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Watch Dude Perfect nail trick shots at SBLIII stadium

It turns out three innovative teams will put on a show in Atlanta this week.

There's the New England Patriots. There's the Los Angeles Rams. And then there's Dude Perfect, the team of trick-shot masterminds who took over Mercedes-Benz Stadium like they've taken over the Internet.

Watch this epic trick shot reel at the home of Super Bowl LIII. The throws are wild enough to have Bill Belichick and Sean McVay rethinking their Sunday strategies.

This isn't the first crossover between Dude Perfect and professional football; they've thrown with the likes of Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees before. They've also posted a jaw-dropping video with Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Evans, and Tyrann Mathieu.

Dude Perfect outdid itself without any cameos this time around, though.

"'The Rooftop Super Bowl Swisher' was hard just because the target is so small from such a long distance," said team member Garrett Hilbert. "'Upper Decker Mobile Golf Kart Bucket' was thrown from a long distance and the goal wasn't stationary but moving, so distance and timing were key."

Added team member Cory Cotton: "We always want to go bigger than before."

To top what they did at the Falcons' new state-of-the-art home, the group might need to reenlist the help of a famous NFL trickster at the Super Bowl. He currently punts for the NFC Champions.

The dudes of Dude Perfect always take notice when Hekker pulls a magic trick with the football.

"[Johnny Hekker] is probably the most successful fake punter in the history of the game," trick-shotter Tyler Toney said. "I'm not sure we have just one favorite trick play, but... the guy is an amazing athlete."

Sounds like Hekker would be the ideal sixth member if Dude Perfect ever tries to one-up their Super Bowl LIII highlights.

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