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  1. The Schein Nine

    Chaos theories: Answers to burning draft questions

    The draft is nearly upon us, yet questions abound. Is Patrick Mahomes a franchise QB? How high will Christian McCaffrey go? Is there a better value option than David Njoku? Adam Schein has answers. Read

  2. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    7-round mock: Projecting every single pick

    Chad Reuter unleashes a seven-round, 253-pick mock draft that provides a projection of where the top players, as well as the under-the-radar sleeper prospects, could go. Read

  3. The Need for Speed: DeSean Jackson and John Ross

    DeSean Jackson takes draft prospect John Ross under his wing before the 2017 NFL Draft to teach Ross the keys to being a successful NFL wide receiver. Watch
  4. 2017 NFL Draft

    Overvalued and undervalued prospects

    What worries Daniel Jeremiah about taking Patrick Mahomes in the first round? Why does Jarrad Davis belong in the top 10? Get the inside scoop on three overvalued and three undervalued prospects. Read

  5. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    10 believable things amid draft speculation

    With smokescreens running rampant leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft, Lance Zierlein cuts through the clutter to deliver 10 things you can expect to see as the draft unfolds. Read

  6. Video - Up to the Minute

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  7. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Zierlein mock 5.0: Saints find Brees successor

    After two QBs come off the board before Deshaun Watson is picked, the Saints stop the Clemson star's slide in Lance Zierlein's final mock draft. Read

  8. The Debrief

    2017 NFL Draft primer: What are the 49ers thinking?

    What in the world will Kyle Shanahan's 49ers do with the No. 2 overall pick? Will Mitchell Trubisky really help spark a QB frenzy? Gregg Rosenthal spotlights stories to follow as the 2017 NFL Draft nears. Read

  9. Ranking the top unretired NFL players

    Where does running back Marshawn Lynch rank among the best football players to unretire? Count down the top NFL players to come out of retirement. Watch
  10. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Five teams that control 2017 draft

    With 11 picks, including four of the first 65, the Browns have the leverage to control the 2017 NFL Draft. Which other teams are holding the cards to determine how things play out? Read

  11. Jonathan Allen embarks on his draft week journey

    Join Jonathan Allen on his draft week journey as he enjoys his last day in Tuscaloosa, AL with his fiance Hannah and a final trip on campus before traveling to Philadelphia for the NFL draft. Watch
  12. Marshawn Lynch career highlights

    Now that Marshawn Lynch is headed to his hometown Oakland Raiders, relive Beast Mode's career highlights. Watch
  13. The perfection of Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders

    After a too-quiet first goodbye from the NFL, Marshawn Lynch is returning for one more run. Judy Battista says the back is poised to write a bang-up final chapter with the Raiders in his beloved Oakland. Read

  14. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Schools with most talent in 2017 draft

    Which schools are best positioned to dominate the 2017 NFL Draft? Clemson took home the national title this year, but a college program that didn't play in the championship game leads our list. Read

  15. Instant Debate

    Will Lynch give Oakland the NFL's best offense?

    Well, after weeks of speculation, it appears Marshawn Lynch is indeed going to be a Raider. With the RB added to the mix, will Oakland boast the NFL's best offense in 2017? If not, who will? Read

  16. Scout's Notebook: Surprise First Round Players

    Former NFL Scouts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks give you a couple of players that have the talent to rise into the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Watch
  17. How the Pats keep winning with low picks

    Willie McGinest explains how Bill Belichick and the Patriots seem to regularly find gold in the later rounds of the NFL draft. Plus, he scouts some good potential fits, like Alabama's Ryan Anderson. Read

  18. It's going to be a long battle.

    Broncos HC Vance Joseph

    - Broncos HC Vance Joseph, discussing Denver's upcoming QB competition between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian

  19. Predict the Pick

    Predict every pick in this year's draft!

    Who do you think will be picked first in the 2017 NFL Draft? You can decide where all the top prospects will land with our pick predictor! Read

  20. How is Trubisky preparing for stardom?

    Former UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky's draft diary begins with his final day on campus and a final workout before packing up and heading to Philadelphia for the NFL Draft. Watch
  21. Information wars: How teams get the REAL draft intel

    The pre-draft process is a thorough vetting that involves film study, timing, testing, interviews ... and intelligence mining. Conor Orr has the inside scoop on the most reliable (and covert) sources. Read

  22. Sidelines

    A King's rise: How Desmond King made it

    After going through intense personal tragedy and being largely ignored as a college recruit, Desmond King has climbed to the brink of NFL success. Jeffri Chadiha chronicles his journey. Read

  23. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Jeremiah mock 5.0: QBs go back-to-back

    In his final mock draft, Daniel Jeremiah finds first-round homes for Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, while giving the Packers a home-state hero. Read

  24. Best ever draft moments

    The lives of this year's top prospects are about to change once again. Relive some of the NFL draft's most emotional moments through the years. Watch
  25. 2017 NFL Draft

    2017 draft's All-Pros, Pro Bowlers, red-star guys

    How good are Deshaun Watson and DeShone Kizer? Three QBs in this draft have traits to become Pro Bowlers, Bucky Brooks writes, but none rank among the eight guys who could be future All-Pros. Read

  26. Why Adrian Peterson makes sense for the Saints

    Adrian Peterson will try to succeed in a role no one saw coming: backup running back in a pass-first offense. Gregg Rosenthal explains why the prolific runner makes sense in the Big Easy. Read

  27. Fantasy leagues are now open!

    Fantasy Football leagues are now open for 2017 season. Don't miss out on the opportunity to renew your fantasy football league with NFL.com or to sign up for a new one! Read

  28. 2017 NFL schedule

    See the full 2017 NFL schedule

    The 2017 NFL schedule has finally arrived! See the complete 17-week schedule, including every prime time matchup, starting with the Chiefs and Patriots in the season opener. Read

  29. Deshaun Watson: One Shot

    One focus, one shot: Follow Watson's draft journey

    Deshaun Watson may be the most compelling figure in this year's draft: a college superstar who has divided scouts over whether he can find success in the NFL. Read

  30. Draft caps

    Draft caps

    With the NFL draft approaching, get your official 2017 NFL Draft gear, including the draft caps the next round of superstars will be wearing on draft day. Shop

  31. Ranking the past 50 No. 1 picks

    Elliot Harrison ranks the 50 players taken first overall since the AFL and NFL combined drafts in 1967. Can anyone top Peyton Manning? Which former No. 1 sits below JaMarcus Russell? Read