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NFL Total Access


NFL Network's nightly flagship program brings you all the latest information, opinions, highlights and interviews with the NFL players and coaches that you need to know.


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About NFL Total Access

Get exclusive inside access to all 32 teams, including the latest news, information and LIVE reports coast-to-coast.

NFL Network's flagship program airs five nights a week, churning out the day's top headlines and much more covering all 32 teams. See exclusive footage from inside team facilities and interviews with players and coaches.

Joining with analysis and insight are NFL insiders, former players and Super Bowl champions, including Willie McGinest, Steve Smith Sr., Kurt Warner, DeAngelo Hall, Michael Robinson, and Terrell Davis, plus other former players as guest analysts throughout each week.

Every Monday Night after the game, catch NFL Total Access: Endgame. Host Colleen Wolfe along with analysts Michael Robinson, DeAngelo Hall, and Maurice Jones-Drew bring you highlights and post-game interviews following Monday Night Football.