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  1. 16 bold fantasy football predictions for 2016

    It's the time of year when predictions for the upcoming fantasy season are being dished out left and right. Adam Rank delivers his list of 16 bold fantasy predictions, so buckle up and take a leap of faith! Read

  2. Vote now

    Bring your favorite NFL games to YouTube

    For the first time ever, the NFL is bringing it's best games in full to YouTube and we need your help. Vote now for your favorite three games for each team to help us decide which games to post. Vote

  3. Colts' Jim Irsay buys guitar once owned by Prince

    Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has an impressive collection of instruments. Irsay has instruments once owned by several musicians. Find out whose guitar the owner purchased. Read

  4. Top four NFL receiver groups

    Jamison Crowder claims the Redskins have the best receiver group in the NFL. Is he right? Gregg Rosenthal settles the debate by ranking the league's top four receiving corps. Read

  5. Injuries aside, I was not playing very good football -- before they happened.

    Andrew Luck

    - Andrew Luck, giving a self-assessment of his play in 2015.

  6. Top 10 non-quarterbacks

    J.J. Watt and Rob Gronkowski are the NFL's most valuable non-quarterbacks, writes Chris Wesseling. Where does Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller rank? Read

  7. Hyde: 49ers are buying into Chip's system

    After the way his first NFL job ended, 49ers coach Chip Kelly needed players on his new team to buy into the offense in a way that the Eagles never did. So far, so good, according to Carlos Hyde. Read

  8. My dream NFL coaching staff

    Bill Belichick might be a no-brainer to head a dream NFL coaching staff. But who runs the offense? Who will construct the defense? Bucky Brooks assembles an all-star collection of coaching talent. Read

  9. Instant Debate

    Brees and Big Ben: No longer top-five quarterbacks?

    Drew Brees (No. 30) and Ben Roethlisberger (21) both showed up in the latest episode of "The Top 100 Players of 2016." But we know there are still five QBs ranked above them. Who was more slighted? Read

  10. Video - NFL Total Access

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  11. The 10 most impactful players returning from injury

    Jordy Nelson, Andrew Luck and Le'Veon Bell are among the stars on the mend who will significantly shape the 2016 season. But Jeffri Chadiha has a different name atop this 10-player list. Read

  12. 'Top 100' reaction: Mathieu garners respect

    Tyrann Mathieu is one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, and the Arizona Cardinals defensive back landed at No. 28 in "The Top 100 Players of 2016" rankings. Who else made Nos. 30-21? Read

  13. The Brandt Report

    Building the perfect running back

    Is any running back scarier than Adrian Peterson? Well, Gil Brandt presents a custom-built ball carrier possessing Peterson's consistency, Devonta Freeman's vision, LeSean McCoy's elusiveness ... Read

  14. A.P.: 'Boring' offseason grind could lead to early exit

    Adrian Peterson believes the mental aspect of the NFL grind could lead him to walk into retirement before the physical aspect of his age catches up. How bored is he of the offseason? Read

  15. The case for Ryan Tannehill

    Will this be the season Ryan Tannehill finally emerges as "the guy" in Miami? With the help of coach Adam Gase and a talented group of receivers, Tannehill might finally escape quarterback purgatory. Read

  16. Fantasy is back: Sign up now

    It's time to get ready for the 2016 fantasy season to begin. Start your own league, renew an existing one or join an NFL-managed group. Sign up now for free to get in on the action! Read

  17. NFL Now

    NFL players emulate Cirque du Soleil performers

    With the NFL and Cirque du Soleil partnering to create a Times Square production beginning in 2017, here's an unofficial tribute featuring Cirque-like plays from the NFL's finest athletes. Watch

  18. Top 10 non-quarterback players

    A room filled with heroes break down potential candidates to win the Comeback Player of the Year award in 2016 and analyze the top 10 most valuable non-quarterbacks in the league. Listen

  19. Luck: I wasn't playing good even before my injury

    Andrew Luck's 2015 season was derailed by injury, as he missed nine games, but the Indianapolis Colts quarterback admitted that he was playing poorly even before getting hurt. Read

  20. Stars and Stripes Collection

    Stars and Stripes Collection

    Show off your love for the United States with NFL Shop's collection of July 4th related celebratory gear and receive free shipping when you enter the code "Summer" at checkout. Shop

  21. The New Generation

    The evolution of offense

    Michael Silver and Henry Hodgson lead a discussion about the changing dynamic of offense and the passing game. What does the future hold for the way teams move the ball in the NFL? Read

  22. End Around: Cavs win! Cavs win! ... Browns win?!

    LeBron and Co. brought optimism back to the Cleveland sports scene. Time for a Browns' breakthrough?? Dan Hanzus covers Believeland, J.J. Watt's Twitter beef, Joe Flacco's resurrection and more. Read

  23. The Schein Nine

    Follow the King: Likeliest team to end Super drought?

    Cleveland's 52-year drought is over! LeBron James led the Cavs to their first title. Could Larry Fitzgerald or Adrian Peterson follow suit? Adam Schein ranks teams vying for that first Super Bowl win. Read

  24. NFL Summer Reading List

    Looking for a great football read this summer? Our resident bibliophile Chris Wesseling gives us his 10 football books to put on your summer reading list. Read