Aaron Rodgers thanks fans after surgery

The Checkdown's daily collection of football culture stories for October 20th, 2017. This is the Extra Point.

Aaron Rodgers thanked fans after he underwent surgery for his collarbone

The Packers officially placed A-Rod on injured reserve today, effectively ending his season. Get to know Brett Hundley, the man stepping in to fill those shoes, in our story today.

The Colts made Tyler's wish a reality

Marshawn Lynch = Darth Vader?**

How big of a game did Amari Cooper have against the Chiefs last night?

By the way, how exciting has Thursday Night Football been this year?

Last night's back-and-forth scoring match between the Raiders and the Chiefs went down to the wire, with an insane finish and an upset victory for Oakland. In fact, five of the six games played on TNF this season have been decided by less than 6 points.

Adrian Peterson is the first NFL player to play in London twice in one season.

Nate Robinson, the former NBA star (and three-time champion of the Slam Dunk Contest), was also a football all-star in college and high school

Could today's NBA stars translate their talents from the courts to the gridiron? We explored that idea earlier this week.

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