Who is Browns OL coach Bob Wylie?

Offensive line guru. Licensed pilot. Accomplished musician. Amateur magician.

Browns assistant Bob Wylie is somehow all of these things -- and now he's a 'Hard Knocks' legend, too.

HBO Sports' cameras introduced us to the Browns' offensive line coach, mid-rant, sharing his NSFW thoughts on stretching. Spoiler alert: He really does not like to limber up.

He doesn't like parking attendants who take his white Maserati for a joyride, either.

It begs the question... what does Bob Wylie like? Well the answer, my friends, is found in this deck of cards. Or at a drum set. Or both.

That's right. According to this Winnipeg Free Press footage from Wylie's CFL days, he's the rare offensive line coach/magician/drummer triple threat.

Wylie told the Winnipeg Free Press he's self taught and he's opened up for David Copperfield shows not once, but twice. Sounds like we know who was behind the Browns' now-legendary 2017 NFL Combine card test.

Shall we continue? According to his bio on ClevelandBrowns.com, Wylie also is a licensed pilot and a consultant for EA Sports' Madden franchise. Get you an O-line coach who can do both.

So he flies. He drums. He does card tricks and drives a white Maserati around Cleveland. But Wylie's first passion is teaching big men how to move other big men -- and he's done that job for 25 NFL seasons.

Here he is at a 1997 pass protection seminar when he was a Bengals assistant. Warning: He hasn't changed in 20-plus years; this speech is just as awesome as his anti-stretching rant and just as NSFW.

Give Bob Wylie his 'Hard Knocks' spin-off now, please. We need more.

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