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  1. How the Seahawks can get their swagger back

    How can Russell Wilson's Seahawks regain their status as one of the NFL's most feared teams? An Eddie Lacy revival would be a start. Michael Robinson lists three keys to Seattle's resurgence. Read

  2. End Around

    Mitch Trubisky wowed Bears with reservation skills

    Sure, he can throw a football, but can he book a reservation? That's what the Chicago Bears wanted to know when they prepared to meet with Mitch Trubisky ahead of a private workout in March. Read

  3. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Best picks of the century from Ohio State

    We begin our series looking at the best picks since 2000 by school with Ohio State, which has produced more selections than any other program since that year. Read

  4. End Around

    Kevin Love intriguing quarterback option for Browns

    Cleveland has options at quarterback, no one denies that. Browns have Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler. But what they really need is a solution. And I have an idea. Sign Kevin Love. Read

  5. Video - NFL Total Access

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  6. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Harbaugh delivers calf during farm visit

    Whether he's on the football field or touring a farm, Jim Harbaugh is always working. Yes, the Michigan coach recently assisted in the birth a calf, and posted a photo on Monday to prove it. Read

  7. The Schein Nine

    Pay the men! Nine guys who deserve new deals NOW

    Derek Carr's getting frustrated with contract negotiations. Adam Schein doesn't blame him. Carr, Aaron Donald and DeAndre Hopkins are among the nine players most deserving of new dough. Read

  8. End Around

    Lynch leads hundreds in Oakland bike parade

    No NFL player is more closely linked to his team's home city than Marshawn Lynch. The Raiders RB spent part of his weekend as the leader of a massive bike parade on Saturday in Oakland. Read

  9. Hands down. You can't name 10 receivers better. You got to at least name T.O. probably in there at some point.

    Calvin Johnson

    - Calvin Johnson, when asked if he thinks Terrell Owens is worthy of being in the Hall of Fame.

  10. Fantasy leagues are now open!

    Fantasy Football leagues are now open for 2017 season. Don't miss out on the opportunity to renew your fantasy football league with NFL.com or to sign up for a new one! Read

  11. Spring League Meeting: Less time in overtime?

    What will go down at the NFL's Spring League Meeting in Chicago? Judy Battista explores an OT proposal that's expected to pass. Plus, potential changes to roster rules and celebration penalties. Read

  12. Video - Up to the Minute

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  13. Megatron: Owens clearly worthy of HOF

    Terrell Owens has another lobbyist in his corner for a Hall of Fame bid, and he's one of the most respected receivers in recent NFL history. Calvin Johnson should absolutely get a gold jacket. Read

  14. Top five offseason headlines: Raiders

    "Beast Mode" is Back in Black, Carr repaired and more big news from the Raiders offseason. Watch
  15. End Around

    View NFL fashion mayhem, past and present

    With the male romper dominating fashion talk the past few days, it's time to take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the NFL's most iconic fashion statements. Read

  16. Scout's Notebook

    Giants rookie key to title run; Kap a fit in Seattle?

    The Giants' Super Bowl window with Eli Manning is closing, but Bucky Brooks says a rookie could change everything for the G-Men. Plus, why Colin Kaepernick makes sense as Russell Wilson's backup. Read

  17. Instant Debate

    Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees: NFL's next yardage king?

    Tom Brady and Drew Brees are both closing in on the NFL record for career passing yards. Which superstar quarterback will end up in the No. 1 spot? Let's debate! Read

  18. The unwritten rules of NFL jersey swaps

    You know the respect is real when your favorite player walks off with another man's jersey. Here's how the ultimate postgame tradition of camaraderie originated. Watch
  19. NFL's biggest contracts for 2017

    Check out the highest paid NFL players for the 2017 season, as ranked by their average yearly salary according to Over the Cap. Read

  20. Get your 2017 Summer Gear!

    Get your 2017 Summer Gear!

    Get ready for summer season with brand new gear from your favorite team, including authentic jerseys, hats and more, available now at NFL Shop. Shop

  21. Bud Grant: A TRUE man of the people

    Steve Wyche attended the latest (and last?) garage sale at the home of Vikings icon Bud Grant. What he found was a beloved, down-to-earth 90-year-old who just so happens to be a Hall of Famer. Read

  22. Which QB under 30 is best for the next 10 years?

    Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks debate which young signal caller they would they choose to lead a team to victory for one play, one drive, one game and for the next decade. Watch
  23. Ranking the top 10 offenses for the 2017 season

    Le'Veon Bell, Tom Brady and Julio Jones are key cogs in three of the most explosive offenses in the NFL today. Which attack reigns supreme? Chris Wesseling ranks the league's top 10 units. Read

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