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Parity rules the NFL in 2017

The Checkdown's daily collection of football culture stories for October 11th, 2017. This is the Extra Point.

This is the most parity the NFL has seen in over 20 years.

The Raiders shortened their practice today due to poor air quality.

The conditions are a result of the wildfires that have been raging through Northern California. You can make a donation toward relief efforts here.

Awesome is the only way to describe this tweet #smallworld

The Colts lead the league in rushing TDs (8), yet none of their RBs have more than 2.

QB Jacoby Brissettleads all of Indy's rushers with 3 TDs.

New Bucs' kicker Pat Murray has been consulting with a medium.

For those, like yours truly earlier, who don't know what a medium is -- Wikipedia has you covered.

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