Eric Berry on Marcus Peters' Character

Last week's trade that sent cornerback Marcus Peters to the Rams creative shockwaves throughout the NFL. How could the Kansas City Chiefs let a 25-year-old, two-time Pro Bowler who has racked up the most interceptions (19) since 2015 (his rookie season) get away? That question led to many negative stories about Peters' character and whether or not the elite CB was worth the trouble. However, one of Peters' former teammates gave some insight into the man he shared a locker room with for three years.

The Chiefs safety went onto talk about how opinions in the media can skew the public perceptions of certain players.

"... Everybody has their own opinion, but why not put the stuff he's doing in the community," asked Berry. "Let's talk about him getting his adidas camp to do a coat drive in Kansas City, but nobody hears about that."

Berry and Peters were two essential components of the Chiefs defense, the two racked up a total of four All-Pro selections in the three seasons they spent together. It seems like the pair bonded off the field during those years, too. Berry wants people to think deeper about those negative headlines, he wants readers to consider both the subject of the story and the source before forming ideas on character.

"I wish people would try to understand the person a little more," said Berry. "I know they see us on the field, but try to see where all this is coming from before making a judgment on something like that."

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