Philip Rivers was a joy as always in prime time

The football cognoscenti is preoccupied with how Tom Brady is going to eat and train and high-performance pajama his way to immortality. Us? We're going to stay focused on keeping Philip Rivers in the NFL as long as possible.

Rivers, as always, delivered a fun, compelling and deeply likable performance in Monday night's season-opening loss to the Broncos. The Chargers quarterback is like Tom Hanks in that regard: Whenever Rivers shows up on the screen, you feel nice and snug. He's the football version of slipping a warm sweater over your head on a harsh winter's night.

Rivers plays differently than other quarterbacks. He moves differently, he sounds differently, he throws differently. Even his number is different. No. 17? Who does that? Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams: "I do that." STAY OUT OF THIS, DOUG.

Best of all, Rivers is an extremely animated fellow. The man is a born communicator. Unconvinced? We present these clips from Monday night:

Philip's got them wild eyes. He's got ... Singletary Eyes.

Rivers always gets his money's worth when ranting at officials.

He's untouchable in this regard.

I have no idea what he's doing here.

Easy on the head, guys. Need to keep Dad around.

That's John Wayne stuff right there. Get this man some nuclear pajamas.

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