Want $100? Ask Jon Dorenbos

Abracadabra. I'm going to turn this article into a dove. Poof! Oh well, it was worth a try. Magicians can somehow push the physical limits of the universe, and our favorite magician happens to have a full-time job as a NFL long snapper.

Newly acquired Saints long snapper Jon Dorenbos was a finalist on America's Got Talent and has appeared on The Ellen Show multiple times. Dorenbos met Marlon Wayans on the streets of Hollywood, CA, and it was a great opportunity for Dorenbos to show off his abilities:

If Dorenbos could turn the $3 in my wallet into $300, dinner would be on me.

He's already making an impact in the Saints locker room with his sleight of hand. Watch closely:

Reminds me of the this -- enjoy NFL Rookies React to Magic:

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