Redskins cheerleader is a Christmas miracle

On Saturday night, we saw Bryce Petty get plastered by two defenders like he was the doomed protagonist in a poorly choreographed football movie.

On Monday night, it was a Redskins cheerleader's turn to get wiped out in an almost comically exaggerated way. It all started when Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short got overly frisky on a sideline shove of Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Cousins flailed to the turf and morphed into a human bowling ball heading toward the 10 pin.

It looked like it was all over for the cheerleader. I mean, the poor girl -- it was probably Jordyn -- went face first into a cement walkway.

Ah, but upon closer inspection things aren't what they seem. That "cement walkway" actually appears to be a thin surface covering the grass (stupid Dan), while Probably Jordyn somehow avoids smashing her face into the ground despite gravity and aerodynamics all pointing toward a seven-hour dental visit in the a.m.

Yes, it was a story with a happy ending this holiday season. We need more of these.

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