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Want to eat like an NFL player? Here's how

"You are what you eat" -- Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, circa 1826.

The literal sense of that saying couldn't be more false for many NFL players. An ESPN report stated that the Bills reportedly eat 700 pounds of chicken per week. Buffalo has not being being laying eggs this season -- the 3-2 squad is currently the projected 5th seed in the AFC.

The Bills keep to a strict diet -- everyone from 185-pound cornerback E.J. Gaines to 345-pound tackle Cordy Glenn. That's right, those mammoth men called lineman don't fill up on thousands of empty calories everyday.

"Everything is going to be as healthy as possible," assistant strength and conditioning coach Will Greenberg told ESPN. "The idea is if we can give [players] as many good nutrients as possible while they're here, there's going to be times where guys go and they want cheeseburgers somewhere -- they're going to have that, that's going to be their choice, that's fine. But if we can give them three meals here and maybe a take-home meal, that's a great chance for guys to eat healthy all the time."

Just because they're eating healthy doesn't mean they're munching on celery sticks and bundles of kale all day.

Below is a snapshot of the regular intake at the Bills cafeteria (via ESPN):

-700 pounds of rotisserie chicken per week
-600 pounds of imported grass fed beef from New Zealand
-300 pounds of salmon

Gotta get those daily fruits and veggies too:

-60 pounds of broccoli per day
-56 pounds of strawberries per day
-50 bunches of asparagus per day

We spoke to a few NFL players, including Bills guard Richie Incognito, about their eating habits during the season for our new series called Fun Food Friday. In this week's edition, check out how Incognito's prepares for the weekly grind of the regular season.

Hear that, kids? Stay gluten-free as much as possible, lean proteins, and lots of vegetables and you can one day grow to be a 6-foot-3, 300-pound three-time Pro Bowler.

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