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What if Hard Knocks Was Real Life?

For 11 seasons, Hard Knocks has produced reality television using NFL athletes. Now, what if Hard Knocks collided with our everyday life - thanks to Funny or Die, it would probably look something like this:

This video really got us thinking... how else could our lives be better if it was more like Hard Knocks:

  1. Packing for a trip - Why would we pack our clothes in a suitcase and fly coach when we can throw all of our stuff in a black trash bag and fly on a private plane?
  1. Dressing casual for work - Wouldn't it be better to arrive at work wearing basketball shorts and sandals rather than a suit and a tie? I know I would be more comfortable.
  1. Doing Homework - While I am sure writing that 15-page research paper under the bright phosphorescent lights is important, wouldn't it be better to watch NFL game tape with your buddies in a dark movie theater room.

I mean sure this all sounds great, but I guess for now, we should just be very grateful we don't have a camera crew following us around at our jobs.

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