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Vernon Davis: tight end, artist, fashion icon, family man

Friday Follows is our weekly celebration of the best social game from NFL players.

There are a lot of tough positions to play in the NFL, but tight end might be the hardest. Not only do they have to block, but they also have to run routes and make difficult catches. For the past 12 years, Super Bowl champion and two time Pro Bowler Vernon Davis has been one of the best.

While he's dominating defenses on Sunday, off the field, Davis is a social media savant.

Here's a few reasons why you need to make sure you are following Davis on all of your social media accounts.

Davis might be the best dressed player in the league

The man dresses like he's on the cover of GQ every day, it seems like.

He's an artist

During the season, most players find relaxation in the weight room or by watching Netflix, but not Davis. He spends his time putting a paintbrush to a blank canvas.

He's a family man

To all of us family is the most important thing in the world, and Davis is no different.

He's well-traveled

Even though Davis may be playing football most of the year, he still finds time to travel around the world.

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