Watch two fans complete 71,940-yard "Brees-A-Thon"

History will (likely) be made during tonight's Monday Night Football game. Washington is taking on New Orleans and Drew Brees needs just 201 aerial yards to surpass Peyton Manning (71,940) as the NFL's all-time passing leader. Stats show that Brees has a pretty good chance of breaking the record tonight -- the 11-time Pro Bowler has put up 200-plus yards in 69 of his last 71 starts.

In light of this impending milestone moment, two men are embarking on a 71,940-yard "Brees-A-Thon."

The Checkdown personalities Benjamin Gallagher and Grady Rains are walking 71,940 yards (40.86 miles) in New Orleans to honor Brees' prolific passing.

"We love football, we love Drew Brees," said Rains. "We just want to show people how long 71,940 yards really is. This is a distance that was covered by some of the most athletic NFL receivers over the course of a 18-year career. So, we combined all those routes into one massive honorary 41-mile route that leads straight into the heart of the Superdome."

For those wondering how long it takes to walk that distance, the average walking speed is 3.1 miles per hour. So, at that pace, their journey will take them approximately 13 hours. Neither Gallagher nor Forkin have any long-distance walking or running experience, but they're determined and using Brees as inspiration.

"A lot of people said we weren't going to be able to do it. A lot of people also said Drew Brees was undersized, and we all know how that story ends."

The duo started walking at 3 a.m. CT and have walked over 30,000 yards so far.

It hasn't been a "breeze" or "walk in the park" though, they're currently battling a storm.

Check in throughout the day for more updates on the "Brees-A-Thon."

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The rain has stopped and the pair is getting closer to their goal. They're nearly three-fourths of the way there:


It looks like Benji and Grady are really starting to feel the effects of walking for over 12 hours. They stopped for a quick rest and gave viewers an update on how they're feeling going into the final stretch:


Mission accomplished! Approximately 14 hours after their journey began, Benji and Grady have made it to the Superdome. The dynamic duo has two hours to rest and rehydrate before MNF kickoff. Here's what they had to say about covering 71,940 yards:


Guess who was there to congratulate Grady and Benji on completing the Brees-A-Thon...


Here was their reaction when the moment they were walking (and waiting) for finally arrived:

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