decision to donate his first game check to three Texans cafeteria workers who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Watson seems like he'd be a good friend. Need another example? How about Watson -- fresh off his fifth touchdown on Sunday against the Titans -- making sure everyone on the sideline is drinking their water? I bet Watson doesn't even call the guy a waterboy. To Watson, that gentleman is his colleague and a certified team hydration specialist.

Speaking of friendship, I hope everything is OK between Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger.

Why's Antonio so angry anyway?

Oh right.

I feel like there was a window of opportunity there.

Here's a bunch of Broncos fans having fun. That mascot seems respected.

I just want to say it seems pretty excellent being a Broncos fan. You won Super Bowl 50. You went to another Super Bowl a couple years before that. You signed Peyton Manning in free agency when he was still in his prime. You had John Elway (still do, in fact) and won back-to-back Super Bowls in the '90s. You had "This one's for John!" -- one of the best NFL sound bites ever. You had the Orange Crush defense. You even got all the best parts of Tebowmania. And now you have another great team that looks very much like an AFC favorite.

Since 2012 (the year Manning arrived and a year after Elway re-joined the franchise), the Broncos are 62-22 with four playoff appearances. More impressively, the Broncos never struggle for an extended stretch of time. You have to go back to the organization's infancy to find a long period of losing. It took Denver 13 years (1960-1973) to finish a season with a winning record. They haven't had back-to-back losing seasons since. That's right: The Denver Broncos haven't had two straight losing seasons in almost 45 years. That's remarkable.

If my team were that routinely good, I'd wear a barrel in public, too.

There's Sean McVay, everybody's favorite sideline whippersnapper. The Rams are now 3-1 after Sunday's impressive comeback win against the Cowboys. It's the same mark they had at the season's quarter pole a year ago. But things are very different this time around. The Rams have an actual offense now, and the shift from Jeff Fisher to McVay has helped foster a necessary culture shift. This team has done a likability 180 -- typified by the defensive coordinator switch from Gregg Williams (a real-life Bud Kilmer) to Wade Phillips, the man who has surpassed Wilford Brimley as America's grandpa.

Don't you just want to squeeze him?

I have two sons, ages 3 and nearly 1. My home is an Edge Of Tomorrow repeat battlefield of shouting, flying yogurt and minor head injuries. Breaking: It is not a place of rest and solace. And that's why I need whatever Clay Matthews is sniffing. I need it in my nostrils. I need it in my body. I need it in my bloodstream. On a Monday morning following a 12-hour NFL Sunday work shift, I need it right now. Give me. Give me. Give me. Give me. Give me. GIVE ME.

There's Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Just a general reminder that Matt still has to drive to work at like 5 in the morning on Monday to answer questions from Bill freaking Belichick on why the 2017 Pats are on pace for the worst total defense in modern NFL history. Feels like that would suck.

This is what 0-4 looks like.

This is what 0-4 feels like.

Nobody does a better awkward celebration than an NFL kicker. Related: Remember back in August when the Hot Take Army was predicting 0-16 for the Jets? They're tied with the Patriots in the AFC East right now. To quote the groundskeeper from Major League: "They're not so s---ty."

Let's grade some Week 4 celebrations. I was quite enjoying this rock-paper-scissors routine between Bryce Butler and Dez Bryant until Jason Witten barged in to tell Butler was not being credited with a touchdown. "DAAAAAAAADDDDDD, YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!" (The official was horrendously wrong and Butler was rewarded with his deserved touchdown.)

6.8/10 (one point deducted for NDM -- Needless Dad Meddling)

While Antonio Brown was having his mid-tier conniption, JuJu Smith-Schuster was on the field delivering a stellar Dragon Ball Z callback.

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