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Patrick Mahomes reacts to Ryan Fitzpatrick's no-look pass

There isn't much Patrick Mahomes II loves more than a good FitzMagic show.

The Chiefs' star quarterback found out Ryan Fitzpatrick is a fellow no-look passing aficionado and immediately tweeted his support.

This daring throw is just the logical next step Fitzpatrick's late-career renaissance. His swagger levels have been off the charts since he wore DeSean Jackson's jumpsuit to a press conference last year.

So when he embarks on his annual mid-September hot streak, Fitzpatrick might feature Mahomes' signature throw a bit more. It was awfully effective for the Chiefs.

Think Mahomes II is sitting idly by as 14-year veterans cramp his style? Think again. He's back in the lab to develop the next coverage-punking pass.

Good luck to defensive coordinators everywhere if the MVP and the Harvard product figure it out at the same time.

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