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Who's faster: Utah's Javelin Guidry or Tuscon javelina?

Not too many NFL receivers can match up against Javelin Guidry's straight-line speed.

But what about a wild pig?

A video from Utah Football pits their breakout NFL Scouting Combine star and his blazing 4.29 40 time against a sprinting wild javelina from Tucson that took over the Internet last week.

This mashup is the NFL Combine simulcam we didn't know we were missing.

At first glance, it looks like a close call between the former two-state sprinting champion and the hog-like creature native to the American Southwest.

The numbers tell a different story, though.

Guidry's 40 time equates to just over 19 miles per hour. If he were that fast holding a football, he would've landed outside the top 20 Fastest Ball Carriers of 2019, according to Next Gen Stats.

We don't have the javelina's official 40 time handy. But Damion Alexander, a real estate agent from Tuscon who captured the viral video, told the New York Times that the pig kept pace with his car going 25 to 30 miles per hour.

Carry the three. Divide by four. And that means the javelina's 40 time would have landed anywhere from 2.73 to 3.27 seconds.

That would make the Tuscon Javelina both the winner of this race and the fastest 40-yard dasher alive. All hail our hypothetical combine hero.

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