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Watch Kenjon Barner's dad receive Super Bowl ring

Kenjon Barner has mastered the art of regifting.

The former Patriots running back received a Super Bowl LIII ring -- and immediately turned it into the best Father's Day present imaginable.

The ring might be the league's most expensive yet, but the elder Barner's reaction is priceless.

Wrote Barner in the caption: "This means more to me than anything, being able to see the happiness that this stuff brings my Dad means the world to me! This why I do what I do, the joy that my family gets from this game I play, is my why!"

The current Atlanta RB's story is almost as amazing as that emotional video. He was released by the eventual champions not once, not twice, but three times.

Still, the team felt their former RB deserved a memento from their title run.

Each Patriots championship ring features 416 round diamonds, six marquise-cut diamonds, and 20 round blue sapphires -- all set in 10 karat gold.

In other words: The Falcons need to win Super Bowl LIV if Kenjon wants to top this year's gift.

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