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Will Patrick Mahomes try a behind-the-back pass?

Conditions have to be perfect for Patrick Mahomes to try the granddaddy of all trick shots.

The MVP is never saying never, though.

Mahomes can easily clear that low bar. His Chiefs only need A) to be up by a comfortable margin and B) to have a safe amount of remaining time.

That's it. Those are two prerequisites for him attempt a throw we haven't seen in nearly 60 years.

Would it shock anyone if Mahomes did that in a game this season? The man's a trick shot artist dating back to his Texas Tech days. In the pros, he made no-look throws so mainstream that his fellow Pro Bowlers asked him to grade their attempts.

But last year was last year. Perhaps purposefully, Mahomes left the door open for something crazier. He's already preparing to walk through that door, according to this practice footage.

That's right, Patrick. The good people of Chiefs Kingdom want no-look passes. Give the people what they want.

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