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Watch Devin Hester's son juke defenders like his dad

Juking defenders out of their cleats must run in the Hester family.

Watch Dray Hester dispatch youth flag footballers with the same ease his father Devin did when he set NFL return records. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

Let's compare father and son ankle-breakers. Dray's moves look like something out of Devin Hester's historic rookie year highlight reel. If only such a reel existed...

Could Dray prove to be a better football talent than Devin? The elder Hester was the most feared man in football at the height of his 11-year reign. He posted 3,695 punt return yards, 7,333 kick return yards and 20 return touchdowns.

But even those gaudy return records are meant to be broken. If Dray ultimately surpasses them, you can bet his proud football dad will be on hand to record it.

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