Who's the G.O.A.T.? Adam Vinatieri vs. Justin Tucker

If the Super Bowl is on the line and you need a 45-yard field goal to win, which placekicker would you want lining up for the kick? A few years ago, Adam Vinatieri seemed like the obvious answer to this question. However, the Ravens' Justin Tucker has emerged as a legitimate candidate for the title of NFL's G.O.A.T. kicker. The 28-year-old currently has the highest field goal percentage (90.179%) of any kicker in NFL history. Last offseason, NFL.com senior analyst and personnel guru, Gil Brandt, put Tucker at No. 1 on his list of the greatest NFL placekickers of all time.

That being said, Vinatieri is still widely considered the most clutch kicker in NFL history. His kicks under high pressure literally got the Patriots' dynasty started. Everyone talks about the Tuck Rule, but New England still needed a game-tying 45-yard FG (in blizzard conditions) to send the game into overtime. A short while later, Vinatieri kicked a 23-yarder that sent the Pats to the AFC Championship. Vinatieri would go on to hit championship-winning field goals in Super Bowl XXXVI and XXXVIII.

Although he's now 45 years old, the three-time Pro Bowler proved that he can still make clutch kicks during last season's Blizzard Bowl in Week 14. In 2018, would you want Vinatieri lining up to bring the Lombardi trophy home? Or, would you go for Tucker who's in his prime and is so far proving to be the most accurate kicker in NFL history? Check out the stats below and let us know in the comment section.

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