BREAKING: Is Tony Romo a Psychic?

The NFL season kicked off in full swing on Sunday and while there may have been plenty of players who looked a little rusty in their first game back - there was one guy, who was in prime form: Tony Romo.

Romo's first real game in the booth was like something out of an analyst's dream. Seemingly every time Jim Nantz would toss it over to him for insight into what play the Raiders or Titans would run, Romo would make a call (with complete conviction by the way) and like a true professional football psychic, that's the play that would be run on the field.

He was even willing to put some money on it:

Romo: "Jim, I got $5 saying this a run to the left"

Nantz: "What did you see there?"
Romo: "I've seen football in the NFL for 14 years"

Even audibles couldn't fool the great Romodini!

Field sound: "Kill, Kill"
Romo: "Kill, Kill. Here comes a run to the left."
Nantz: "It is a run to the left."

We have no idea if the Tony Romo-Stradamus show will continue next week - but if it does - every coach in the league should be trying to get him out of the CBS booth and into their coordinator booths (which is a move, Tony will probably see coming).

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