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Vikings would be the "away" team in Super Bowl LII

Disclaimer: Dear Vikings and Eagles fans, I'm in no way trying to jinx or disrespect either of your teams with the hypothetical wording in this story. Good luck to both of you.

The Vikings are one win away from being the only team to play in a Super Bowl at home. However, despite Super Bowl LII being played in U.S. Bank Stadium, they would actually be the "away" team if they make it to the big game. The AFC and NFC alternate between who is the home team and away team each year, regardless of the stadium they play in.

In last year's epic Super Bowl LI, the Falcons were the home team despite playing in NRG Stadium -- home of the AFC's Houston Texans. So, in what ways would the Vikings be the "away" team? Would they have to suit up in the away team's locker room?

No, if they advance, the Vikings would use their own locker room. That fact was predetermined and applies to any team representing the NFC in Super Bowl LII.

However, the AFC team will get to decide the jersey color they want wear, while the "visitor" a.k.a. the NFC team will get to call the coin toss.

Teams that played in Super Bowls near home include the Los Angeles Rams who played Super Bowl XIV at the Rose Bowl (approximately 14 miles from the L.A. Coliseum) and the 49ers who played in Super Bowl XIX at Stanford Stadium (about 30 miles from Candlestick Park).

So, if the Vikings win the NFC Championship, they would become the first team to play a Super Bowl in their house, but things will be a little different. That being said, I'm sure the the Vikings and Skol nation will be ecstatic regardless.

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